This Is My Life Right Now


I’m having to rock or dance the boy to keep him happy.  He is not content being put down and can sort of have little freak-outs.  When he falls asleep in the B.jorn, I try to put him down to nap and he wakes up and cries.  So now I just let him sleep like this during the day:


It’s either this, or carrying/dancing him around a certain way.  The B.jorn at least leaves my hands free.  Night-time is a different animal entirely….he has been so good during the night.  He goes to bed anytime between 8-10, and then wakes every 3-4 hours to eat, and then heads right back to dreamland.  I’m struggling with the VERY fussy time every day, which is normally 6-bedtime.  Rocking seems to be the only thing that is helping.  I hear that a lot of babies are fussy right before bed-time.  Do any of you Mamas have tricks up your sleeve that you’d like to share??

In other news, we figured out that my wheat allergy hasn’t come back, but I am most likely having gall bladder problems.  I have changed my diet pretty drastically in hopes that I can kick this without having to have surgery.  No wheat, no corn, no beans.  The diet is very low-fat.  At first I didn’t know what in the world I would eat, but the last few days I’ve been having yummy salads with grilled chicken…..and lean ground turkey burgers (sans bun of course).  I’m feeling good and haven’t had the night-time pain for DAYS.  So happy!  K is just getting over a very rough cold, and I seem to be getting it.  Trying to beat it with a ton of water and Vitamin C.  Not taking any regular medication, as I’ve heard it can lower your milk production.

Went back to our natural birthing class on Wednesday.  It was cool to see our “teacher”.  She’s our age and a great girl.  She had a new class of 4 couples (no same-sex folks though!) that are planning unmedicated hospital births.  She asked Karli and I to come to tell our birth story to the class.  I think they really benefited from it, and it was fun to hear K give her side of the story…apparently some of the details have become quite fuzzy to me.  Funny how that happens after you have a baby.  They say you forget the pain so you’ll have another baby! Ha!

Our little man will be 2 months this weekend.  I weighed him yesterday and he is 13.5 lbs!! See picture below of the little chunker! (Lovely tank top onesie provided by the oh-so-talented gals over at Enough Grows) 2 month pedi appt is on Monday.  I think we have decided we are not going to vaccinate.  We’re coming to a final decision on all of them very soon.  It’s so tough.  I see pros and cons to both sides. More to come on that.

Nothing too exciting planned for the weekend except maybe catching up on some zzz’s.  We are going to our monthly GLBT parenting group on Sunday, and just hanging out…I think that’s it!  I feel boring.



15 thoughts on “This Is My Life Right Now

  1. hm. well, a dark beer seemed to help during those fussy times, but i don’t know how that would work w/ your diet. what i cannot recommend enough is GRIPE WATER. (eg little tummies.) it really helped soothe jude when she was colicky in the witching hour. if i remember correctly, it is just ginger and fenugreek.

  2. Have you looked into BabyWearing?

    There are MANY MANY styles of carriers that are more comfortable for you and for baby than the bjorn!

    My favorite when my kids were that size are Mei Tai carriers… google it! I promise once you try them you will LOVE THEM. So comfortable for when you have to carry fussy baby around all day!

  3. rotten that you are having gall bladder issues. the pain is just awful and really invades on your quality of life. i hope the diet stops the pain.

    thanks for the compliments re the tank top. he looks adorable so rewarding to see the tops on the people they were made for.

  4. You look fantastic, Tiff! I hope your diet continues to help you feel better.

    My sister also found gripe water to be a godsend when she was dealing with a colicky baby last year. It seemed to work well. I hope little Lachlan will start to ease up on his moms soon!

  5. we went through all the happiest baby on the block tricks–swaddling, white noise, rocking and carrying. just about everything works for a little while, then stops working. and then, all of a sudden, the witching hour goes away. hang in there!

  6. Hi beautiful mommys of Lach-ness! I know that everyone is suggesting colic remedies, but, having just gone through a short episode of these issues, we wanted to recommend what is working for us. Addison’s fussy time had been (for the past 2 wks) exactly what Lach’s is now. We put Addison on a bath schedule (every night at 7:30). We got some really great infant oil called Little Twig Lavender, lemon & Tea Tree and the Little Twig bubble bath to match.

    She gets into a warm bath nightly at the same time with Mommy J for a skin to skin bath and a little leg and arm massage. Once the bath’s over, you put the baby oil on their tummys and a very small drop right under their nose. We also opted for a breastmilk/soy formula combo post bath so that she had something just a little heavier on her tummy. Within 20 minutes of being out of the tub and eating, she’s down for the count!

    Before we started this relaxing routine on her, she wouldnt stay in her bassinet for more then a minute. Now, she’s sleeping in there for hours at a time. We hope that you find something that works for you soon. Love to all! 🙂

  7. I LOVE that onesie… that is so cute.

    I am not much help at the nighttime fussiness… but I do know that my friends had problems with their little girl being fussy at night and elevating her helped alot! Had something to do with her reflux and laying flat upset her.

    Good luck and he sure is a cutie!!!!

  8. Your son, Lachlan is absolutley gorgeous. I stumbled across your blog last summer and enjoyed it so much that it actually motivated me to start a blog myself. (Which I did and then soon deleted because we decided to wait a year to TTC. We have just recently restarted the blog…which means I too will be TTC soon! ) Since I have been reading your blog for awhile I thought I would stop in and say hello and tell you congrats on your cutie son.

  9. Theo was a screamer for the first 3 1/2 months of life, and had the same deal–always needed to be jiggled, carried, etc…to make our lives easier, because the Bjorn got really uncomfortable for us because he was (and is) so big, we used the Moby wrap–you can wrap it a bunch of different ways, and he would often fall asleep in it, but it was still comfortable enough that it didn’t matter much. We also started a routine where about 7:00 we would take it him up, give him a bath, get him ready for bed and put him down. It cut off that witching hour time, and he quickly got into a routine so he didn’t scream so much in the evening. Good luck–he’s a gorgeous boy!!!

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