4 1/2 Months And Counting


Time has flown by yet again.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted…..bad blogger.  I’m keeping up with all of you but haven’t commented too much.  I wish there was more time! AND….I’ve been meaning to try to update you all for days….but every time I think I can, he wakes up, or is hungry or so on and so on.  Not a lot of free time to write, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  The boy is rapidly changing before our very eyes.  Where did my little boy go?? 4 1/2 months and he just can’t get enough of life! Rolling both ways, “talking” away……The last few weeks we’ve noticed huge changes……

1. He knows his name.  He turns his head at anyone who calls out “Lachlan”, and usually smiles.

2. He’s outgrown the b.jorn.  We haven’t weighed him since his last pedi appt….but I’m guessing around 17.5 or so….the b.jorn was starting to hurt his chubby little legs, not to mention my back was killing me! Which brings me to number 3….

3. We ordered the K.elty K.ids 1.0 Frame Carrier (backpack) hoping that this would be the solution.  He still likes to be “worn” most of the time, or held, etc, and LOVES being up high.  We thought it would be the answer, but after getting it in (via A.mazon) and trying it on, even with adjusting we found it too heavy for us.  And you know he’s only going to get heavier! The pack was great quality and has gotten rave reviews, but in the end, it wasn’t for us.  SOOO, with much debate we decided to just get the E.rgo.  I haven’t heard any bad things about this carrier….and it gives you the option of wearing your child on your back, hip or front.  Takes the pressure off your back too and is supposed to distribute the weight evenly and put the bulk on your hips.  We get it in today and I am oh so excited.  My back is hurtin’!

4. He is grabbing at everything and then subsequently puts that thing in his mouth.  Holding him in the grocery store was pretty funny…..he is trying to pull everything off the shelves.  While sitting at O.Charley’s at lunch yesterday, he knocked over the salt, pepper and put the cardboard “specials” menu in his mouth.  Oi Veh.  We can’t take the child anywhere anymore! Kidding, kidding.  Lesson learned….my purse is now full of kiddie toys to keep him entertained (and keep the salt and pepper where they belong).

5. He is in love with cell phones.  Still diggin’ those ringtones.

6. We got him a B.umbo seat.  (photo above) He won’t be in it very long with those roll-y legs, but he loves to sit up for a little while and has enjoyed discovering his toes!!! Wonderous…..they are squishy and tiny and have hard little toenails on them!!! His face is hilarious when he looks at them too…..like, “Wowwww! I love these things.  Wait, why are they attached to me!?” He now holds his toes every time he is sitting up (car seat included).

7. He is out of our bed.  Sad? A little.  Not in his crib yet though (that’s downstairs and seems MIGHTY far away from us….).  He is in his e.ddie b.auer bassinet completely now!  He is still waking up 1-3 times per night to eat, but goes right back in the bassinet after he’s finished.  When he wakes for the day (between 5-6:30am) he entertains himself for awhile by touching the fabric with his fingers.  The bassinet is a little small for him now though…so we are going to have to switch to the BIGGER bassinet.  Remember the old-school wicker one that K painted last summer? We should be moving that in to our room soon, and moving the other one out.

8. Just a month and a half until we introduce solids (I was very insistent on waiting until then because of possible allergies).  We have gone back and forth on making our own baby food vs. buying organic pre-made stuff.  I think we’ve settled on E.arth’s B.est O.rganic.  It is a great deal at our local T.arget and will be much more convenient for us.  I’ve heard that these days we should forget about the old “introduce veggies before fruit because if not they won’t eat the veggies…..” .  Outdated? Not true? Thoughts???

9. Forgot to mention that he plays “hide and seek” with us now.  It just may be the cutest thing ever.  “Where’s Lachlan? I can’t find him” Then we turn to look directly at him, he smiles and then ducks his head into my shirt, or face down on the bed (while doing tummy time).  He’s growing up SO fast.

I didn’t really mean this to be a bullet post. Maybe it doesn’t count because they’re numbered? Photos make everything better….yes….

very sleepy…


tummy time on his rainforest mat….


not sure if this hat is gansta or golfer….

Photo 17


12 thoughts on “4 1/2 Months And Counting

  1. I can’t believe how big he’s gotten!! 🙂

    I’ve done similar research on organic baby foods, and have also concluded that Earth’s Best is the way to go!! Can’t wait to hear how that goes in just a few weeks.

  2. 1. He is soooo cute!

    2. Do vegi’s first the old adage rings true I did all the veg first, my daughter inhaled them then we moved to pears and she forgot all the vegi’s existed lol

  3. I can’t believe how much he’s growing. He’s such a big, adorable boy!

    I think my sister did the sweeter veggies first–yams, carrots and the like. Her little one loves both fruit and veggies (all kinds), so I’m not sure if the old advice rings true or not.

    Thanks for the update! It’s so nice to see you here. xoxo

  4. Super cute~

    1. Have you ever heard of Mei Tais? I HIGHLY recommend one! My friend made me one. Ellie is a BIG baby and it is totally pain free on us! I was really shocked after using some other baby carriers that it worked. So if what you ordered does not work I can give you the email of my friend in VA who makes them.

    2. Earth’s Best is what I feed my baby. I heard that old wives tale too. Didn’t hold true for our little one. Actually her favorite veggie is sweet potato! She also loves tomato and carrot over any fruit. There are earth’s best coupons out there. I am lucky as I have Publix where I live and they have Buy 1 get 1 free E.B all the time. 🙂


  5. Love the Ergo. Also liked the Moby.

    I think trying veggies first is a good idea. I bought the So Easy Baby Food Kit. It really was so easy and cheap to make all his food with organic fruit, veggies, rice, beans etc. I was working part time, and would give bags of baby food in ice-tray chunks to our daycare lady when he went to daycare. I just went with their recommended list to try first. It worked well for us.

  6. Why not introduce them both? Some people may slap their heads at that, but why not? Give him some peas (I don’t know a baby who doesn’t like peas) and apples or give him sweet potatoes? Heck, why not let him choose? It might work?

    He is so chubbalicious! Adorable.

  7. the ergo worked great for me in my day job… as a child care teacher with a mixed age class we often carry children in some way. We’ve used slings, bjorns and the ergo… the ergo is easy for kids to get into and I’ve been able to easily carry 2 year olds. Good luck!

  8. I made some of lil man’s food, but most of the rest is either Earth’s Best Organic or the Gerber Organic. He does well with either and I have fun making him some food whenever I get around to it! And as far as the fruits versus veggies thing… some people swear by giving the veggies first but I think whatever works for you is fine. We started off with a veggie or two but then switched to a fruit and he did fine going back and forth.

    Your lil man is ADORABLE. So glad you posted as I wondered how you were doing.

  9. I do both – make my own food and buy organic pre-made. Depends on what I’m making for dinner, what i already have in the house, and how hungry he is. Potatoes and beans were great to just throw in the blender with a bit of water – they keep for about a week in the fridge. Peas I’ll make my own – throw in the freezer and just thaw when I need it – or take it out the day before and put it in the fridge. Now that Daniel is older – I’m just throwing what i make for myself (with some exceptions of course) either in a blender or just cutting it up really small and he feeds himself. If I’m out then I’ll use the pre-made organic. I also introduced veggies very early on – I think his first food was banana or applesauce….but he much prefers veggies now over fruit! Funny kid…
    Lach is getting so big – I can’t wait to plan a trip to see you guys!

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