Onesie of the Month: Aug: VOTE NOW!

Thanks for all the comments on baby designs – I really appreciated your feedback and will definitely take it into consideration when coming up with new stuff!! There were originally 4 designs to vote on for this month….but I’ve decided to cut back to 2 options to vote on each month to make things a little easier…..

You probably know the drill, but if not…..please vote for August’s “Onesie of the Month”.  The winner will be available to order until the end of the month at  The winning design will be available on onesies, baby and toddler tees.  Available colors are pink, dark blue and natural.  All garments are 100% organic cotton and will be $18, including shipping!  Winner will be announced on Thursday with a post with details on how to order.  Thanks for your orders, feedback and votes!




2 thoughts on “Onesie of the Month: Aug: VOTE NOW!

  1. I love them both — and I would very much love any other nature-themed kids stuff too. Bugs, fossils, sea critters etc. This is a great idea to put on your blog!

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