Sick Lachness


I’ve wanted to blog for a few days now…but every time I try to write a post, something else diverts my attention (namely, our constantly on-the-go 6 month old).  I was going to write at length about the things that have happened since the last real post:

1. The hilarity of the professional photo shoot….peeing over the backdrops and so on…..the boy was a ham and we got some amazing photos that I loved so much I cried just looking at them.  Posting them soon….

2. My trip to the ER – ultrasound and CT Scan…..verdict: Colitis! Ugh!!! 5 medications and told not to breastfeed for 2 weeks.  (Pump and dump).  I had dumped out my stash of frozen BM the week before….and hadn’t been building up a new stash.  Cue tears. We got the midwife to research all meds and I was told I had the OK to continue BFing…….can you say RELIEVED?

3.The fact that not only does the boy pull himself everywhere on his tummy…but he CRAWLS…full out,  insanely-fast-for-a-baby crawling! No more tipping over.  He walks everywhere (while we hold his hands up) as well….

4. 6 Mos Well Baby Apt after waiting ONE AND A HALF HOURS to see our pedi (did I mention this was a SCHEDULED appointment??)…. The short story is that Lachlan was 17 lbs 11oz.  and 29″ long.  90% for height, 50% for weight.  Pedi told us that he is burning sooo much by all his crawling.  He is go go go.  She said (I swear I’m not bragging) that he is definitely at a 9 month and beyond level.  Cool!  She said he will be walking unassisted early…..

Anyway, back to the title of my post.  Our boy is sick.  I swear he picked something up at the pedi’s office after we waited so damn long.  Did I also not mention that a mother brought her 7 month old daughter right up to Lachlan and failed to tell us that her child was sick until AFTER she allowed her to touch Lachlan?? UGHHH!!!

2 days ago Lachlan started feeling crappy….sleep was a challenge and he would start grabbing his ear – not in the “I’m-discovering-new-parts-of-my-body-and-this-is-so-much-fun!” way he had been before.  He would scream when we moved him from sitting up to laying down and held his ear in pain.  Yesterday he had a low grade fever as well, so we took him into the pediatricians office.  No ear infection! I was sure that is what it was…but not so.  She said it’s not his teeth either, but thinks it is just a cold or something.  Not a whole lot of answers.  He isn’t congested or anything….well, last night was awful (I nursed him about 10 times throughout the night) and no one got much sleep.  Today his fever jumped up to 102.4.  The infant T.ylenol has brough it down to 101.2 right now…..and so we wait and see if this thing just goes away on its own….which it most likely will.  It’s just so hard to see your child in so much pain.  He is miserable, clingy, tired…and just not himself.  No crawling, walking or jumperoo will make him happy.  Only being held in his beloved “mocha” (blankie) and being read Dr. S.euss.  I know them all by heart now…..hand hand fingers thumb….one thumb one thumb drumming on a drum……I’m tired….but at least he is napping now.  You just want your kid to be healthy and happy, and would do anything to make it better for them.  Motherhood is hard.


5 thoughts on “Sick Lachness

  1. What an eventful few weeks! It’s great to hear that Lach is growing so well and is crawling, but it sucks that both you and he have had health issues. Here’s to hoping that everyone’s back to 100% soon.

  2. Watching them sick is one of the hardest things ever. Just keep reminding yourself he will feel much better soon. I hope it is very soon! He is a cutie and growing up so fast!

  3. Oh I’m so sorry Lachlan is sick. I totally hate bringing Miles to the pediatrician in fear that he will pick something up there. Sigh…I hope it passes soon.

  4. Oh mommy, it must be so hard to see your wee one sickie. I hope he feels better soon. I’m not surprised at all to hear he is ahead of the curve, he’s such a little dream.

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