I’m finally getting a second to sit down and write.  Computer time has been lacking lately, partly due to a baby that wants to be held all the time, and partly due to the fact that my macbook battery konked out.  Every time I unplug the cord, my whole laptop shuts down. Yeah, that’s been extremely frustrating, especially when you’re clumsy like me and you trip over things.  The computer has shut off a lot….we’ll leave it at that.  I’ve ordered a new battery – a la E.bay – a whole $68 cheaper than through the A.pple store.  It should be arriving this week.  I’ll be happy when it’s here!

Anyway, we had a lovely Valentine’s Day.  We went up to Williamsburg and did some outlet shopping.  Lachlan was an angel in the car.  It was about 40 minutes each way, which is a long time for the munchkin to be in his car seat.  He slept most of the time….the bumps really knock him out.  We spent the day going in shops and strolling the wee one around.  He loved the stroller time.  I was proud of myself for nursing away from the house too.  I breastfed him in the car twice, and once in the maternity clothing store 🙂 The deals really weren’t that great in any of the stores, but we got a few things.  K got a bad ass pair of vintage-looking adidas – very old school.  She bought me a new purse – I loves it – and also a new t-shirt.  We had dark chocolate truffles and went out to a really nice restaurant for dinner.  We sat down with Lach, who immediately starting crying – quite loudly I might add – so it was a nice dinner TO GO!

Well, in baby news, there have been a lot of changes.  Our boy is 7 weeks old today.  I sort of feel like I’m losing my little newborn.  It’s sad.  Sometimes I look at him and he really looks like a little man…..getting bigger every day! But, at the same time, I’m enjoying the changes I see as the weeks pass.  Some bullets for you all:

  • Lachlan has discovered his fists AND his ears.  He sucks on his fists now, even when he’s not hungry and actually prefers it to the pacifier.  He’s close to getting just the thumb….very close.  And the ears.  I was watching him as he was waking up one day.  Let me say first that when he wakes up, he wakes up rather violently.  He flales his arms around and scratches at his face and just wakes up with a vengeance.  Well, upon clawing at his face (with filed nails I assure you), his hand went to the side of his head, where he found his little ear!! He stopped for a second, caressed (seriously) the earlobe, with his expression saying “what is this!?” and then stuck his finger IN his ear.  It was pretty funny.
  • We’re doing “tummy time” every day and he is getting stronger and stronger!  He can lift his head up completely, turn it from side to side and actually rolled onto his side during one tummy time session!
  • He “talks”.  His favourite toy to talk to is his sock monkey, given to him by Lynn.  He stares at it, smiles and coos and speaks his own little language to it – it sort of sounds like laughing.  It’s just may be the cutest thing ever.
  • He cries when the car comes to a stop sign or a stop light.  He loves the movement of the car, but hates when he can’t feel the bumps anymore.  I think he feels trapped in the straps and buckles of the car seat when there is nothing distracting him.
  • His hair is starting to grow back.  It’s sort of like peach fuzz right now, but we’re excited. A bald baby no more!
  • He’s had his first experience dealing with acne.  Baby acne appeared last week on his nose and chin.  Thanks to Pro.activ, he’s gained back his confidence.  I’m kidding.  It comes and goes and we are JUST fine with it!
  • He goes for his 2 month pedi appointment soon and we have to come to a final decision on vaccines.  I feel a little sick about it.  Our pedi is all for vaccinating, and I’m hoping she doesn’t give us too much grief.  We are refusing the vaccines for polio, flu, hep b and pcv.  As of right now, I think the only one we’re doing is the combo shot for Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis (whooping cough).
  • He’s officially outgrown size 0-3 clothing.  We went through his closet and took out all the adorable itty bitty sized stuff.  It was kind of sad actually.
  • He’s starting to do some “discovery” with his hands.  When I’m breastfeeding, he likes to feel the fabric of my shirt or bra on his fingers….it’s so cute.
  • I’m getting headaches every time I breastfeed.  I guess it has something to do with the hormones…I don’t know.  They’re mild, but I still notice them.  Have you guys heard of this, or have any of you experienced them??
  • I have been re-visited by my childhood allergies.  WHEAT.  I was VERY allergic to it as a child and it causes me to have severe pain in my stomach.  So, now I’m officically OFF of wheat, which is awful because I adore bread and am practically in love with pizza.
  • I go see our midwife on Wednesday.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her.  We really have missed her!  Hoping she says everything is A-OKAY with me physically.  I really do feel pretty darn good now, headaches and stomach pains aside that is.
  • K and I got to talking about Baby#2.  Baby#2 will be our last child….I think we are “tentitively” thinking about TTC this December or January.
  • More pics of Lach to come.  I’ve been slacking.
  • Totally not baby related…The Fray came out with a new album that is exxxxcellent.  Check it out.  Embedding has been disabled, so here’s the link to one of their songs:


7 thoughts on “Changes

  1. just a curious q… why only 2? Is it mostly financial or waaay more personal than you’re willing to share? I’m always curious about the number of children people *choose* to have. We want to have 2 or 3 *more* we’re crazy!

    Also, how long do you want to b/f Lach if you’re going to try again soon?

    Enough of that. Lach is SO precious. I want to squish his little face.

  2. Hey,
    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, and thought it was time to de-lurk.
    I just want to say that Lachlan is sooo beautiful, and that I really enjoy reading what you write! You have a nice way of writing, I think.
    I’m Swedish and I have understood, by reading a lot of American blogs, that a lot of parents doesn’t want their newborns to have all the offered vaccinations. I have never heard anything like that here, and am curious. But when googling I only found information from the companys providing the vaccines – and it was of course not critical at all. Can you tell me a bit more about this, or if you find it too personal, can you please let me know wherefrom you got your information?
    Thanks, and take care!

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  4. i so feel you on the vaccination thing! we are trying to get our alternative schedule together, and avoid as many as possible. i think it’s just far too many shots for a young system at one time.

    and i’m happy to hear about the prospect of baby numero dos! we too have been talking about baby two – and perhaps baby three.

  5. Yay on #2.. how exciting. Will you carry again or am I being too nosey?

    We denied hep b, polio, and flu too. Our doctor didn’t give us any issues with those.

    Austin hasn’t found his ears yet 🙂

  6. I love the Fray and didn’t know about the new album, so thanks. Sorry about the headaches and the wheat thing. I had a naturopath once tell me to go off wheat and I had a really hard time. Tried spelt and all that. Then decided to just go with organic wheat, which helped me and I don’t get headaches anymore. I also started eating better in general, though. Good luck with the ped and the vaccines. It’s tough! Ours was pretty understanding but he also ALWAYS asks (when it’s the scheduled time) and we always shake our head “No.” Maybe they have to ask, or something.

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