The Navy’s Out


Lachlan’s first time on a boat was on Saturday.  The weather was a toasty 90 degrees….with him sporting his sunhat and life vest, we ventured out on a boat with friends.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for it! He was happy until the boat took off……we thought it would get better…not so.  He screamed the entire time….with tears streaming down his face.  We turned around, but it felt like he was screaming forever and he just exhausted himself.  He fell asleep as soon as K walked off the boat with him.  We figure he must have gotten ‘seasick’.  Karli keeps joking that he will never be able to go into the Coast Guard or the Navy.  Ha!  I’m sure he’ll outgrow it, but it was disappointing that he didn’t enjoy it…neither did we!  Here is K with the boy (pre-boat ride):


So, our little man doesn’t do boats.  But, lately he has been doing sleep!! The past 3 nights he has slept through the night!! (Technically defined as more than a 6 hour stretch of sleep).  He is usually sleeping from about 8:30pm-3:30am.  He gets up to eat once and then goes back down for about an hour and a half or two hours, and then is up for the day.  I feel like a new woman having a 5 hour stretch of sleep.  You really realize how tired you truly were!!  I am not working, but I view being a stay-at-home mom as full-time job! I actually don’t stay at home at all!  I go into work with K every day.  Lachlan isn’t the type of kid that likes to stay in one place.  He isn’t really content “hanging out” at home all day.  He’s not particularly fond of his car seat….so we don’t drive many places with him.  We have the jumperoo and playmat up at work…and Lachlan loves being able to see his Mama every day.  We go out to lunch together daily too.  I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to spend my days with the two people I love most in this world and so happy that I never miss a moment with my son.  K and I were talking in the car yesterday about our life together….and how truly deep-down happy we both are…I so love my little family.  Totally random final note:  We were browsing the stores over the weekend and saw some digital pregnancy tests that were an unbelievable deal….guess who bought a bunch!? We’re officially crazy.  Not getting back on the TTC train quite yet….but it may be late this year.  We shall see!


So Much


It seems like there has been a lot going on in my/our lives and with our little man lately.  I’ve tried to sit down multiple times and write, but with an almost-four-month-old (next Wednesday!) it is hard to find the time! I’m telling you, the boy doesn’t nap.  Like, ever.  So, I apologize for the bullets . . .but I’m sure you all will understand!

