Take Me Away


We had a lovely weekend.  K took Lach and I for a mini-vacation!  Our first getaway with the Wee One! She took Friday off work, and we headed to Virginia Beach for the Easter weekend.  Lachlan slept the whole hour and a half trip there….we were happy as he despises sitting for any length of time and now tries to break free of the straps that hold him in his car seat.  Usually we are able to get him to stop crying with Karli’s cell phone.  This morning K told me that she’s heard the ringtones so many times that she actually knows the order they go in! His favourites include “twitter” and “quasar”. It’s pretty funny.  The tears stop immediately and his eyes get so wide….I’m sure they couldn’t open up any wider actually.  Luckily we didn’t even have to do that on the way there.  He was such a good boy and ate right when we got to the hotel – 3 1/2 hours after his morning feeding!

We checked in to a beautious hotel on Friday and stayed through Sunday.  We had gorgeous weather, took Lach in his stroller and ventured out to the Virginia Aquarium.  The boy was loved it! He was particularly fond of an awkward-looking pufferfish.  We followed it for several minutes! He was fascinated by sting-rays and sea turtles and even a seal that liked to show off for us!  It was so nice to get away for a few days.  It renewed and refreshed us and was just what we needed! K was adorable too, and got me my favourite S.tarbucks drinks several times on the trip – and even surprised me with a S.tarbucks gift card for Easter! We ate and slept so well.  We had a king-size bed that was unbelievably nice.  Lachlan slept in between us and it was awesome to have a little more room in the bed! Heaven.  I think he liked the change of scenery and the fact that we were always on the go, seeing new things.  It has been awesome to see how much Lachlan is changing before our eyes too….he’s grabbing at things and using his hands constantly.  He also puts most things in his mouth now!!! We’re pretty sure he’s a genius.  Ha! More updates to come in the next few days and weeks.  He has his 4 Month Pedi appointment next week! Photos from our little getaway:












9 thoughts on “Take Me Away

  1. Yay weekend getaway!! The pic of you & Lach with the shark makes me giggle…. he’s just sleepin’ away, with no thought to all those big dangerous teeth! 🙂

  2. Pardon me, Tiff, but your son? Is not 4 months old, HE IS FOUR MONTHS CUTE. And big, my god is that boy big. But in a totally good way.

  3. We had a getaway like this a few weeks back it was so awesome to just have some “family” time outside of the house. I love the pics he is getting so big and what a handsome boy!

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