Out Of My Head


  • Thank you all for your advice on soothing the fussy babe, and oh-so-sweet comments on my arms and appearance (ohchicken and RG)! You guys gave me lots of great advice that I am definitely taking.  Our Lach-ness seems to be getting into more of a routine….and the last few nights the fussiness hasn’t been as bad!  We did the bath before bed, and he seemed to like that.  He was so relaxed, in fact, that while in his wee bath he had explosive poop! That was a first, but then, we’re having lots of those lately!
  • Richmond got around 7″ of SNOW this weekend….more than we’ve had in AGES.  Snow in Richmond turns people kind of crazy.  The city practically shut down.  Schools were closed for 3 days.  We enjoyed our “snow day” inside with the little man….not going out because 1) most everything was closed, and 2) I don’t trust the crazy drivers who don’t know how to drive in this stuff.
  • Lach’s 2 month pedi appointment was supposed to be Monday.  Due to bullet #1, our doc’s office was shut down as well.  On Wednesday (3 days after the snow) they had just gotten power back, but pipes had burst and their computer system was shut down.  Yikes.  Finally got his appointment re-scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon.  The doctor told us she was “So sorry, because with the power off we can’t get into the sealed refrigerater to get the vaccines.”  Gulp.  We just said “no problem”, not telling her that we’re not doing any of them.
  • Our 13.5lb boy is now in STAGE 3 diapers.  Nevermind that the package says 16-28 lbs.
  • Had a bit of a freak-out over the weekend, when I thought my milk was running out.  Seriously.  My boobs no longer looked full, but instead looked like pancakes.  (Ugh, what an image, right!?) I felt like I couldn’t hear Lach swallowing milk, and he seemed to be really upset.  I drank a lot of Organic Mother’s Milk Tea (with anise, coriander, fennel) to increase my production and things seem to be back to normal now.  I was so upset and felt like I was really doing something wrong.  I started drinking tons of water and trying to eat more of what I could too.  Apparently losing weight can decrease your supply, but not drastically.  So I don’t know what the issue was. I’m just thankful things are back to normal now and the not-so-little boy is getting enough to eat.
  • Lachlan has started drooling quite a bit, AND has his hands in his mouth a lot of the time.  Can we say EARLY TEETHING? Also, he is majorly getting STRONG.  See tummy time video at bottom of post (this is from 2 weeks ago, he now has a FULL head of hair!).
  • Going on 5 days without any INsane night-time pain.  Diet is going well.  I miss bread and pizza DEARLY, but am managing on this plan.  I’ve been living off of tuna, sweet potato & leek soup, rye and grilled chicken.  Oh, and cottage cheese & organic strawberry yogurt too.  I’m making sure I eat little snacks throughout the day too.  Grapes or a cheese string or something similar. I don’t feel hungry, I just miss eating my favourite things.  But, having no pain is worth it for sure!
  • The Bachelor is officially over.  Yes, I admit I watched every episode.  Shamefully also “After The Rose: Pt 1&2”! Ha! The much-anticipated finale was a shocker.  Do I think he did the right thing?? Hmm.  I think he was a tad confused, and don’t know why in the world he asked Melissa to marry him if he still had such strong feelings for Molly, but at least he didn’t leave Melissa AFTER they got married.  Ultimately, I think he did what he had to do, it just sucked to see Melissa so hurt.  Gosh, listen to me.  K and I were totally hooked.  The next Bachelorette is going to be Jillian, who we both LOVED!
  • The L Word is ending this Sunday….I’m sad to see the show end, but think this season has been seriously lacking.  If they were trying to get every viewer to want to kill Jenny, they’ve succeeded.
  • Now for cuteness.  Dressed the man up as a tiger on Tuesday.  Just for kicks.



8 thoughts on “Out Of My Head

  1. Just wanted to say that i enjoy reading your blog. I have a 5 week old little boy and can SO identify with what you are going through so its great to feel like all this baby stuff is the same for most people!

  2. lol – LOVEd the video – best ending ever :-p

    Glad you got your supply back up!

    Oh – and could he be any cuter as tigger? I think not!

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