This Is My Life Right Now


I’m having to rock or dance the boy to keep him happy.  He is not content being put down and can sort of have little freak-outs.  When he falls asleep in the B.jorn, I try to put him down to nap and he wakes up and cries.  So now I just let him sleep like this during the day:


It’s either this, or carrying/dancing him around a certain way.  The B.jorn at least leaves my hands free.  Night-time is a different animal entirely….he has been so good during the night.  He goes to bed anytime between 8-10, and then wakes every 3-4 hours to eat, and then heads right back to dreamland.  I’m struggling with the VERY fussy time every day, which is normally 6-bedtime.  Rocking seems to be the only thing that is helping.  I hear that a lot of babies are fussy right before bed-time.  Do any of you Mamas have tricks up your sleeve that you’d like to share??

In other news, we figured out that my wheat allergy hasn’t come back, but I am most likely having gall bladder problems.  I have changed my diet pretty drastically in hopes that I can kick this without having to have surgery.  No wheat, no corn, no beans.  The diet is very low-fat.  At first I didn’t know what in the world I would eat, but the last few days I’ve been having yummy salads with grilled chicken…..and lean ground turkey burgers (sans bun of course).  I’m feeling good and haven’t had the night-time pain for DAYS.  So happy!  K is just getting over a very rough cold, and I seem to be getting it.  Trying to beat it with a ton of water and Vitamin C.  Not taking any regular medication, as I’ve heard it can lower your milk production.

Went back to our natural birthing class on Wednesday.  It was cool to see our “teacher”.  She’s our age and a great girl.  She had a new class of 4 couples (no same-sex folks though!) that are planning unmedicated hospital births.  She asked Karli and I to come to tell our birth story to the class.  I think they really benefited from it, and it was fun to hear K give her side of the story…apparently some of the details have become quite fuzzy to me.  Funny how that happens after you have a baby.  They say you forget the pain so you’ll have another baby! Ha!

Our little man will be 2 months this weekend.  I weighed him yesterday and he is 13.5 lbs!! See picture below of the little chunker! (Lovely tank top onesie provided by the oh-so-talented gals over at Enough Grows) 2 month pedi appt is on Monday.  I think we have decided we are not going to vaccinate.  We’re coming to a final decision on all of them very soon.  It’s so tough.  I see pros and cons to both sides. More to come on that.

Nothing too exciting planned for the weekend except maybe catching up on some zzz’s.  We are going to our monthly GLBT parenting group on Sunday, and just hanging out…I think that’s it!  I feel boring.



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The Luckiest


I don’t get many things right the first time
In fact, I am told that a lot
Now I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls
Brought me here

And where was I before the day
That I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it everyday
And I know

That I am
I am
I am
The luckiest


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Postpartum Visit & Snapshots Of The Man


First things first.  Responding to questions from my last post.

att – 2 kids because children are definitely expensive! we want to be able to provide college, vehicles, etc. as well…..i wanted more than one so that he could have someone to play with though. i am going to breastfeed for as long as lach wants….up to 2 maybe.  once i get my period again, we’ll start charting and trying in dec or so.

matilda – thanks for de-lurking and the sweet comments!!  vaccines have some pretty crazy ingredients, including cow serum, mercury, chick embryos and eggs, formaldahyde….things we definitely don’t want in our son’s body.  check out “the vaccine book” by dr.sears, and look online at the ingredients for these vaccines….it’s scary.  there also has been a lot of talk of a connection between vaccines and autism…although the a.mercian a.cademy of p.ediatrics will deny that of course.  not to mention when babies get shots, they get SEVERAL at a time…up to 5 at one visit!! so much for a little body to handle.

meg – never too nosey!  i will carry our 2nd.  k has no desire to be pregnant or give birth.

