2.5 Days Old

Many thanks to all you guys (you are awesome, by the way!) for the congratulations and heartfelt comments while I was in labour and afterwards, when we were enjoying those first moments with our son.  We have read over each of your words – and were SO touched.  So, thank you!! The birth story is coming, but will be a few days.  This little man seems to have his days and nights mixed up, making his Mamas VERY tired.  Every minute is worth it though; he is a little angel.  I still can’t stop staring at him and help being overcome with emotion.  How this new little person has changed us already.  Wow.  I have so many emotions and thoughts and can’t wait to write about them when I’m able.  But, Lachlan doesn’t give me too much time right now, so this post will be short and sweet (and I know you really came for photos anyway!!).  The unmedicated homebirth was everything we hoped it would be – beautiful and empowering, yet also the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through.  Karli was absolutely AMAZING during it all.  More to come on that too….but, honestly, I could not have made it through without her.  Our little darling was a big boy, and came out with his hand next to his face…..so I have a 2nd degree tear that is trying to heal.  She has been right there every step of the way, helping me with everything that goes along with recovering from childbirth.  My love for her has only gotten stronger, though I never thought it could.  I’ve had several weepy moments….Anyway, that’s about it for now.  Our boy is waking up from a very short nap and is looking hungry.  My milk came in last night and he wants it all the time, or so it seems.  More updates and birth story coming when I can.  Thanks again girls, you guys are the best.  Oh, and pictures….of course…..because that’s really what you want! Our lovely little man…..I still can’t get over that he is finally here after so much waiting….it was so worth the wait………………….and we are more in love then we ever thought we could be……





30 thoughts on “2.5 Days Old

  1. Tiff,

    He’s beautiful! I’m sure you guys are floating on cloud 9 and I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing well and recovering.

    Happy New Year and glad that little Lachlan made his appearance!

    Plus, you get the 2008 tax deduction! YAY!


  2. Ok I’ll admit – i’ve been blog stalking for weeks!!
    Lachlan is just beautiful – you two have been truly blessed! I can’t get over how beautiful he is and am just SO happy for you two!
    Congratulations again – he is just stunning!
    (and don’t worry – those days/nights mix ups will settle into themselves sooner than later)

  3. My goodness, he is just one perfect darling little boy. Hope you mamas can manage to get some shut eye when he sleeps, though I can imagine just wanting to stare at him all the time 😉

  4. T & K, he is so beautiful, you are truly blessed. SO glad that everything went great~!!!

    This is such a beautiful experience and were so glad you are sharing it.


  5. oh, my! he is truly a beautiful little man!!! sooo very cute and cuddly. i’m happy that things went well and that you got the empowering birth you desired! thanks for being an inspiration and be sure to enjoy every moment!

  6. Oh, Tiff, he is so beautiful! He looks so much like you! FYI: I’m sitting in a coffee shop with tears streaming down my face. I’m so happy you’re all doing well and recovering. xoxo

  7. haha I agree with what Vee said! He is just so gorgeous – that first shot where is looking right into the camera he just seems so wise and proud. Congratulations again, I’m so pleased you were able to have a natural birth like you planned – can’t wait to hear more once you’re feeling up to it/have the time. Hope the recovery goes well and fast!

  8. Oh my gosh.. he is beautiful and perfect! He has a perfect composition about him. Enjoy every moment… it goes so fast. You will blink and he will be 4 months like Ausi! Oh and Happy NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!! How are the doggies adjusting???

  9. It’s so great to hear that your birth went so well and you were so supported. I’m looking forward to reading your birth story. Thanks for the pictures. He really is adorable. Rest up and enjoy this time.

  10. What a gorgeous boy you have! Congratulations again to both of you. I look forward to watching him grow, but for now hoping that you are both able to sleep whenever possible.

  11. Each time I visit your blog this past week, I end up with tears streaming down my face. he is so beautiful and you and K have been an amazing example of how great this experiece should be. I am so very happy for the three of you. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Awwww, he is so beautiful and look at those eyes! how can a 2.5 day old baby have eyes like this! i hope you recover soon and you three have a wonderful beginnig together.
    happy new year and many blessings from the other side of the ocean.

  13. He’s so beautiful! I’m so glad that you’re both doing okay…hopefully the sleep thing will work out soon!

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