Notes from 8 1/2 Months


I’m drinking a very strong cup of coffee this morning, hoping it will give me a much-needed energy boost.  Our Lachness is still teething like a madman, with still not a single tooth showing.  Not even the tip of one.  How much longer can this go on??? I’ve never felt more exhausted.  Last night may have been the toughest night since his birth.  We’ve gone the homeopathic route.  H.ylands teething tablets before bed.  Amber teething necklace.  H.ylands teething gel.  Nothing is working.  He doesn’t like to chew on cold stuff.  He doesn’t like to chew on hot stuff.  Teething rings, toys, etc aren’t his thing, apparently.  During the day he will only be seen with his Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrush ( Now “The Bear Necessities” is very hard to get out of my head….).  The bristles vibrate when the music is playing, and this seems to help him.  Oh, and his toes.  He’s back on that kick now.  Last evening he went down early (7:30) with some t.ylenol.  Cut to 2 hours later…..he’s now in bed with us….waking crying every 20 minutes or so.  I’m nursing like crazy (at least I’ve finally perfected the art of nursing laying down…thank goodness).  The crying got worse and worse and the nursing didn’t seem to be helping him at this point.  I got up with him and gave him a dose of m.otrin (ugh…i hate giving him all this stuff!) and 3 more of his teething tablets.  He felt rotten and just wanted to be held for awhile.  I was rocking him back and forth in the bathroom as he was laying his head on my chest.  No fever or anything – but he obviously feels the majority of the pain in his ears.  I guess that is pretty common for teething babes.  He keeps putting his fingers in his ears, or pulling at them.  Sometimes he will even pick in his ear till he scratches it…..he has little scabs in there….poor thing.  I had the lights dim and occasionally he would lift up his head and look at himself in the mirror.  After 15 minutes or so of this, he saw himself in the mirror (I still think he may think it’s another baby) and giggled.  I was overcome with how much I love this little boy and how big he has gotten (seeing the reflection of me holding him).  He is so long now!  We went on to play with his truck for a little while….just to get his mind off the pain.  Normally, I don’t like to get him up and play….I feel like that could get him mixed up…I want him to know that nighttime is for sleeping, not playing.  But I just really felt like he needed a distraction.  After a little while of that, I put him back in bed with me and nursed him some more.  He finally drifted off and stayed asleep for a little while.  It didn’t last long though, with the waking and crying and falling back asleep routine lasting all through the night.  Sometimes I would be so close to falling back asleep, when he would wake up again.  It’s exhausting.  I’m hoping these nights will get better soon.  We’re worn out… I know he must be too.  I long for quality sleep again – for my whole family.

During the day his teething doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue.  I think he has so many things to do with toys, and people to see (up at work) that he doesn’t focus on the pain as much.  I never need to give him any pain medication during the day.  It’s strange! Another thing that has been difficult – the past 2 days or so, I’m noticing that breastfeeding is becoming painful near the end of nursing.  Any thoughts?? I wondered if it was because teeth were close to the surface….but I don’t know.  It’s not an infection or anything….the pain is just in my nipple!  Maybe from nursing so often at night?? Thoughts are appreciated!!

On a positive note, he is really learning so much and growing like crazy.  He can now sign “more”.  Everything is “more”! MORE books! MORE fan! MORE birds! It’s too cute.  He is really communicating with us…even though he can’t verbally.  He is babbling more too….and has started to scream (verrrry loud) when he gets excited about something (much to the disappointment of folks around us I’m sure).  We were in a store the other night, and they had a HUGE oversized vent (vents are one of his favourite things) on the ceiling.  He saw it and screeched so loudly I thought I might just be deaf in my right ear.  It’s hard to tell your child “no!” for something like that….I just look at people and say “it’s a happy scream”.  They must think I’m one of those moms who can’t control their child.  But, he’s 8 months old you know?? How can I justify telling him “no” when he is expressing himself?  I usually say “shhh” or “gentle”, so he will try to learn to be a little quieter…..not sure that’s worked at all!  Another thing he’s starting doing (sadly for our knees) is climbing the stairs repeatedly.  He is SO proud of himself too.  He can climb them all by himself (with us following behind him in case he fell of course).  When he gets to the top he has a big smile on his face, and then has his routine of crawling into the bathroom, standing up on the toilet, the tub, then going in the closet to get into everything.  He keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure.