Secondly, I had my visit with our midwife today.  There were hugs all around. I love this lady.  7 Weeks postpartum!  It was so nice to see her again….and sort of weird to be back in her office and NOT be pregnant.  She admired the little man for awhile and asked how everything was going.  We talked about our decision to not vaccinate, which she fully supports, and gave us advice about talking to our pediatrician.  She recorded my weight (down 45 lbs from preggo weight, 7 from pre-preggo), took my blood pressure (normal)  and felt my uterus.  She said my uterus has completed gone down to size and is ready to house another babe! Well, not yet of course.  She checked me out below the belt and said that my tear has 100% healed!! Stitches are completely gone.  She said that I have a bit of scar tissue that she recommends rubbing vitamin e into occasionally.  I think her exact words were “get comfortable with the area again”.  She gave us the green light for sex and said she was very impressed with the healing.  I was happy…….it’s scary to “get comfortable” with the area after it’s experienced such trauma…but I feel better knowing that I’ve healed and everything is back to normal – pretty much!  When we were leaving I told her I was going to have to come up with excuses to call her now that we don’t have any more appointments scheduled with her.  She was so sweet and said to call her anytime I felt like it.  Definitely have to stay in touch a bit before we tell her we’re preggo with the next baby!

Thirdly, some new photos of our Lachness Monster.  Enjoy!






I’m finally getting a second to sit down and write.  Computer time has been lacking lately, partly due to a baby that wants to be held all the time, and partly due to the fact that my macbook battery konked out.  Every time I unplug the cord, my whole laptop shuts down. Yeah, that’s been extremely frustrating, especially when you’re clumsy like me and you trip over things.  The computer has shut off a lot….we’ll leave it at that.  I’ve ordered a new battery – a la E.bay – a whole $68 cheaper than through the A.pple store.  It should be arriving this week.  I’ll be happy when it’s here!

Anyway, we had a lovely Valentine’s Day.  We went up to Williamsburg and did some outlet shopping.  Lachlan was an angel in the car.  It was about 40 minutes each way, which is a long time for the munchkin to be in his car seat.  He slept most of the time….the bumps really knock him out.  We spent the day going in shops and strolling the wee one around.  He loved the stroller time.  I was proud of myself for nursing away from the house too.  I breastfed him in the car twice, and once in the maternity clothing store 🙂 The deals really weren’t that great in any of the stores, but we got a few things.  K got a bad ass pair of vintage-looking adidas – very old school.  She bought me a new purse – I loves it – and also a new t-shirt.  We had dark chocolate truffles and went out to a really nice restaurant for dinner.  We sat down with Lach, who immediately starting crying – quite loudly I might add – so it was a nice dinner TO GO!

Well, in baby news, there have been a lot of changes.  Our boy is 7 weeks old today.  I sort of feel like I’m losing my little newborn.  It’s sad.  Sometimes I look at him and he really looks like a little man…..getting bigger every day! But, at the same time, I’m enjoying the changes I see as the weeks pass.  Some bullets for you all:

  • Lachlan has discovered his fists AND his ears.  He sucks on his fists now, even when he’s not hungry and actually prefers it to the pacifier.  He’s close to getting just the thumb….very close.  And the ears.  I was watching him as he was waking up one day.  Let me say first that when he wakes up, he wakes up rather violently.  He flales his arms around and scratches at his face and just wakes up with a vengeance.  Well, upon clawing at his face (with filed nails I assure you), his hand went to the side of his head, where he found his little ear!! He stopped for a second, caressed (seriously) the earlobe, with his expression saying “what is this!?” and then stuck his finger IN his ear.  It was pretty funny.
  • We’re doing “tummy time” every day and he is getting stronger and stronger!  He can lift his head up completely, turn it from side to side and actually rolled onto his side during one tummy time session!
  • He “talks”.  His favourite toy to talk to is his sock monkey, given to him by Lynn.  He stares at it, smiles and coos and speaks his own little language to it – it sort of sounds like laughing.  It’s just may be the cutest thing ever.
  • He cries when the car comes to a stop sign or a stop light.  He loves the movement of the car, but hates when he can’t feel the bumps anymore.  I think he feels trapped in the straps and buckles of the car seat when there is nothing distracting him.
  • His hair is starting to grow back.  It’s sort of like peach fuzz right now, but we’re excited. A bald baby no more!
  • He’s had his first experience dealing with acne.  Baby acne appeared last week on his nose and chin.  Thanks to Pro.activ, he’s gained back his confidence.  I’m kidding.  It comes and goes and we are JUST fine with it!
  • He goes for his 2 month pedi appointment soon and we have to come to a final decision on vaccines.  I feel a little sick about it.  Our pedi is all for vaccinating, and I’m hoping she doesn’t give us too much grief.  We are refusing the vaccines for polio, flu, hep b and pcv.  As of right now, I think the only one we’re doing is the combo shot for Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis (whooping cough).
  • He’s officially outgrown size 0-3 clothing.  We went through his closet and took out all the adorable itty bitty sized stuff.  It was kind of sad actually.
  • He’s starting to do some “discovery” with his hands.  When I’m breastfeeding, he likes to feel the fabric of my shirt or bra on his fingers….it’s so cute.
  • I’m getting headaches every time I breastfeed.  I guess it has something to do with the hormones…I don’t know.  They’re mild, but I still notice them.  Have you guys heard of this, or have any of you experienced them??
  • I have been re-visited by my childhood allergies.  WHEAT.  I was VERY allergic to it as a child and it causes me to have severe pain in my stomach.  So, now I’m officically OFF of wheat, which is awful because I adore bread and am practically in love with pizza.
  • I go see our midwife on Wednesday.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her.  We really have missed her!  Hoping she says everything is A-OKAY with me physically.  I really do feel pretty darn good now, headaches and stomach pains aside that is.
  • K and I got to talking about Baby#2.  Baby#2 will be our last child….I think we are “tentitively” thinking about TTC this December or January.
  • More pics of Lach to come.  I’ve been slacking.
  • Totally not baby related…The Fray came out with a new album that is exxxxcellent.  Check it out.  Embedding has been disabled, so here’s the link to one of their songs:

