6 Months


Guess who’s eating solid foods now?? Oh, and did I mention that he LOVES them?? Rice cereal (mixed in with BM and applesauce, thanks for the tips guys!), applesauce and PRUNES! He made a pretty funny face when he tried the prunes….he actually kind of gagged… but now he loves them.   He even grabs onto the spoon on his own and puts it in his mouth (sometimes he hits his nose or cheek).  I think this boy is going to love to eat.  Tomorrow we’re introducing sweet potatoes! No allergies thus far.  He also has had strawberries in the m.unchin snack-net thing (of course now I can’t think of the name!) and adores them.  At this point we are giving him 2 “snacks” (example: after BF in the morning, he will have prunes, after BF lunch he will get applesauce, and then after BF dinner he will have rice cereal).  When did you guys move to 2 “meals” a day? I was really concerned that introducing solids would cause him to become constipated though….He went 3 days without pooping…..I kept giving him prunes on day 2….and I was happy he went a lot on day 3.  But boy was it different then what we were used to….2 words: THICK & SMELLY.  Does it stay this way??




Mobile Man

Thanks for ALL the awesome advice on starting solids, etc.  You guys are the best and I really appreciated all the great feedback.

I wanted to post a video I took of Lachlan today.  He is becoming VERY mobile….and is changing EVERY day.  It’s wild to watch and thought some of you would get a kick out of it.  He just sits up on his own with little to no effort!  Enjoy! And thanks again for commenting!

Bumps and Bruises


Yesterday was full of tears….and big ones at that.  Lachlan had his first real “boo-boo’s”.  3 to be exact!  One after the other after the other.  You see, this all began because our little man can now sit up UNASSISTED.  No toys, pillows or blankets to hold him up! He can go straight to sitting up from his back or his tummy.  The first injury happened after he fell backward in his crib and bumped his head….that one seemed to hurt me more than it hurt him.  He was left with a red bump, but didn’t cry too badly.  Next, he was on the floor on a big comforter, crawling/scooting around and I was reading him some of his favourite Dr. S.euss books.  He was sitting up for a minute or two and then lost his balance and mouth dived into the corner of “Are You My Mother?” (board book).  He wailed and screamed and cried big raindrop-like tears.  No amount of “I love you to the moon ANDDD back” seemed to help.  That was the first time I’ve seen him so upset.  His breaths were deep and quick and followed by sobs.  It broke our hearts.  After several minutes of tight hugs from the little man (so tight he left marks on my neck) he was calmed down.  Next we showed him the water in the kitchen.  This is one of his fav things to do….he tries to “grab” the water with his hands and it makes him squeel with delight.  After said injury, we thought this would cheer him up.  Simple, but it works.  I guess he was just starting to get overtired and after 2 injuries…probably exhausted from crying.  Well, within 30 seconds of touching the water, he leaned forward with such force that he bumped his forehead on the faucet!!! Screaming insued.  This wailing we were unable to stop…the only thing I could think of to do was try breastfeeding him.  He stopped crying right away and nursed until he fell asleep for the night at 7:30 – one whole hour earlier than normal.  I think he had just worn himself out emotionally and physically.  I was so happy that he finally calmed down and fell asleep.  After last night, I really realized how much it hurts both the parent AND their child when they are in pain.  You want so badly to make it better and take the pain away from them.  I know this is only the BEGINNING of things like this as Lachlan starts crawling and discovering the world.  I’m trying to prepare myself for the many more bumps and bruises to come and know that I will try my best to kiss and cuddle them better (as well as try to prevent them from happening in the first place).  Speaking of that….I ordered him a foam play mat yesterday off of A.mazon.  It is PVC free and safe for babies 0+.  I searched high and low for eco-friendly foam play mats that were free of harsh, harmful chemicals (and looked decent too!), but had a really hard time with it.  Ultimately, we are paying out a pretty penny for this mat…but at least I know it it safe if he licks it or something! It’s cute too, and will protect his cute little head from the hard floor at work.  Definitely the cutest one one on the market right now (by s.kiphop):

41ZgB42WtkL._SS400_For all the mamas/aunties/nannies/honorary mamas out there, what do you do/recommend to keep your little loved ones safe on hard floors?

Next Monday Lach turns 6 months old.  I still can’t believe that.  Anyway, we are introducing solids then (rice cereal).  I am going to start by mixing in some BM with the cereal and seeing if he will take that.  If you guys feel like offering some responses…..I have a few questions about introducing solid.  My questions are….1) Do you feed him after you nurse, or before?? 2) When do you start replacing a BF meal? Or do you?? Is solids just in addition to the usual BF meals? 3) Should I start a sippy cup with water?? Do babies need water if they are still being BF???

I’ll leave you guys with some recent photos of the man! We are trying to get him used to the high chair a bit for when we start solids….he hates sitting still for long, so it’s a challenge!!!

unintentionally grabbing himself


caught him!


“i have to STAY in here?”


so unimpressed


Mommy Squared

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The Terribly Sad Face


Because I realized that all I post is happy faces of my child.  He does cry, and make some not-too-happy expressions.  The video at the bottom shows his “terribly sad face”…….he does NOT like the sound a kitty cat makes, and gets this expression every time he hears it.  Ignore me saying that a dog goes “bark bark”.  It had been a long day.