No Sleep: The Ongoing Saga


I’ve been wanting to write a “real” post for days, but my sweet boy is teething, therefore up the majority of the night.  Apparently he is a terrible teether.  I’m sure you guys will understand the update in bullets:

  • Teething.  Still not a single one has popped through.  He is back to the up-all-night-screaming-and-grabbing-his-ear deal…but it’s worse now.  No fever though.  I was worried again about the possibility of an ear infection.  We took him to the pedi this morning.  Diagnosis: Perfect ears and teeth close to popping through the surface.  Arrrgh! When will we see them already?? We got him an amber teething necklace… sounds hokey, but it’s supposed to help.  No such luck yet.  He is still going to be around 8ish, but instead of a 5 or 6 hour stretch of sleep, we’re down to about TWO.  He initially sleeps for 2 hours, then wakes up screaming.  At this point he comes into the bed with us and nurses about every 15mins-1 hour until he gets up at 5-something.  He’ll suck for 5 seconds or 20 minutes at a time….it’s crazy.  I’m exhausted.  The worst part of it all: He has REJECTED the binkie! For the last 3 days he wants nothing to do with the thing.  Normally I could give it to him at night when he woke up and he would fall back asleep with it in his mouth.  No more, friends.  I am now being used as a human pacifier.  My boobs hurt.  But it’s that or walk around rocking him all night…..this too shall pass, right?
  • You guys saw that he learned how to turn on the water, well, the new thing is that he has figured out the windshield wipers in K’s vehicle.  It is hilarious….I’m going to try to get it on video if I can.  He stands in the drivers seat and squeels with delight as he turns the windshield wipers on and off.  Not just on and off, but wiper fluid as well.  The boy is hilarious.
  • He hates his car seat more than ever.  We have to let him play with the wheel for awhile before he’ll even ATTEMPT to get in the car seat without throwing a fit (complete with back arching and high-pitched wails and big teardrops falling down his face).  I feel so mean strapping him in when he’s like that, but it’s not like we have a choice.  I sit in the backseat with him while K drives and I read him books to get him calmed down….it works MOST of the time.
  • Solid food is still a challenge.  Some days he eats a bunch, others nothing.  He is still nursing about every 3.5 hrs during the day.  He refuses to eat vegetables – except for sweet potatoes and the occasional mixture with squash.  He loves anything with apricots and bananas in it and is now trying to eat everything off our plate.  Pizza is the new fascination…and even without teeth he is able to eat tiny pieces at a time.
  • He will be 8 months on Saturday.  How crazy is that? The time is going by so quickly.
  • We drove 3 hours to Baltimore a few weekends ago to meet up with Jessie & Greta from love + love = marriage.  They are awesome and Holland was so cute.  Lachlan (and the rest of us) had fun at the zoo too, despite the heat.  Definitely want to hang out with their little family again. Photo below of the cuties:


  • I’ve upgraded my membership back to TTC on FF.  Feels kind of weird to be charting again.  I’ve forgotten several times already to take my temperature RIGHT AWAY.  Mornings usually go something like this:  Lachlan wakes up by talking in his own language (eyes still closed) and half-crying, I wake up….then put on my glasses and and then he opens his eyes and sees me.  Smiles.  Then he sits up and takes my glasses off my face while giggling…then squeezes my nose or starts standing up on us….and then I start talking to him and then realize “Oh crap! I was supposed to take my temp before moving, talking….etc.”  It’s much harder this go round….especially with waking up so many times at night.  I don’t know how accurate my temps are…but I’m doing it anyway.  CM/CF is different too postpartum….I don’t know if it’s because I’m still breastfeeding so much or what.  But I still haven’t seen the desired EWCM, and I’m *technically* supposed to ovulate in the next few days.  I may just crack open a pee stick.  Just for kicks.
  • We got Lachlan a tunnel.  Two words: LOVES IT.





11 thoughts on “No Sleep: The Ongoing Saga

  1. I’m sorry about the sleepless nights! Sounds like Lach is definitely a sore guy with those teeth waiting to pop through. I hope it resolves itself soon.

    Love the pictures!

  2. oh the teething!!!! I SO know the hell. Everyone (EVERYONE) told me to get the teething tablets and let me tell you- they work. very well. we also got the gum stuff from the same company- so it is all homiopathic.

    SO exciting about the charting!!! wooo!!

    & how cute is your boy?!! so cute

  3. Ugh, poor teething Lach and poor you! We are not looking forward to that over here.

    Very exciting about the charting, and how cute is he in that tunnel?

  4. Fear not about the lack of interest in veggies- you mentioned that he really likes sweet potatoes- that is awesome! There is really no better veggie out there for him! Feed him as much sweet potato as he wants- the worst it will do is give him sweet potato doo-doo!

  5. Poor Lachlan, and poor moms! I hope his teeth come through soon. This can’t be an easy time!

    He clearly loves that tunnel. What a cutie pie!

  6. beneath every ruckus is a tooth… lj has 6 and is cutting 4?@?@? right now.. the good thing is that these kids only have 20 teeth so there is an end in sight. teething tablets, teething biscuits, frozen fruit in a feeder thing. but every kid if different.. i hope lach gets better soon. ooo tunnel… send me the name/brand. we were just thinking about getting one…

  7. Aw I hope your boy starts to feel better and those teeth hurry up so you get to have some better sleeps.

    Love the tunnel pics and can’t wait to see more videos!!

  8. You are right darling, this too shall pass and I hope it’s sooner rather than later for both your sakes.

    Good luck with the temping. I gave up on that ages ago because I never sleep all night without waking and my temps were always all over the place.

    Adorable in his tunnel! He looks so excited.

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