One Whole Month


I have a happy baby.  As you can see above.  The smiles are only growing bigger day by day.  Today is Lachlan’s “One Month Birthday”!  K’s dad asked if we were going to throw him a party.  Haaa.  Umm, nope.  But it would be a great excuse to buy him cute things… wait…..resist temptation….must not buy cute clothes….it’s hard when these things look so adorable on the tiny man!  Speaking of tiny, Lachlan is definitely not.  At one month old, we weighed him, thinking he’d be 10 lbs something, MAYBE 11 lbs.  Are you ready?  Our big boy is 12lbs!!!  Now I know why my back is hurting!  I was so surprised that he was so big.  He just doesn’t seem it to me.  He’s still in NB clothes, but we’ve moved from NB, to Stage1, to Stage 2 diapers (S.eventh G.eneration).  Stage 2 are 12-18 lbs….Stage 1’s closures were getting harder and harder to stretch…..Well, it makes me feel great that he is gaining and doing so well.  Breastfeeding is going really well!  He swallows air sometimes, and gets gas pains….but that’s only once in awhile.  I’m thankful….

Another thing I’m thankful for.  I weighed myself this morning, and I have lost exactly 40 lbs from my preggo weight.  Granted, he was almost 10 of it…but I am thankful nonetheless.  I had gained 38 total in pregnancy, so I’m now 2 lower than my pre-preggo weight!!! I haven’t really been TRYING to lose it.  I haven’t begun to exercise, but just have been eating when I’m hungry.  I think it may just be all the running around with a newborn.  A lot of times the only thing that makes him stop crying is me “dancing” with him….and he’s a big boy!! I can’t wait for the spring, when K and I go walking with Lach in the stroller.  Things haven’t gone back to where they originally were though.  My stomach is a bit flabby.  The skin just hangs there…a reminder of how much it was stretched out.  My stretch marks are still bright red too, but K assures me that it doesn’t bother her….I’m pretty self-consious of them, but they are absolutely worth the joy of having this little boy.  Hopefully they will fade a bit with time….note to the preggo ladies out there….those damn creams don’t work! Save the money!  I think it comes down to your skin and how it takes the pregnancy.   Again though, totally worth it.

Lach seems to be getting into a BIT of a routine at night-time.  He orginally had his days and nights mixed up, but seems to have gotten that straight now.  He stays awake for SEVERAL hours before bedtime.  He has a longer stretch of sleep starting at 8 or 9 at night, and then after that gets up every 3 hours or so to eat.  During the night, he’s pretty good at going back to sleep.  We’ve been putting him in his “s.nuggle nest sleep positioner” at night time.  It just goes in the bed with us.  He can’t move around much in that so it keeps him in one place.  He hated the incline of it though, so I had to take the wedge out so he can lay flat.  It’s a great little thing too, with a built-in nightlight.  Sometimes he fusses about getting in it, as he would rather sleep on my chest. That doesn’t really allow me to sleep though, as I’m so nervous about him!

A photo of our Wee One, wearing his panda onesie, cream coloured pants – a full size too big – (hence, having to pull them up almost to his chest!), matching beanie, and making one of the many funny faces we see every day:



Bald IS Beautiful


I sit here a Mommy to a 4 week old boy.  How did that happen?? The time has flown by it seems.  4 weeks ago our midwife arrived, pushing ensued, and shortly after, I was suddenly a mother.  It’s still hard for me to believe.  This little man is already one month old.   Umm, again, how did that happen??  In a way though, it seems he’s always been with us.  He takes up so much of our time now, and is just a HUGE part of our lives … we can’t imagine life without him in it.  Surely this is how it is for all parents after the birth of their child(ren).

