Shake Your Booty

It’s official.  Our boy laughs now….and giggles at the smallest things!  It think it just may be my new favourite thing…………..


14 thoughts on “Shake Your Booty

  1. LOVE IT!! That has got to be my most favorite sound in the whole world!! Looks like you may have a little musician on your hands 😉

  2. oh my word… how freakin adorable. That laugh is amazing. Isn’t it the most precious thing when they start doing that? I just love it and could never ever get tired of it.

  3. I still remember the first time Will laughed – for the first month or so that he started laughing he’d get the hiccoughs EVERY TIME. Happy memories.

  4. I can’t believe I just got around to finally seeing that! It never loads at work… when I actually get on the computer.

    He IS SO CUTE! Multiple exclamation points can’t even express the emphasis on THAT statement!

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