A Kicking Update


Thanks for the comments on The Many Faces of Lachlan.  I’m glad you guys got to see some of his funny expressions…they crack me up every day! Time is flying and life is busy….I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like to.  We have a 6 week old big boy now, and the last several days he has been quite fussy – especially in the evenings.  My back is sore and my wrists are really acting up again (the carpel tunnel did not go away after he was born, much to my disappointment).  Lachlan seems to be getting upset around 6pm till bedtime, and increasingly more during the day too.  When he is awake, he’s no longer content in his swing or bouncy seat…he wants to be held and “danced”.  No one else can hold him or he screams.  I can only hold him in this particular position – his head turned to the left, chin on my shoulder, cheek to cheek, arms resting close to me.  I know it’s a comfort and security thing….but it is hard.  He used to be okay for stretches in his seat or swing….but no more.  Maybe it’s a stage he’ll come out of soon.  It’s hard to even take a shower! The B.aby B.jorn has helped some….the odd time he is content in that.

He is still sleeping in the bed with us, and that’s going fine.  We sleep decently, and he is more comfortable.  I did try the bassinet one night and he screamed.  I didn’t feel comfortable just letting him cry it out…so I picked him up and brought him into bed with us, where he went on to fall asleep immediately.  Our nights aren’t too bad lately.  He knows it’s night-time now, and only wakes up to eat and then goes back to sleep.  When he wakes up, it’s with a vengeance though.  Whether it’s been 2 hours or 5 since he’s eaten, he wakes screaming, turning his face to the left and right looking for my chest.  I can’t get my shirt up fast enough.  He eats hard and fast for about 10 minutes during the night, and then dozes off to sleep.  Sometimes he is in such a deep sleep, that he won’t even burp….resulting in spit-up a little later.  When I change his diaper in the night, that wakes him for a few minutes, but I can usually just rock him back to sleep on my shoulder.  This baby does not like the cradle hold for rocking.  He screams almost every time you hold him the “wrong” way.  I’m pretty tired right now…I got sick last night and was up most of the time, even when he was snoozing away.  Exhaustion aside, life with a baby is continuing to be awesome.  He is continuing to smile and coo and react to us.  When I change his diaper he just stares at me and listens to me talk to him….he’ll “laugh” and grin at me, and it is so much fun to watch.  He’s also started KICKING quite a bit.  He gets in these moods (when he is laying down on his back) and gets a look of determination on his face and kicks SO hard, we can’t believe it.  I think he really is trying to go somewhere….the kicking is so strong.

Here is a recent naked photo, because the bum is just too cute….and a video of Lach kicking in his new leg warmers – thanks NotesFrom2Moms!!!