Blogworthy bullets:

  • Much to our surprise, Lach was born with a beautiful head of hair.  I had heard that babies could lose some hair in the back, but never saw any of that happen with him.  Well, within the last few days, he has lost hair – but in the middle of his head.  His hair (or lack therof) now looks strikingly similar to my 93-year old grandfather’s.  Hair on EACH side of the head, but nothing in the middle.  We are calling him B.enjamin B.utton now.  Our little old man.  See below.
  • 100_2581 The smiles are increasing.  A lot of times, he’ll giggle and then smile while he’s asleep.  His eyes twitch and he makes cute little cries in his dreams.  We think he will be a boy who talks in his sleep down the road…See video below.  He LOVES to “talk” and hear himself coo….The smile is at the end of the video……
  • We’ve started using the Baby B.jorn.  Lachlan loves it! It’s super comfortable and feels so secure.  He loves being so close to us and usually falls asleep from the movement of us walking around.   I have a M.oby wrap that I really want to try out too, but have not taken the time to figure out how to use it.
  • I feel pretty much back to myself now, physically.  I have my 6-week postpartum midwife appointment for February 18th.  I think that makes it more like 7 weeks postpartum…but that’s all she had available.  I’m really looking forward to seeing N – who we really grew to love.  I have missed the weekly appointments with this amazing woman.  I’m also really looking forward to what she has to say about how I’m doing.  I still have a bunch of stitches that haven’t dissolved.  I’ve always heard “6 weeks and you’re back to normal”…. I don’t know.  I’d love to feel “back to normal” enough to have sex again, but am a little nervous about that…..For the Mamas out there….how did you guys feel about your sex life after giving birth?? Did you wait a certain amount of time, or just till you felt good enough/had enough energy to do it?  My relationship and connection with K is so important to me…I want to make sure we are making it a priority, but want to also allow myself the time to feel fully “back to normal”.
  • Breastfeeding is going well almost all of the time.  My nipples still hurt occasionally, but they are “toughening up”.  He’s eating in longer stretches now, staying latched on (which is SO much better than the latching, re-latching of before).  He eats every 2 hours during the day, and every 3 during the night.  We have the occasional 4 or 5 hour stretch at night.  I am breastfeeding on-demand.  I don’t ever wake him up to eat.  It’s been a learning process, breastfeeding, but I am thankful I have a good supply of milk and haven’t had to supplement.  Oh, side note, breastfeeding makes you VERY thirsty.  Whenever I’m feeding him, I feel like I could down SEVERAL glasses of water.  Oh, and another thing – BREASTPADS are my new best friend.  I was using G.erber ultrathin breastpads and they were HORRIBLE.  I soaked right through them.  Now I’m using A.vent ones…and they are working GREAT!! I’m leaking a lot less now too!  Yes, these things deserve exclamation points.  Who’d have thought I’d be excited about not leaking??!

21 Days


Our boy is 3 weeks old today.  I can’t believe it! Right now he is snoozing in his swing, so I thought I would post some new photos below- taken yesterday.

He is really developing quite the personality.  It is so cute to see his little facial expressions – his pouts and smiles melt your heart! We are still having good nights and bad nights.  The “bad nights” usually only give me about 2 or 3 hours sleep…the “good nights” 6 or 7! Breastfeeding is still challenging, but we are doing okay.  He has a big appetite and seems to really be growing.  We don’t have to go back to the pediatrician until he’s 2 months old – which we’re happy about.  She predicts he’ll be about 13 pounds at that point.

We are trying to finalize our decision on vaccines, which is so tough.  We have a list of the ones we are not going to do, and ones we are considering.  Our “no” list seems to be larger than our “yes” list.  I can’t imagine putting some of that stuff in him.  The ingredients honestly give me the chills.  And, if I’m being honest, I DO worry about the link between vaccinating and autism.  I know the general population will say there is NO link….but I’ve heard many people swear that after a vaccine, their child was never the same.  It’s scary.  Karli and I both refuse the flu vaccine each year because we strongly believe that it does more harm than good.  The vaccine debate can get as heated as a conversation about circumcision….I know people feel very strongly one way or the other.  Ultimately, everyone has to make the best decision for THEIR family.  All these choices you have to make as Moms are tough though!

