Onesie Of The Month: July! VOTE NOW!

Lots of news since my last post.  1) Not-so-nice visit on July 4th to the ER (for me, not Lach), 2) the changes in the boy (holy smokes!), 3) pedi appointment 4) professional pictures of our lachness and much more…..but it is already the middle of the month and I have yet to give you guys onesies to VOTE on!!! Please take the time to vote for the following 3 onesies.  The winner will be available for you to order on a onesie, t-shirt, etc through the end of July.  We’re doing COLOR ON COLOR this month (for the first 2 designs), meaning if you got a pink onesie, the ink color would be a darker pink, if you got the natural onesie, the ink color would be a darker brown, if you got a blue onesie, the ink color would be a complimenting shade of blue.  The third design is rainbow colors….every onesie would be slightly different…but they all look awesome! I’m so excited about these and can’t wait to see which one you guys choose!!! More updates on the Lachness and more to come this week as well.  Thanks guys! Voting will end Thursday! The WINNER is available to order beginning FRIDAY! Still $18.00.  Still ORGANIC.  Includes shipping within the US.  Thanks for the participation guys!!!!





5 thoughts on “Onesie Of The Month: July! VOTE NOW!

  1. Love them all. I still need to get a pic of AJ in his onesies for you! He is still growing into them though so I have time!

    I am glad you are feeling better. Can’t wait to see the professional pic’s!

  2. Love what you guys do with those onesies. There’s definitely an order in my future!

    By the way, the pic of you and Lach on your page is beautiful. Is that one of the professional ones?

    I hope that you’re okay after your ER trip!!

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