Bald IS Beautiful


I sit here a Mommy to a 4 week old boy.  How did that happen?? The time has flown by it seems.  4 weeks ago our midwife arrived, pushing ensued, and shortly after, I was suddenly a mother.  It’s still hard for me to believe.  This little man is already one month old.   Umm, again, how did that happen??  In a way though, it seems he’s always been with us.  He takes up so much of our time now, and is just a HUGE part of our lives … we can’t imagine life without him in it.  Surely this is how it is for all parents after the birth of their child(ren).

Blogworthy bullets:

  • Much to our surprise, Lach was born with a beautiful head of hair.  I had heard that babies could lose some hair in the back, but never saw any of that happen with him.  Well, within the last few days, he has lost hair – but in the middle of his head.  His hair (or lack therof) now looks strikingly similar to my 93-year old grandfather’s.  Hair on EACH side of the head, but nothing in the middle.  We are calling him B.enjamin B.utton now.  Our little old man.  See below.
  • 100_2581 The smiles are increasing.  A lot of times, he’ll giggle and then smile while he’s asleep.  His eyes twitch and he makes cute little cries in his dreams.  We think he will be a boy who talks in his sleep down the road…See video below.  He LOVES to “talk” and hear himself coo….The smile is at the end of the video……
  • We’ve started using the Baby B.jorn.  Lachlan loves it! It’s super comfortable and feels so secure.  He loves being so close to us and usually falls asleep from the movement of us walking around.   I have a M.oby wrap that I really want to try out too, but have not taken the time to figure out how to use it.
  • I feel pretty much back to myself now, physically.  I have my 6-week postpartum midwife appointment for February 18th.  I think that makes it more like 7 weeks postpartum…but that’s all she had available.  I’m really looking forward to seeing N – who we really grew to love.  I have missed the weekly appointments with this amazing woman.  I’m also really looking forward to what she has to say about how I’m doing.  I still have a bunch of stitches that haven’t dissolved.  I’ve always heard “6 weeks and you’re back to normal”…. I don’t know.  I’d love to feel “back to normal” enough to have sex again, but am a little nervous about that…..For the Mamas out there….how did you guys feel about your sex life after giving birth?? Did you wait a certain amount of time, or just till you felt good enough/had enough energy to do it?  My relationship and connection with K is so important to me…I want to make sure we are making it a priority, but want to also allow myself the time to feel fully “back to normal”.
  • Breastfeeding is going well almost all of the time.  My nipples still hurt occasionally, but they are “toughening up”.  He’s eating in longer stretches now, staying latched on (which is SO much better than the latching, re-latching of before).  He eats every 2 hours during the day, and every 3 during the night.  We have the occasional 4 or 5 hour stretch at night.  I am breastfeeding on-demand.  I don’t ever wake him up to eat.  It’s been a learning process, breastfeeding, but I am thankful I have a good supply of milk and haven’t had to supplement.  Oh, side note, breastfeeding makes you VERY thirsty.  Whenever I’m feeding him, I feel like I could down SEVERAL glasses of water.  Oh, and another thing – BREASTPADS are my new best friend.  I was using G.erber ultrathin breastpads and they were HORRIBLE.  I soaked right through them.  Now I’m using A.vent ones…and they are working GREAT!! I’m leaking a lot less now too!  Yes, these things deserve exclamation points.  Who’d have thought I’d be excited about not leaking??!


11 thoughts on “Bald IS Beautiful

  1. i think it’s completely normal to still have some stitches that haven’t completely dissolved. the part of the stitch that is inside of your body dissolves, and then the rest of the stitch (the part you can see and feel) has to fall out.

    TL still has one dissolvable stitch left in her belly button from her surgery that was in mid december. the other one just recently fell out like a week ago.

    meanwhile, he’s such a little cute guy!! i can’t believe time is passing by so quickly!

  2. Ditto on the comment above about the stitches – maybe not quite the same thing but when K had her hand surgery last year, it seemed to take forever for the outside bit of the stitches to fall out – I forget how long exactly but it was well over a month.
    He sounds so happy chatting away to himself (and you), K was just watching the video and I heard him from the other room so had to come watch too – gorgeous!

  3. It was very very scary to have sex again after having my daughter…. I’m also married to a man… who are not gentle when having sex hahahaha I made the mistake of trying a week to early… (5 weeks) … it was horrible.,. something got agitated and I began to bleed ALOT… it was like a scene from a horror movie.

    after showers and a change of sheets we vowed to wait until I got the ok from the doc hahaha

    After another 2 weeks though, it was fine. I do suggest doing some keigels… I definitly feels different, um, down there. haha my daughter is almost three now and It still never feels the same…. small price to pay though 🙂

    Don’t be to worried… just be gentle… and take it easy 🙂

  4. Wow, a month already??! Amazing. We’re both laughing about him being your little B.B. We saw that so we got a really good visual. As far as the sexual aspect, it was a little different for us the first time with a C-section, but there were still stitches. You sound really good at listening to your body, so do that and trust it. It seems for most we’ve talked to about that, had a moment that started the first time back in the saddle, and you know pretty quickly if your body feels ready for it. It happens though and it’s always great to be backk there 🙂 Love to all!

  5. He is totally mesmerized by that ugly doll mobile. lol. I love how incredibly alert he is, those big wide eyes and all.

    And I agree with others on the sex thing- you’re going to be the best judge of when your body is ready, and in the meantime, perhaps you can please your partner until you’re ready to join in 🙂

  6. He is so alert! And so incredibly cute!!!

    And it took awhile for the sex thing. I had quite a bit of stitches and swelling so I didn’t feel comfortable for awhile.

    And YES I am glad you said that about feeling thirsty. I was always VERY thirsty while breastfeeding!!!!

  7. Jodi and I watched this little video together, and it made me cry! He’s so adorable, Tiff–so alert and expressive. What a wonderful little guy!

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