We had a pretty nice, relaxing weekend.  We had friends over Friday night and went out for Mexican, then came back to the condo and played trivia and laughed till we cried.  We had brunch with K’s dad and brothers yesterday and they got to meet their nephew for the first time.  Her youngest brother (who is 11) kept saying “I can’t believe he was inside you, and now he’s out…and alive….it’s pretty crazy…” It really IS mind-blowing to think about it.  They were so cute though.  Also, we had one of our friends from our natural birthing class come over to meet Lach yesterday evening.  She brought us Cuban food from her husbands restaurant- yum!  She is 36 weeks pregnant and planning a homebirth with our MW as well.  It was so great to tell her the birth story and encourage her.  She is so excited for her own birth and I know she’ll do great!

Totally switching gears, K and I watched The L W.ord last night online.  What are your thoughts on the season premiere??

And….Photos (he likes to flare his nostrils!):




2 Weeks Old


Update in bullets…because I can’t seem to find the time or energy to write full and proper sentences today.

  • Lach’s original weight was 9lbs 3oz.  He then dropped to 8lbs 6oz.  In one week’s time he went from 8lbs 6oz to 9lbs 10oz!  We gots a big boy folks.  He loves to eat all.the.time.
  • Last night was the hardest night so far.  He got up every hour or hour and a half to eat or cry or want to be held.  Did I mention that this is probably normal with a newborn, however, we have been spoiled.  Sunday night he slept 7 hours through the night, Monday night he slept 6 hours.  Life was gooood those nights.  And now, my body is wondering what the heck is up with this no sleep thing!
  • No sleep = me being more emotional.  The tears come much more easily when I’m tired.
  • Still healing down “there”.  The stitches are starting to get really itchy, which is a good sign of healing.  They should dissolve in a week or so, according to N.  Booked the 6-week appointment with N for a month from now.
  • I’ve lost 35 pounds since my last midwife appointment.  I had gained a total of 38 in the pregnancy, so only 3 more to go till I’m back at my pre-preggo weight.
  • His cord fell off over the weekend and he has an oh-so-cute belly button.
  • I totally missed posting on his first bath, which was ADORABLE.  He loved the warm water being poured over him and made the sweetest facial expressions.  K got some great photos. One of the bath pictures below.
  • We’re using S.eventh G.eneration diapers and loving them.  No leaks, no blowouts yet.  I’ll keep you posted.
  • We were using M.ethod diaper cream, but his diaper rash started getting bad.  We switched to something with 40% zinc oxide, instead of the 10% that M.ethod had.  It seems to be improving – yay! His poor bum was so sore.
  • We introduced the pacifer during Week 2.  He doesn’t like to work for it to stay put in the beginning, but once he has it, he’s a happy camper.
  • Our boy gets frustrated easily.  When he is hungry he wants to be fed RIGHT AWAY.  Cue high-pitched screaming.  Mind you, sometimes I think he just likes to hear himself cry.  His “coo’s” are high-pitched and hilarious, and he usually smiles after hearing himself.
  • He is fascinated by lights.  Sunlight streaming in from the windows.  Our ceiling fan with the light on dim.  He stares at them with wide-eyed wonder.  Oh, and Karli’s hair.  He loves her hair.
  • He’s starting to smile a lot more.  K said something to him and he immediately responded with a smile.  One of my favourite moments thus far.
  • He still smells sweet.  Even after the bath.
  • Breastfeeding seems to be getting a little easier.  I’m learning more and more as the days pass.  Question though, when I am nursing with one side, the other side leaks like crazy.  I have been putting a receiving blanket under it so I don’t get soaked.  I’ve tried pressing on that side to stop it, but no luck.  Any suggestions?




