Hey folks.  There are several sweet designs for you to vote on this month….however….before I unveil them, I really wanted to hear from you all!  The past two months, the votes between 2 onesies have been SO close (like by one or two votes).  I would love to hear from you guys individually to get some real feedback on what types of clothing interest YOU.  Regulars, lurkers…..anyone who is interested in baby clothes for their own munchkins, future munchkins, friends munchkins, etc….What are your thoughts?  We want to print stuff that people love and that they can’t find in other regular stores…..

What types of designs would you really like to see available??

What would you like your own (or future or friends) child (ren) to wear that would set them apart from other kids?

Is buying organic baby and toddler clothing important to you?

Would you like to see more clothing geared towards the GLBT community? Yes? No?

Any other feedback you’d like to leave is welcome.  Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section and I will respond there.  Thank you!!!


9 thoughts on “Thoughts?

  1. Hi Tiff,

    Yep, love the organic option. For us, we do love the GLBT-themed stuff, but also would be interested in environmental/green slogans.

  2. Long time reader, first time commenter, but I just had an idea for what might be a cute onesy, along the glbt theme.
    The classic “mom” tattoo, but instead of just mom, have it say “moms”. Something like this-

  3. WE love the organic. I know one thing I would have liked.. which it has passed.. but others may use it for them… is something for the 1st birthday. We did end up finding a cute shirt that said “1” and a cute bib, but we ordered those online and they weren’t overly easy to find. We would have loved some organic options!

    Also, more things with their names on there!!!

    I love all the stuff you guys are doing! So cute!!!

  4. Progressive/liberal/LGBT/peace-oriented/ant-war/green. I love bright colors and jewel tones – deep eggplant, gold and midnight blue. Sizes nb-10/12. I design tie-dye for kids. 🙂

  5. I LOVE the green on green dandelion you just sent me. Love it. I like Nuttella’s suggestions too. It’s the non gender specifics that work for me… fruit, bikes or trikes, robots, organic graphics, things that look hand drawn. I love all the LGBT directed things too.

    Your things are always adorable!

  6. Cheeky commentary on fertility challenges is a fun topic too… can’t think of any off the top of my head, but I love the juxtaposition of an IVF baby wearing a onesie that says “Organic, ” or “100% Natural”.

  7. Organic onesies are relatively important to us, but we’d LOVE to see more LGBT options, (like this month’s ‘GOT MOMS?’ one… LOVE IT!) And, I agree with Poppycat — things that look hand drawn sound terrific. 🙂

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