One Whole Month


I have a happy baby.  As you can see above.  The smiles are only growing bigger day by day.  Today is Lachlan’s “One Month Birthday”!  K’s dad asked if we were going to throw him a party.  Haaa.  Umm, nope.  But it would be a great excuse to buy him cute things… wait…..resist temptation….must not buy cute clothes….it’s hard when these things look so adorable on the tiny man!  Speaking of tiny, Lachlan is definitely not.  At one month old, we weighed him, thinking he’d be 10 lbs something, MAYBE 11 lbs.  Are you ready?  Our big boy is 12lbs!!!  Now I know why my back is hurting!  I was so surprised that he was so big.  He just doesn’t seem it to me.  He’s still in NB clothes, but we’ve moved from NB, to Stage1, to Stage 2 diapers (S.eventh G.eneration).  Stage 2 are 12-18 lbs….Stage 1’s closures were getting harder and harder to stretch…..Well, it makes me feel great that he is gaining and doing so well.  Breastfeeding is going really well!  He swallows air sometimes, and gets gas pains….but that’s only once in awhile.  I’m thankful….

Another thing I’m thankful for.  I weighed myself this morning, and I have lost exactly 40 lbs from my preggo weight.  Granted, he was almost 10 of it…but I am thankful nonetheless.  I had gained 38 total in pregnancy, so I’m now 2 lower than my pre-preggo weight!!! I haven’t really been TRYING to lose it.  I haven’t begun to exercise, but just have been eating when I’m hungry.  I think it may just be all the running around with a newborn.  A lot of times the only thing that makes him stop crying is me “dancing” with him….and he’s a big boy!! I can’t wait for the spring, when K and I go walking with Lach in the stroller.  Things haven’t gone back to where they originally were though.  My stomach is a bit flabby.  The skin just hangs there…a reminder of how much it was stretched out.  My stretch marks are still bright red too, but K assures me that it doesn’t bother her….I’m pretty self-consious of them, but they are absolutely worth the joy of having this little boy.  Hopefully they will fade a bit with time….note to the preggo ladies out there….those damn creams don’t work! Save the money!  I think it comes down to your skin and how it takes the pregnancy.   Again though, totally worth it.

Lach seems to be getting into a BIT of a routine at night-time.  He orginally had his days and nights mixed up, but seems to have gotten that straight now.  He stays awake for SEVERAL hours before bedtime.  He has a longer stretch of sleep starting at 8 or 9 at night, and then after that gets up every 3 hours or so to eat.  During the night, he’s pretty good at going back to sleep.  We’ve been putting him in his “s.nuggle nest sleep positioner” at night time.  It just goes in the bed with us.  He can’t move around much in that so it keeps him in one place.  He hated the incline of it though, so I had to take the wedge out so he can lay flat.  It’s a great little thing too, with a built-in nightlight.  Sometimes he fusses about getting in it, as he would rather sleep on my chest. That doesn’t really allow me to sleep though, as I’m so nervous about him!

A photo of our Wee One, wearing his panda onesie, cream coloured pants – a full size too big – (hence, having to pull them up almost to his chest!), matching beanie, and making one of the many funny faces we see every day:



12 thoughts on “One Whole Month

  1. He’s so expressive! Love the pictures, and congrats on the weight loss. They say that breastfeeding burns so many more calories every day then not. Loving the updates, thank you for sharing your bundle 🙂

  2. wow! I cannot believe you’ve lost so much weight! that’s awesome!

    and can I just say, “he’s so cute!” 🙂

    has he seen snow yet?

    are the dogs loving their new brother?

    can’t wait to see you guys! 🙂

  3. I just can’t believe he’s a month old–and so big! He’s just goregeous.

    You seem to be doing pretty well yourself, mama! You do know that breastfeed helps with weight loss, right? My sister looked amazing about five months after the baby was born simply because she breastfed and just ate when she was hungry. It’s a wonderful thing. As for the stretch marks, most of them probably will fade to a sort of silvery look over time until you don’t really notice them. That seems to be how they progress anyway.

    Glad you’re all doing so well! I just love these updates. xoxo

  4. such a big boy!!! it’s true, the stretch marks do fade and creams they peddle don’t do shit! S was just noticing last night that some of her deepest, darkest stretch marks had started to fade away. plus you have young skin, so you’ll bounce right back!

  5. Wow a month old already! Look at how adorable he is! Wow 12 lbs!!!! I don’t think Austin was 12 pounds until at least a couple months old. He is only around 16 now and he is almost 6 months old 🙂

    By the way, Ausi loved to sleep on my chest the first few months. It was the only way we got alot of sleep sometimes, plus I liked it so it worked for both of us. But, I was like you and worried sometimes too.

    You guys are a beautiful family….

  6. check out the book “how to lose your mummy tummy” – I think that’s what it’s called – it has exercises on how to get rid of that ‘baby flab’ – has something to do with the seperation of the abdominal muscles when you become pregnant. They’re pretty easy to do….
    Glad he is growing so well – that is awesome.
    Pregnant creams…biggest waste of my money as well!
    Strech marks – my son is now 7 months old and they’ve just started to fade a bit….SO self conscious about them – have to go bathing suit shopping as we’re hoping to do swimming lessons in the spring but haven’t been able to bring myself to do that yet lol!
    Congratulations on the weight loss! That is amazing!

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