2 Weeks Old


Update in bullets…because I can’t seem to find the time or energy to write full and proper sentences today.

  • Lach’s original weight was 9lbs 3oz.  He then dropped to 8lbs 6oz.  In one week’s time he went from 8lbs 6oz to 9lbs 10oz!  We gots a big boy folks.  He loves to eat all.the.time.
  • Last night was the hardest night so far.  He got up every hour or hour and a half to eat or cry or want to be held.  Did I mention that this is probably normal with a newborn, however, we have been spoiled.  Sunday night he slept 7 hours through the night, Monday night he slept 6 hours.  Life was gooood those nights.  And now, my body is wondering what the heck is up with this no sleep thing!
  • No sleep = me being more emotional.  The tears come much more easily when I’m tired.
  • Still healing down “there”.  The stitches are starting to get really itchy, which is a good sign of healing.  They should dissolve in a week or so, according to N.  Booked the 6-week appointment with N for a month from now.
  • I’ve lost 35 pounds since my last midwife appointment.  I had gained a total of 38 in the pregnancy, so only 3 more to go till I’m back at my pre-preggo weight.
  • His cord fell off over the weekend and he has an oh-so-cute belly button.
  • I totally missed posting on his first bath, which was ADORABLE.  He loved the warm water being poured over him and made the sweetest facial expressions.  K got some great photos. One of the bath pictures below.
  • We’re using S.eventh G.eneration diapers and loving them.  No leaks, no blowouts yet.  I’ll keep you posted.
  • We were using M.ethod diaper cream, but his diaper rash started getting bad.  We switched to something with 40% zinc oxide, instead of the 10% that M.ethod had.  It seems to be improving – yay! His poor bum was so sore.
  • We introduced the pacifer during Week 2.  He doesn’t like to work for it to stay put in the beginning, but once he has it, he’s a happy camper.
  • Our boy gets frustrated easily.  When he is hungry he wants to be fed RIGHT AWAY.  Cue high-pitched screaming.  Mind you, sometimes I think he just likes to hear himself cry.  His “coo’s” are high-pitched and hilarious, and he usually smiles after hearing himself.
  • He is fascinated by lights.  Sunlight streaming in from the windows.  Our ceiling fan with the light on dim.  He stares at them with wide-eyed wonder.  Oh, and Karli’s hair.  He loves her hair.
  • He’s starting to smile a lot more.  K said something to him and he immediately responded with a smile.  One of my favourite moments thus far.
  • He still smells sweet.  Even after the bath.
  • Breastfeeding seems to be getting a little easier.  I’m learning more and more as the days pass.  Question though, when I am nursing with one side, the other side leaks like crazy.  I have been putting a receiving blanket under it so I don’t get soaked.  I’ve tried pressing on that side to stop it, but no luck.  Any suggestions?



22 thoughts on “2 Weeks Old

  1. I can’t get over how CUTE Lach is!

    I have no idea about breastfeeding, but I do know my nanny used to put cabbage leaves in her bra cups to help whenever she got engorged with milk. Now that I think about it, tha’ts sort of a gross thing to tell a 6 year old… I was completely fascinated, however.

  2. oh, he is adorable! your milk supply will even out at some point and the leakiness won’t be quite so leaky. and breastfeeding will continue to get easier and easier and less time consuming (and so rewarding and so snuggly). switching back and forth probably won’t work because that’s supposed to stimulate let down and increase milk supply. i’ve heard about the cabbage thing–according to our lactation consultant, it decreases milk supply. the la leche league online discussion groups can be helpful (but are also really cutesy and chatty).

  3. babies usually go through a huge growth spurt at 2 weeks..hence the insatiable appetite and probably the reason for your rough night last night. 🙂 give it time, he’ll stop in a few days and you’ll wake up one morning and he’ll have grown an inch, its crazy how they do that.

    Not sure if you do bottle feeding at all. I also had one leaky boob while breastfeeding, so I started to pump on the other side on a very low setting while baby was nursing on the other.. that way I didn’t waste milk and end up with tons of wet clothes. 🙂

  4. He is so adorable. It sounds like you guys are all doing so well. I have no idea what you should do about the leaking while breastfeeding – although I like that pumping suggestion. I would love to see a picture of his belly button… He might be impressing himself with his screams. I hope that I am able to lose wieght as well as you are doing that is really impressive and I hope that you get some good sleep soon.

  5. I wore my nursing bra on the other side while feeding… it seemed to help a little bit but still got wet clothing. I got used to alot of wet clothes as it seems you are too!

    He sure is a cutie. That is so neat he loved his baths. Ausi likes them now, but hated them at first!

    Lovin the pic’s. Keep em coming!

  6. Adorable.
    That’s all there is to it.

    Something we found helped with diaper rashes (along with something that has the 40% oxide) is dousing the cheeks with some cornstarch after adding creme. That worked wonders. Better than regular baby powder.

    About the leaking – my mw and doula suggested placing a bottle under the nipple to catch the milk – not so much pumping as just catching to avoid wasting anything. That would also be a great way for K to be able to bottle feed – if you were able to catch enough or pump on a low enough setting.

    You must post a picture of the oh.so.cute belly button.

  7. One more thing. I found that taking a DHEA and EPA supplement. Fish oils and B complex did wonders for helping smooth out my emotions. Chasteberry or vitex herb is also good for balancing out hormone levels (and thus emotions) and is also used to increase milk production – something that may be helpful if you do decide to start pumping once a day to involve K. in feeding.

  8. He is so super cute! Question, how the heck have you lost the weight so fast?!?!?! I know people that it takes years to get back to pre-birth weight. Just curious for my own sake one day.

  9. He is so super cute! Question, how the heck have you lost the weight so fast?!?!?! I know people that it takes years to get back to pre-birth weight. Just curious for my own sake one day.

  10. He is sooooo cute! I can’t believe how big he is! I know you guys are doing a great job. I’ll pray for restful nights! 🙂

  11. I was going to suggest what Annabelle suggested. If only I had half of your insane milk supply! Me=jealous! 🙂

    I agree with the growth spurt. I think Ellie is going through one today as well.

    Kudos on the weight loss. I too lost the weight and more, without even trying. Of course, I still have more to lose, non pregnancy related. 🙂

    That picture is cuteness! And I totally get your need for bullet posts!

  12. Hi there,
    Just thought I would suggest something for the leakyness, you can get nipple sheilds that you can put on the leaky on whilst you are feeding from the other one. And this will help catch it like the bottle suggested but you wont have to hold it so you can hold your baby at the same time, I think they go the other side of your feeding bra.

    Hope this is helpful

    If you cant find them, I saw them in a chemist yesterday and I can ship them over to you!!!! Jen xxxxxx

  13. congrats to you and your partner on the beautiful baby boy! i’ve been lurking and following your blog for a little while but thought I would send out a comment about that cute little one you managed to make. good job! and i added you to my blogroll. hope you don’t mind 🙂 have fun kissing that sweet little babe.

  14. I used breast pads for three months after that my body got the message. Be patient. I also had a 17month old with respitory disease so I would gently pump for her while I nursed her sister. She weighed in at 18lbs. at six months so she got enough to eat and I nursed her for 2.4 years

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