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While Lachlan was sick the other day, I used our thermometor to check his temperature.  It was your standard digital ear thermometor.  He would not stay still for anything, and I kept getting error messages on the thing.  That, along with the fact that I thought Lach may have an ear infection, caused us to say to ourselves…..”Isn’t there a better way to do this???”  The poor guy definitely didn’t want something jammed in his ear when he was feeling so crappy, and I certainly wasn’t going to poke something up his bum.  And, underarm thermometors…? How reliable are they, really??? This led us to the store, where we found the E.xergen Temporal Artery Thermometor.  Wow.  Talk about an ingenius product!!! It seriously takes 2 seconds to do, and is easy and accurate.  You put the thermometor in the middle of your baby/child’s forehead, press the button (hold it) and and move it to the side of their face…let go…and voila! Accurate temperature with no hassle (or tears).  This got me thinking about the baby products that I love, the ones that Lach loves, and items I feel we just couldn’t live without.  Thought I would post my list.  I am changing how I buy baby shower gifts now, because some of these products I seriously think every new parent should own.  What do you guys think of my 10? What would be on your list?

1.  E.xergen Temporal Artery Thermometor.   So easy and extremely accurate.   #1 on the list!  I’ll seriously never use another thermometor.

2.  B.oon “Squirt” Baby Food Dispensing Spoon.  This thing is awesome.  No mess, easy to use, holds a lot of food and great for parents on the go.

3.  S.kip H.op “Playspot” Play Mat.  – PVC free….No harsh chemicals….no smell!  100% safe for babies 0+.  Most of the points are for it being PVC-free and not being cheesetastic and having cool modern colors that you won’t be embarassed about having out in your house…the rest for functionability.  Helps prevents bumps and bruises when your little ones are learning to sit up on their own (and subsequently falling over).

4.  B.oppy.  This breastfeeding pillow has been a fav of new moms for a long time….and now I know why.  I have used it from day one, to now. I own THREE.  One at work, one in the car and one at home.  I love this product….and it’s not just for breastfeeding….I am using it right now as my lap top is sitting on it on my lap!

5. E.ric Carle’s “Brown Bear Touch ‘N Read Block”.  Lachlan’s favourite toy.  Period.

6. Baby Carrier.  B.jorn to begin with….then the E.rgo when your baby is older.  I loved loved loved the B.jorn for how easy it was to put on and take off, and I know Lach was comfy in it….but after about 15 pounds….your back is shot and needs serious help! The E.rgo is an awesome carrier…kids can be worn in front, on hip or on back.  It’s pricey, but worth it if you carry your baby lots of places like we do.

7.  F.isher Price “Rainforest” Jumperoo.  Lachlan started using it at 3 months and still loves it.  It is sturdy, and one of the better looking jumperoo’s out there, in my opinion.  Has gotten awesome ratings from other mamas too.

8. B.umbo baby seat.  We used this ALL THE TIME when Lach was younger and we would go out to restaurants.  He was still too small for a high chair (he would tip over to one side) and didn’t want to lay down in a car seat or in my arms.  We would actually put this seat right up on the table or booth and he would sit in it for a good amount of time.  Once he started grabbing at everything (the salt and pepper were first on the list), we stopped using it.

9. E.LMO LIVE! We splurged and Lachlan is in love.  He dances, he makes jokes and most of all, he loves you…mmm hmm..kiss kiss!

10. Pacifier/Binkie, etc.  A must-have for naps and bedtime.  Lachlan doesn’t use it all the time, but it really comes in handy when he needs to sleep or is upset.

11?  We just ordered an Amber Teething Necklace for Lachlan.  I have heard awesome things about the healing power of amber, and hope that this will help alleviate some of his teething pain.  He has YET to get a tooth in…..

Honourable mention #1: Activity mat.  We had the “Rainforest” one…but I’m not sure that part matters as much as just having one.  It really was fun for Lach and encouraged tummy time.

Honourable mention #2: BOOKS.  Too many to name….but Lachlan adores being read to…especially Dr. S.euss.


12 thoughts on “Top 10’s

  1. This is awesome and so helpful. We will be registering next month so I added most of these to our wish list! Thanks so much for the suggestions.