  • Updating on my hospital situation.  I found out (through a friend that works on the hall above) that the awful nurse (#1) was suspended without pay for 3 days for the way she treated me.  Good.  I wish she had gotten fired….but at least they took it somewhat seriously.  The sad thing is that she has worked there for 25 years.  What a joke.  I am persuing a claim with the hospital.  I asked for very serious disciplinary action to be taken against the 2 nurses, a formal written apology from the hospital (as if I should have to ask…but whatever) and the hospital stay bills fully covered.  No way I would have been in there for 6 days normally.  Their incompetence led to one thing then another…..I’ll keep you posted as to what happens.
  • My grandmother passed away on Good Friday.  She was 94 years old and the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  She hadn’t been well for a long time; we knew it was coming, but it’s always hard to lose someone you love….regardless of whether or not you have warning…  I’m glad that she is now out of pain, but sad for my Papa, whom she leaves behind.  He is 93 years old and they were together 69 years this year… amazing is that??  My mom chose to tell me she passed away after the funeral….so I never even had the opportunity to be there.  Yeah, it’s pretty low.  K and I knew, also, that my family would leave Lach’s name out of the obituary….and sure enough, we were right.  It was a rough week….
  • In other bad news, as if I needed more physical crap going on in my life right now, about two weeks ago I started to get pain “down there” again….I knew that my tear was completely healed, so I didn’t really know what was going on.  My peeing has totally gone back to normal, but every time I urinated I would getting burning pain.  I took out a mirror and looked to see if anything looked irregular.  Sigh…..  I had bright red tissue hanging out of me….sorry for the TMI! But, I seriously felt like a freak! I got K to look at it and we booked an OBGYN appt for me.  Apparently when I was bleeding excessively after having Lach, my MW was stitching to stop the hemmorhage, and caught some tissue while stitching.  I was bleeding so much that I’m sure it was SO difficult for her to see, as he nicked an artery interally while coming out.  I felt like it must be a bad joke…when will I get a break!? Last week I went for a gyn appt and they had to put some acid-like liquid on the tissue to burn it off (it was too much to just cut off…would cause too much bleeding).  Sorry for the gross-ness…but such is my life right now.  I go back again tomorrow for them to cut the rest off internally and put one or 2 stitches in.  This isn’t uncommon with giving birth to a large baby, but I had never heard about it and felt rather odd!!  I’m happy that my girl parts will get REALLY back to normal soon and I’ll be pain-free down there.
  • Lachlan’s 4-Month Well-Baby Pedi appointment was today.  Our pediatrician looked at him and said, “Well, looks like he’s eating well!” True dat.  Our big boy is 15lbs 13oz and 26 1/4″ long, putting him in the 90th percentile for both weight and height.  If he continued gaining weight at this rate, he’d be 300lbs by the time he was 6 years old.  It’s amazing how much he’s changing before our eyes.  Our pediatrician said that Lach looked great and is as healthy as ever.  Again, we declined vaccines and we go back in 2 mos.
  • He’s in 6-9 month clothing, or 6-12 month.  Seriously.  The pile of stuff he’s outgrown is drastically increasing!
  • He is grabbing at things now.  Toys on his playmat, our hands, everything really.  You put something in front of him now and he grabs it from you and puts it in his mouth.  This morning he was sitting up (assisted of course) on the crinkly paper at the pedi’s office, and he just reached down, grabbed it, pulled it up from under him and it went right in his mouth.  He was gripping it so tightly, that when we were done laughing and removed it from his hands, he still had wet chunks of it in between his fingers.  He loves to try and eat stuffed animals.  He sort of “cuddles” with them and then it’s into the mouth they go.  He must enjoy it, but he can make some miserable faces while sucking on them.
  • He has officially rolled over! I wanted to post this sooner…but again, life has been a little crazy.  It started about a week ago.  He prefers to roll from his back to his tummy, but can also go from tummy to back.  We squeeled with delight when we saw it the first time, cheering him on like he was running a race.  He struggled with his arm getting “stuck” underneath him at first…but after a few tries, he had it down.  Now he’s doing it repeatedly.  You can’t leave him for a second, as he thinks it’s fun to try to “roll” out of his swing, stroller, car seat, changing table….you get the point.
  • His legs are SO strong now! We got him the F.isher P.rice Rainforest Jumperoo about 2 weeks ago.  When we put him in it, he didn’t really know what to do…..well, now he is jumpin’ up a storm – he loves it! See video below….the first part has more jumping then the rest…..
  • He is sleeping in his bassinet (that he has almost outgrown length-wise) for the first part of the night and then comes into bed with us after the first feeding of the night.  I’d love to report that he is sleeping through the night now, but ’tis not the case my friends! The boy still gets up every 3 hours for the first chunk of the night….and then after that (sigh) it’s every 45mins-2 hours…’s exhausting….I think he may be going through a growth spurt….a few weeks ago he only got up 1-3 times the ENTIRE night.  It was heaven.

Take Me Away


We had a lovely weekend.  K took Lach and I for a mini-vacation!  Our first getaway with the Wee One! She took Friday off work, and we headed to Virginia Beach for the Easter weekend.  Lachlan slept the whole hour and a half trip there….we were happy as he despises sitting for any length of time and now tries to break free of the straps that hold him in his car seat.  Usually we are able to get him to stop crying with Karli’s cell phone.  This morning K told me that she’s heard the ringtones so many times that she actually knows the order they go in! His favourites include “twitter” and “quasar”. It’s pretty funny.  The tears stop immediately and his eyes get so wide….I’m sure they couldn’t open up any wider actually.  Luckily we didn’t even have to do that on the way there.  He was such a good boy and ate right when we got to the hotel – 3 1/2 hours after his morning feeding!

We checked in to a beautious hotel on Friday and stayed through Sunday.  We had gorgeous weather, took Lach in his stroller and ventured out to the Virginia Aquarium.  The boy was loved it! He was particularly fond of an awkward-looking pufferfish.  We followed it for several minutes! He was fascinated by sting-rays and sea turtles and even a seal that liked to show off for us!  It was so nice to get away for a few days.  It renewed and refreshed us and was just what we needed! K was adorable too, and got me my favourite S.tarbucks drinks several times on the trip – and even surprised me with a S.tarbucks gift card for Easter! We ate and slept so well.  We had a king-size bed that was unbelievably nice.  Lachlan slept in between us and it was awesome to have a little more room in the bed! Heaven.  I think he liked the change of scenery and the fact that we were always on the go, seeing new things.  It has been awesome to see how much Lachlan is changing before our eyes too….he’s grabbing at things and using his hands constantly.  He also puts most things in his mouth now!!! We’re pretty sure he’s a genius.  Ha! More updates to come in the next few days and weeks.  He has his 4 Month Pedi appointment next week! Photos from our little getaway: