Postpartum Visit & Snapshots Of The Man


First things first.  Responding to questions from my last post.

att – 2 kids because children are definitely expensive! we want to be able to provide college, vehicles, etc. as well…..i wanted more than one so that he could have someone to play with though. i am going to breastfeed for as long as lach wants….up to 2 maybe.  once i get my period again, we’ll start charting and trying in dec or so.

matilda – thanks for de-lurking and the sweet comments!!  vaccines have some pretty crazy ingredients, including cow serum, mercury, chick embryos and eggs, formaldahyde….things we definitely don’t want in our son’s body.  check out “the vaccine book” by dr.sears, and look online at the ingredients for these vaccines….it’s scary.  there also has been a lot of talk of a connection between vaccines and autism…although the a.mercian a.cademy of p.ediatrics will deny that of course.  not to mention when babies get shots, they get SEVERAL at a time…up to 5 at one visit!! so much for a little body to handle.

meg – never too nosey!  i will carry our 2nd.  k has no desire to be pregnant or give birth.

Secondly, I had my visit with our midwife today.  There were hugs all around. I love this lady.  7 Weeks postpartum!  It was so nice to see her again….and sort of weird to be back in her office and NOT be pregnant.  She admired the little man for awhile and asked how everything was going.  We talked about our decision to not vaccinate, which she fully supports, and gave us advice about talking to our pediatrician.  She recorded my weight (down 45 lbs from preggo weight, 7 from pre-preggo), took my blood pressure (normal)  and felt my uterus.  She said my uterus has completed gone down to size and is ready to house another babe! Well, not yet of course.  She checked me out below the belt and said that my tear has 100% healed!! Stitches are completely gone.  She said that I have a bit of scar tissue that she recommends rubbing vitamin e into occasionally.  I think her exact words were “get comfortable with the area again”.  She gave us the green light for sex and said she was very impressed with the healing.  I was happy…….it’s scary to “get comfortable” with the area after it’s experienced such trauma…but I feel better knowing that I’ve healed and everything is back to normal – pretty much!  When we were leaving I told her I was going to have to come up with excuses to call her now that we don’t have any more appointments scheduled with her.  She was so sweet and said to call her anytime I felt like it.  Definitely have to stay in touch a bit before we tell her we’re preggo with the next baby!

Thirdly, some new photos of our Lachness Monster.  Enjoy!





11 thoughts on “Postpartum Visit & Snapshots Of The Man

  1. he’s such a cutie little guy!!

    and congrats on the weight loss! i hope that i have similar success with dropping the pounds after the baby.

    december/january is going to be here before either of us knows it! it’s awesome that you will be able to use the same midwife again – we have similar feelings about not wanting our babe to be the only one, and we too agree that it’s best to have them close together. besides, you can keep everything without feeling like you are being a pack rat “just in case another baby comes along”…

  2. He is just so damn gorgeous! I just love watching all his different faces – he seems to expressive.

    Sounds like a great appointment with your mw too, glad your body’s settling back to it’s normal fairly easily.

  3. Hey, thanks for answering! after posting the my question I felt a bit silly, since I’m sure that there are a lot of information on internet – but I just couldn’t find it…!
    And L is super cute in the new pictures. The shape of his eyes is marvellous.

  4. Hi, just wanted to say that i have been reading your blog for the last 9 months or so, found it when I was looking for pregnancy related sites as I was myself pregant (mum to Hannah who is now 6 weeks old). I have really enjoyed reading your site, i have found it witty, informative, inspirational and really love how you write. Lachlan is beautiful and look forward to continuing to read your site and see his progress. Love Kirsty and Hannah x

  5. thanks guys!

    kirsty – thanks for the compliment on my blog and the baby boy…i’m so glad you have enjoyed reading!! it’s nice when people delurk and say hello! congrats on your 6 week old girl!!! Hannah is an adorable name. Do you have a blog, or no?

  6. wow – your midwife sounds amazing – i kind of wish ours had been so phenomenal – she was really good…but not as personal as yours….congrats ona great appointment!

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