Why is it that babies smell so sweet? I swear I’m kissing this boy’s little face so often! I can’t get over how sweet he smells.  This must be the good stuff of motherhood eh?  Every time I kiss him, he puckers his lips and make this funny face.  I wonder what is going through his head! Anyway, things are going well in our house.  The emotional times seem to be coming less often, which is nice.  It’s weird to start crying and not really know why though.  I’m not sad.  Quite the opposite! I am so happy with my girl and this lovable little boy…I couldn’t ask for more.   But the hormones are funny things and make you feel all weepy and uncontrollable.  I hate that feeling.  But, I think it’s getting better.  Not that it was terrible to begin with I guess. Yesterday I told Karli (after she got home from work), “I only cried once today!”  Ha.  I was quite proud.  She just responded “That’s great baby!”.  This new life takes some getting used to!   Breastfeeding seems to be getting a little easier, though the milk is still flowing everywhere.  I am going through the receiving blankets like crazy, and Karli’s laundry job is now full-time! We’ve also had many laughs with Lach the last few days.  He is quite the gaseous little man.  He lets ’em rip any time of the day and has peed on me 3 times (and his face, poor thing), and has had the runny yellow poop explode out of him just when I’m getting the new diaper on him.  We’ve been having fun every step of the way with this boy.  We even went out to dinner last night for the first time since Lachlan was born.  I made sure he was fed, and we were off for some Mexican! It was so nice to get out of the house and bring the little boy with us.  I think we may even try it again tonight, though Karli has gotten quite the cold – poor girl.  I’m feeling much better “downtown” now though, thankfully. The stinging has lessoned and now just feels like someone punched me.  Seriously.  The stitches should start absorbing into my body soon…I hope.  They are a little annoying at this point.  Also, the swelling in my body has gone away, and I can now wear my rings again.  SO happy about that.  I felt so naked without them on.  My uterus is shrinking and shrinking too, so my belly is getting flatter now! Okay, baby boy wants out of his swing now.  I forgot to mention this before, but once you learned that his name was Lachlan, did you guys get the nickname (Nessy)?  We had 3 people in total guess his name from the nickname.  Nessy = Lochness Monster = Lachlan.  We got it from N.apoleon Dynamite where Napoleon is giving a presentation about the Lochness Monster and says, “Blew Nessy out of the water….”.  I don’t know.  We’re crazy.  Anyway, just wondering if you guys got that or not.  We’re not calling him that anymore (his nickname is “Lach”) but I still think it was cute for throughout the pregnancy!!!

Ps.  Meg had asked how the doggies were adjusting.  Honestly, AWESOME.  They are fascinated by him and want to kiss him in his fact ALL THE TIME.  No problems at all with them….they are such good dogs and just find Lachlan amusing.  One more thing for them to lick!!!

Lots of love to you all.

The Birth Of Lachlan


Sunday, December 28, 2008 I began having mild contractions late in the evening that were coming every four to ten minutes apart.  The contractions were very sporadic.  I decided to take a hot shower thinking that TODAY was going to be the big day.  After the shower I decided to lie down on my left side to see if the contractions would go away.  We put on a movie and I tried my hardest to ignore the contractions.  About thirty minutes later, to our surprise, they stopped.  I was able to sleep until about 5am.

Early Monday, December 29, 2008 I awoke to abdominal cramps.  I continued to feel this way until I got out of bed at 7am.  I went to the bathroom feeling like I really had to pee and heard a PLOP… look into the toilet and there it was, the mucus plug.  I excitedly yelled to Karli and KNEW that today was going to be our son’s birthday.  In all of our natural childbirth classes we were encouraged to ignore early labour as much as possible and “do life”.  We thought it would be the smartest idea to take the dogs to a friend’s place and did so on the way into work.  Karli needed to tie up some loose ends at work, so we thought we would go in for a little while, understanding that we most likely weren’t going to be there too long.  I called our MW Nancy at 8am to give her a “heads up” that I had lost the mucous plug and was having contractions.  The contractions were consistently ten minutes apart at this point.  She told me to call her back at 11am and see what was happening at that point. We dropped off the dogs and arrived at work.  I got on the computer to update blogland, and Karli went about her business at the shop. While at work the contractions intensified.  I no longer was comfortable sitting down at the computer…I noticed I was breathing a little heavier than normal.  I got up and just walked around the shop, into the show room, the bathroom and just generally not wanting to be around anyone.  The contractions were coming every 5-8 minutes at this point.  When I had to start swaying back and forth and holding onto something, I decided it was in our best interest to leave and return home.  Karli knew from looking at me that labour was progressing pretty quickly.  We left work at 10:30.