  2. WE must have the same taste because we have many of the same things! We ordered that thermometer before I gave birth to him because I had heard they were really nice. Of course when he was sick i was neurotic and used that plus the other kind 🙂

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my pic’s. After the bday stuff settles down I will take some pic’s of him in his onesies that we ordered from you guys!

  3. Girl, you’ve got champagne tastes!

    A few additional basic MUST HAVES:

    1. Prefold Cloth Diapers – use as spit rags, for spills, as a bib with a Kippis (look it up, cool diaper bag product).

    2. Ultimate Crib Sheet – so if there’s a diaper explosion/ spitup in the middle of the night you don’t have to take off the bumper and pull up the mattress to change the sheets.

    3. Mylecon. Duh.

    I second the Bjorn (although right now I’m wearing a homemade pouch sling) and I LOVE the Bumbo! And I love a good stroller. We just upgraded to a Baby Jogger City Classic Double. Now I just need my gosh-darn-stinking c-section incision to heal so I can walk.

  4. Wow- I have been so annoyed with our thermometer! Thanks for the great suggestion! Also, to answer the question you left on my blog – “Wow! He looks like a champion eater! When did he really start eating solid foods??”

    I would say that we started him on foods that he had to chew as soon as humanly possible. Obviously, we would mash them a bit, but tried to leave them “whole enough” so that he would get used to a solid feeling in his mouth. I want to say about7 months. Also, another reason to get him off of jarred baby food (even though we only served him Earth’s Best Organic baby food) was because we learned that there is BPA in the lids of all glass jarred baby food!!!! EVEN THE ORGANIC STUFF. EVERY BRAND I TELL YOU! I was very bummed when I learned that…

  5. When Baby B was smaller, her mom got a similar thermometer to that one (it was a bit cheaper, I’ll say that) and it NEVER worked. I think it was just due to the brand, because the IDEA of the product was beyond amazing. I know that when I have a bit of a fever my ear aches beyond belief and the idea of sticking something in there makes me blanch.

    Might I suggest for moms of (younger) babies, a homeopathic colic tablet AND peppermint oil (1-2 tablets plus 1-2 droplets of the oil in a warm bottle). Soothed my niece’s worse colic symptoms and eased a lot of her digestive discomfort. I knew it worked because her parents never used the stuff, but I was religious about it (not every bottle, mind you, usually in the evening and the afternoon, when she was most uncomfortable), so the difference was noticeable.

    Boppies are great, especially when your having little kids hold the baby. Monster was terrified of babies (still is!) and couldn’t hold onto Baby B without the Boppy supporting her weight.

    I love the idea of carriers and I can’t wait to try one out on my own baby. I did note one huge downside at the grocery store Monday. I watched a woman struggle to get something from a bottom shelf with her baby in a sling, it looked pretty uncomfortable.

  6. My favorite carrier is the Ultimate Baby Wrap. Though there is a lot of fabric, it is the most comfortable of all carriers I’ve tried, and I’ve tried at least 4 others.

    I second the mylecon, although it works better now than it did in the very beginning.

    A yoga ball saved our lives in the beginning. The constant bouncing was sometimes the only thing that could soothe Miles.

  7. I’ve made a copy of this list…plus all of the helpful suggestions of your readers! It’s never to early to start thinking about all this stuff..
    Oh, our onesies came! They are so cute, thanks!!

  8. Two/three other items we’ve found invaluable: a sound machine. not even sure what the brand is. but we’ve used ours for all three boys and it’s amazing.

    also, we have a portable changing pad (ours if from patemm pads, sure there are others), and it’s round and holds diapers, wipes change of clothes for short trips.

    finally, we have a billion cloth wipes. for every kind of mess.

  9. Great list – i agree with it all! Couldn’t live without the bobby *and we bottle fed*, the play mats are priceless as are the baby carrier and jumperoo. Daniel LOVES his books as well! I’m going look up the spoon and reading block. Daniel also has the elmo live – got it for christmas from his ‘nana’ and he just can’t get enough of it! He dances along – what a great toy!
    I would add the baby einstein crib aquarium to the list – Daniel won’t go to sleep without it – and what better to fall asleep to than the movement of fish in water and the sounds of classical music….he adores it….not only does it help him fall asleep, but since he can turn it on himself, it keeps him occupied when he wakes up (to give me a chance to change before going in his room)
    Great list!

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