Mobile Man

Thanks for ALL the awesome advice on starting solids, etc.  You guys are the best and I really appreciated all the great feedback.

I wanted to post a video I took of Lachlan today.  He is becoming VERY mobile….and is changing EVERY day.  It’s wild to watch and thought some of you would get a kick out of it.  He just sits up on his own with little to no effort!  Enjoy! And thanks again for commenting!


8 thoughts on “Mobile Man

  1. I love that he’s so very focused on his goal. How amazing that he’s already so very mobile! Too, too adorable. xoxo

  2. it’s crazy how fast he is growing! i was like, hey, i recognize that stroller! we have the same one, but in green. how are you liking it? it’s a bit of a love/hate for us now that we live in NYC. in texas it was perfect.

  3. giggleblue – we love the u.ppababy stroller!! he takes his naps in it when we’re away from the house….he seems comfy and it turns Soooooo easily!! what don’t you like about it??/

    readytostartbabymaking – thanks for de-lurking!!! wishing you tons of good luck on your journey!!!!!!!

  4. sorry it took me so long to respond! i’ve been up to my eyeballs in work! my only gripe about it is lugging it up and down the subway stairs. other than that, i’m totally in love with the thing – it’s just bulky to lift. i’m looking forward to when we actually live in the city and can do some walking with it rather than public transportation. DD loves it and often sleeps in it during the day!

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