Oh….got my hair cut yesterday.  Needed something low-maintenance (I really, seriously, didn’t have the time to blowdry my hair for that long) and I was able to donate it to L.ocks of Love. Yay! I felt really good about that.  Went from this (Lach was a wee 3 mos!):


To this:


TTC update……today is CD35.  Ovulation didn’t happen this month.  I was sort of disappointed….but have gotten over it now.  I peed on a few sticks too – always negative.  My chart is a mess of solid and open dots, dashes and disregarded temps.  My sleep is too funky to make the chart accurate right now.  I’m not sure if it is normal or not to have an anovulatory cycle for your first postpartum cycle….is it?  Either way, we have time.  I have Sept, Oct and Nov to chart and see if my body gets back to ovulating.  We’re not in a rush, as the little man is keeping us busy (and sleep deprived)……….video below of his love affair with his beloved “mocha” blankie (he’s had since he was born).  The child goes nuts over it…’s dangerous.  And also a HUGE congrats to the Reproducing Genius gals on the arrival of their beautiful big boy!!! So happy for you ladies!


15 thoughts on “Notes from 8 1/2 Months

  1. Ouch, the teething thing sounds like quite an ordeal! I’m sure you’re ready for those teeth to poke through. I do hope that he grows more comfortable soon.

    That video is AWESOME. so cute!

  2. Hahaha, love that video!! Sorry about the teething nightmare, hope they break through soon and everyone gets sleep.

    My parents used oil of clove on my guns when I was teething. It numbs and tastes pretty good.

    • Hey Julie! Thanks for the comment. I also thought it was an ear infection….we’ve been to the doctor twice to be sure. She said his ears look “perfect”. Which I guess is good news AND bad news. Unfortunately, he is just feeling pain in that area from teething. She recommended t.ylenol and m.otrin during bad nights (like last night).

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile without commenting, and I must say that your shorter hair looks cuuuuute! Very complementary to your face.

  4. Love the haircut!!
    I’m not a big proponent of crying-it-out (and you have probably heard this question already), but have you tried letting him fuss a bit at night? If he is screaming, I suppose that wouldn’t work (at least with my son, I really can’t listen to him SCREAM, and I think at that point he’s really trying to tell me something). But one book I read said that nursing through the night can disrupt digestive patterns and end up waking the baby up again and again – temp changes, wet diapers, etc. I don’t know – but if only to save your poor sore nipples!!
    Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. This will pass, I am sure…you’re doing a great job!

  5. My son’s first two teeth were the WORST. The others weren’t exactly easy (we’re finally working on the two-year molars), but those first two were especially bad. Teething can be such a nightmare! My nipples would get sore as well from so much nursing. I hope you can let go of the guilt about the Motrin. Sometimes it’s the only thing that brings baby or mama any relief. It comforted me to know that my little guy’s pain was lessened a bit thanks to that stuff. He also rarely needed it during the day–the teething demons definitely come out at night. We’ve gone through periods of using Motrin regularly (like a week of dosing him every night) followed by longer periods of not needing it. You do what you have to do . . .

    Hang in there. I hope you get some sleep soon.

  6. All I am gonna say about teething is sometimes teeth take a while. My oldest did not get a single tooth until she was 10.5 months. I mean, the girl was already walking but no teeth yet.

    Also, that video is absolutely adorable. And you will be playing that game for a while. Today, at almost 3 she still likes to play the “Where is Hadley game?” game.

  7. Hey beautiful!
    So sorry to hear about the teething! Daniel is working on all 4 k9 teeth….one FINALLY cut through the other day…I finally caved last night and gave him a bit of motrin 😦 Our poor little boys! Something I find works really well for Daniel (90%) of the time is boirons camilia – it’s homeopathic as well – I get it at shoppers drug mart or the health food store – not sure where you could fine it by you…but it works wonders…
    Your hair is definitely a great style for you – and Lach and his blanket – how precious!

  8. The video is just the cutest thing ever! Sorry about the teething both for him and for you. My mom swears that cold wet carrot sticks are the best thing for a teething baby. It’s probably worth a try and better than plastic or other things he might want to chew. I love the new cut! Very sweet and modern. Your so lucky to have those perfect little curls!

  9. Hi! I have no teething advice, but that video put the biggest smile on my face! His reaction to the blanket reminds me of my cat’s reaction to catnip! Rolling around in pure happiness! Love it. 🙂

  10. Glad to hear I’m not the only one with an 8 month old who is teething like a madman, but no teeth are in sight! My son has been teething since 3 months or so, sometimes his poor little gums are just so puffy – and nothing! Not even a hint under the skin. Anyway, I’ve just stumbled across your blog today, looking for pictures of pumpkin spice lattes of all things (ha!) and I always enjoy seeing new Mama’s with little ones my age. My son just turned 8 months old, and we’re entertaining TTC #2 within the next year. Hope your TTC journey is successful, soon!

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