6 Months


Guess who’s eating solid foods now?? Oh, and did I mention that he LOVES them?? Rice cereal (mixed in with BM and applesauce, thanks for the tips guys!), applesauce and PRUNES! He made a pretty funny face when he tried the prunes….he actually kind of gagged… but now he loves them.   He even grabs onto the spoon on his own and puts it in his mouth (sometimes he hits his nose or cheek).  I think this boy is going to love to eat.  Tomorrow we’re introducing sweet potatoes! No allergies thus far.  He also has had strawberries in the m.unchin snack-net thing (of course now I can’t think of the name!) and adores them.  At this point we are giving him 2 “snacks” (example: after BF in the morning, he will have prunes, after BF lunch he will get applesauce, and then after BF dinner he will have rice cereal).  When did you guys move to 2 “meals” a day? I was really concerned that introducing solids would cause him to become constipated though….He went 3 days without pooping…..I kept giving him prunes on day 2….and I was happy he went a lot on day 3.  But boy was it different then what we were used to….2 words: THICK & SMELLY.  Does it stay this way??




12 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. Wow Happy 6 Months Lachlan!! I owe you an email – it’s coming soon with some details but I’ve just been crazy busy the last little while. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now though! 🙂

  2. I can’t believe he is 6 months and I haven’t seen him yet! I’ll be up there in a few weeks and we will have to remedy this! 🙂

  3. Oh he’s SO cute!!!! Yeah. Real poop time! Get some room freshener!
    And he looks SO much like you!!!! What a cutieface.

  4. Awwww! First off, we LOVE the way Lach has the head-turned look in a lot of his pictures. Coupled with those beautiful big eyes, he’s such a cutie 🙂 And wow, look at the hair growing all of a sudden. Addie says she’d still love him bald 😉

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