Why is it that babies smell so sweet? I swear I’m kissing this boy’s little face so often! I can’t get over how sweet he smells.  This must be the good stuff of motherhood eh?  Every time I kiss him, he puckers his lips and make this funny face.  I wonder what is going through his head! Anyway, things are going well in our house.  The emotional times seem to be coming less often, which is nice.  It’s weird to start crying and not really know why though.  I’m not sad.  Quite the opposite! I am so happy with my girl and this lovable little boy…I couldn’t ask for more.   But the hormones are funny things and make you feel all weepy and uncontrollable.  I hate that feeling.  But, I think it’s getting better.  Not that it was terrible to begin with I guess. Yesterday I told Karli (after she got home from work), “I only cried once today!”  Ha.  I was quite proud.  She just responded “That’s great baby!”.  This new life takes some getting used to!   Breastfeeding seems to be getting a little easier, though the milk is still flowing everywhere.  I am going through the receiving blankets like crazy, and Karli’s laundry job is now full-time! We’ve also had many laughs with Lach the last few days.  He is quite the gaseous little man.  He lets ’em rip any time of the day and has peed on me 3 times (and his face, poor thing), and has had the runny yellow poop explode out of him just when I’m getting the new diaper on him.  We’ve been having fun every step of the way with this boy.  We even went out to dinner last night for the first time since Lachlan was born.  I made sure he was fed, and we were off for some Mexican! It was so nice to get out of the house and bring the little boy with us.  I think we may even try it again tonight, though Karli has gotten quite the cold – poor girl.  I’m feeling much better “downtown” now though, thankfully. The stinging has lessoned and now just feels like someone punched me.  Seriously.  The stitches should start absorbing into my body soon…I hope.  They are a little annoying at this point.  Also, the swelling in my body has gone away, and I can now wear my rings again.  SO happy about that.  I felt so naked without them on.  My uterus is shrinking and shrinking too, so my belly is getting flatter now! Okay, baby boy wants out of his swing now.  I forgot to mention this before, but once you learned that his name was Lachlan, did you guys get the nickname (Nessy)?  We had 3 people in total guess his name from the nickname.  Nessy = Lochness Monster = Lachlan.  We got it from N.apoleon Dynamite where Napoleon is giving a presentation about the Lochness Monster and says, “Blew Nessy out of the water….”.  I don’t know.  We’re crazy.  Anyway, just wondering if you guys got that or not.  We’re not calling him that anymore (his nickname is “Lach”) but I still think it was cute for throughout the pregnancy!!!

Ps.  Meg had asked how the doggies were adjusting.  Honestly, AWESOME.  They are fascinated by him and want to kiss him in his fact ALL THE TIME.  No problems at all with them….they are such good dogs and just find Lachlan amusing.  One more thing for them to lick!!!

Lots of love to you all.


25 thoughts on “Sweetnessy

  1. That is such a beautiful photo, Tiff! I never did get the Nessy-Lachlan connection until now, but that is wonderfully clever. I’m so glad you’re starting to feel better! Much love to you all. xoxo

  2. Ah, I did get Lachlan-Lochness-Nessy, but I thought perhaps Lachlan was because of Sarah McLachlan, since you’re Canadian and all!! 🙂

  3. I’ll never forget the first diaper my hubs changed at home. He took it off my daughter, bent down to put it into the diaper genie and my daughter exploded with that yellowy orange breastmilk poop..it came flying out a couple of feet and sprayed all over his face… which during his bending.. was at the same hieght as her rear.
    I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants.

    Here’s to many more fun moments with pee and poop!

  4. I was thinking Locke. 🙂 As for baby smell, my husband thinks I am crazy, but today was the first day someone else cared for my baby and when I got her back she smelled different!

  5. wow – that is just a stunning photo! I agree – baby smell is one of the best. I even found myself using my sons huggies baby wash yesterday because i Love the smell of that! If they could bottle the smell of babies, millions of dollars would be made! Good for you for going out to dinner already! And mexican to boot? That’s great that Lachlan can stomach that spicy food!
    Congratulations again – I loved reading the birth story – you are a strong woman with a very supportive partner!

  6. Love the photo! My friends made fun of me the first few weeks because they said I kissed Ausi 24/7. I still do!

    So glad to hear the dogs are doing well 🙂

  7. I didn’t get the Lachlan-Nessy connection before you anounced his name, but I did figure it out after you announced his name.

    You both look beautiful and peaceful, enjoy your mommyhood!

  8. Ahaha I got it, only after we heard his name. Ahem. I just assumed he was dubbed Nessy because he didn’t seem to be making any appearances soon! Hahaha.

    Anyhow, you are a positively radiant mother!

  9. I did guess when you started calling him Nessy, and I was dying to say something and show how clever I am, but didn’t want to ruin your baby name surprise!

    That is a gorgeous photo, and you look beautiful.

  10. Beautiful picture! We were wondering about the nickname but we pretty much had it. Congratulations on everything going so well, we’re so happy for all three of you 🙂

  11. I can’t believe I missed the name connection til just now lol cute! Love the pictures and thanks for sharing his birth story so beautifully, glad everything is going well for you guys.

  12. i so get the kissing their face thing, meg and I are always kissing ava’s face and we are sure it drives her mad… seems since they are only a day or so apart we are going through all the same things, including yellow poo, many farts and getting wee’d on! hahaha, love it! enjoy it, as we are…. x

  13. Hi there. I’m slowing re-entering blog land, not fully caught up on your last months and birth story, but SO THRILLED and happy for you and your son! Beautiful photo!! Many, many congrats and lots of love …. !

  14. Ahhh, during my holiday craziness I totally MISSED the birth! Man, I’ve been checking in for weeks to see how you guys are doing. Lachlan is gorgeous, your birth sounds amazing (painful but as you said – definitely worth it!) CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Your family is beautiful 🙂

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