A Kicking Update


Thanks for the comments on The Many Faces of Lachlan.  I’m glad you guys got to see some of his funny expressions…they crack me up every day! Time is flying and life is busy….I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like to.  We have a 6 week old big boy now, and the last several days he has been quite fussy – especially in the evenings.  My back is sore and my wrists are really acting up again (the carpel tunnel did not go away after he was born, much to my disappointment).  Lachlan seems to be getting upset around 6pm till bedtime, and increasingly more during the day too.  When he is awake, he’s no longer content in his swing or bouncy seat…he wants to be held and “danced”.  No one else can hold him or he screams.  I can only hold him in this particular position – his head turned to the left, chin on my shoulder, cheek to cheek, arms resting close to me.  I know it’s a comfort and security thing….but it is hard.  He used to be okay for stretches in his seat or swing….but no more.  Maybe it’s a stage he’ll come out of soon.  It’s hard to even take a shower! The B.aby B.jorn has helped some….the odd time he is content in that.

He is still sleeping in the bed with us, and that’s going fine.  We sleep decently, and he is more comfortable.  I did try the bassinet one night and he screamed.  I didn’t feel comfortable just letting him cry it out…so I picked him up and brought him into bed with us, where he went on to fall asleep immediately.  Our nights aren’t too bad lately.  He knows it’s night-time now, and only wakes up to eat and then goes back to sleep.  When he wakes up, it’s with a vengeance though.  Whether it’s been 2 hours or 5 since he’s eaten, he wakes screaming, turning his face to the left and right looking for my chest.  I can’t get my shirt up fast enough.  He eats hard and fast for about 10 minutes during the night, and then dozes off to sleep.  Sometimes he is in such a deep sleep, that he won’t even burp….resulting in spit-up a little later.  When I change his diaper in the night, that wakes him for a few minutes, but I can usually just rock him back to sleep on my shoulder.  This baby does not like the cradle hold for rocking.  He screams almost every time you hold him the “wrong” way.  I’m pretty tired right now…I got sick last night and was up most of the time, even when he was snoozing away.  Exhaustion aside, life with a baby is continuing to be awesome.  He is continuing to smile and coo and react to us.  When I change his diaper he just stares at me and listens to me talk to him….he’ll “laugh” and grin at me, and it is so much fun to watch.  He’s also started KICKING quite a bit.  He gets in these moods (when he is laying down on his back) and gets a look of determination on his face and kicks SO hard, we can’t believe it.  I think he really is trying to go somewhere….the kicking is so strong.

Here is a recent naked photo, because the bum is just too cute….and a video of Lach kicking in his new leg warmers – thanks NotesFrom2Moms!!!



11 thoughts on “A Kicking Update

  1. He’s just getting cuter and cuter! He looks like he’s really ready to just take off in that video lol
    I love reading your updates, the good and the bad, it’s so heartwarming and really reminds my why we’re doing this! So, thanks 🙂

  2. If you remember I had the carpal tunnel in both wrists too while pregnant. It DID go away and I don’t have it now and Ellie is 15 weeks (don’t ask me to remember when it went away because I have mommy brain still).

    Great update!

  3. our babies are so the same at the moment in temprament etc! how funny! and night time is a bad time for us too! All the reading i have done says crying peaks at 6 weeks and gets better from there… so fingers crossed he will settle soon! congrats again, he is gorgeous

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