The Navy’s Out


Lachlan’s first time on a boat was on Saturday.  The weather was a toasty 90 degrees….with him sporting his sunhat and life vest, we ventured out on a boat with friends.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for it! He was happy until the boat took off……we thought it would get better…not so.  He screamed the entire time….with tears streaming down his face.  We turned around, but it felt like he was screaming forever and he just exhausted himself.  He fell asleep as soon as K walked off the boat with him.  We figure he must have gotten ‘seasick’.  Karli keeps joking that he will never be able to go into the Coast Guard or the Navy.  Ha!  I’m sure he’ll outgrow it, but it was disappointing that he didn’t enjoy it…neither did we!  Here is K with the boy (pre-boat ride):


So, our little man doesn’t do boats.  But, lately he has been doing sleep!! The past 3 nights he has slept through the night!! (Technically defined as more than a 6 hour stretch of sleep).  He is usually sleeping from about 8:30pm-3:30am.  He gets up to eat once and then goes back down for about an hour and a half or two hours, and then is up for the day.  I feel like a new woman having a 5 hour stretch of sleep.  You really realize how tired you truly were!!  I am not working, but I view being a stay-at-home mom as full-time job! I actually don’t stay at home at all!  I go into work with K every day.  Lachlan isn’t the type of kid that likes to stay in one place.  He isn’t really content “hanging out” at home all day.  He’s not particularly fond of his car seat….so we don’t drive many places with him.  We have the jumperoo and playmat up at work…and Lachlan loves being able to see his Mama every day.  We go out to lunch together daily too.  I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to spend my days with the two people I love most in this world and so happy that I never miss a moment with my son.  K and I were talking in the car yesterday about our life together….and how truly deep-down happy we both are…I so love my little family.  Totally random final note:  We were browsing the stores over the weekend and saw some digital pregnancy tests that were an unbelievable deal….guess who bought a bunch!? We’re officially crazy.  Not getting back on the TTC train quite yet….but it may be late this year.  We shall see!


9 thoughts on “The Navy’s Out

  1. well, alas about the whole coast guard/navy career, but *so* sweet to hear how happy you are in your family. something you have so very much deserved for a long time…

  2. Will settled into that 3:00 wake-up for a few months at that age, I think. It was lovely to have a predictable schedule!

    I hope you’re able to let go of your Coast Guard dreams for him.

  3. Oh well, the Navy sux anyway (trust me, I know). I enjoy the cute pics of your son, Tiffany, and I am glad to know you and your partner are embracing your happy life and precious family.

    Something about all of this touches me very deeply, so I’m glad to be reading your blog finally and sharing this with you, however virtual it may be.

    -Jodi (the other half of reproducing_genius)

  4. Hooray for sleep! I hope he keeps it up for a long time!

    I’m so very happy for you and your beautiful family, Tiff. You deserve every last bit of happiness you can find, and I’m so glad that it has found you. What a feeling!

  5. He is so cute! Man I hope our little guy likes the boat. We are boating people so I really hope he does 🙂 We have his life jacket and about 5 pairs of swim trunks and sunscreen waiting! I am so glad you are doing well and you guys are such a happy cute family!

  6. Well, the navy is going to be sad not to have him. He is really adorable. I so happy to hear that you are doing so well, that your family life is dreamy and that he is sleeping so much. It must feel like a breath of fresh air. xoxo L.

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