Again, trying my best to ignore labor and “do life”, we decided to shoot in the grocery store and pick up a few last minute items.  The contractions were coming every 5 minutes or so.  I had one getting out of the car and waited for it to pass, just holding on to the mirror of our SUV.  Then we grabbed a cart and went shopping.  I had several contractions in the grocery store, and stopped walking and held on tightly to the shopping cart.  At the checkout, I had a pretty strong contraction, and noticed I was moaning softly.  One of the grocery guys looked at Karli and said “is she OKAY?”.  Karli responded, “Oh yeah, she’s fine…we’re just in labour.” To which he replied, “Oh my God, do you want me to call the paramedics?!” Ha! Karli just calmly said “Oh no, we’re having a homebirth and we’re just trying to ignore labour right now.” Ha again.  He looked at us like we were crazy and just said, “Oh okay….” And walked off.  It was 11am in the car on the way home, and I called Nancy. I told her I thought the contractions were coming every 4-5 minutes, but I wasn’t sure because I couldn’t time them in the store.  I was still able to talk to her and be coherent, so she asked me to go home and time them and then call her in an hour (at 12pm).

Once we arrived home, Karli went into action…she started getting out all of our birth supplies, and doing some last minute things to prepare.  I was just walking around the house and doing okay at this point.  I pulled up a program on the computer that tells you how far apart the contractions are, and how long they last.  I couldn’t concentrate enough to watch a clock and right them down.  So, all I had to do was hit the SPACEBAR, and let the computer do the work.  Within 15-20 minutes the contractions were getting more painful and I was finding it hard to get to the computer in time to hit the SPACEBAR.  I was now moaning through each contraction…they seemed to be really painful coming every 3 minutes or so.  I did this until 12pm, when I called Nancy.  She kept me on the phone for awhile, hoping to hear me have a contraction on the line.  It didn’t seem like a had a really tough one, so she didn’t hear me moaning like I had been! She asked me if I thought she should come over now.  Still thinking labour was hours away, I said “no, I think I’m okay…I’ll know when I REALLY need you here.” She asked me to call her again in one hour (1pm).

The contractions intensified almost immediately, and took me to a new level of pain.  I swayed back and forth and relied on Karli heavily.  I remember when a contraction came on, I would call out to Karli, “I need you now!” and she would come running. I stood for most of the contractions, putting my arms around her neck and digging my chin into her.  That was the only way I felt secure, and she had to support most of my weight – hard job!  I should have called Nancy sooner, but waited until 1pm to call again.  She sensed how much I had progressed, just hearing my voice, and said she was coming over.  She said she would be at our place in 45 minutes.  I told her the contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes.  In actuality, they were coming every minute or two.  This is where it starts to get a little blurry…I felt like I was being hit repeatedly with contractions…not getting much of a break.  Karli helped me through each one as the pain increased.  I needed her attention 100% or I felt I would lose it mentally and emotionally.  She was being so supportive, encouraging me and telling me how great of a job I was doing.  She kept reminding me that Nancy and her assistant would be here soon.

I remember around 1:30, my mind went to another place.  I stopped hearing my birthing music that was coming out of the player, and needed Karli in my face.  I squeezed her hard every time and just made deep moans.  The midwife arrived at 2:15pm.  Karli went down to help them bring up all their supplies. I remember thinking, “How am I going to get through a contraction without her?”  At this point I was kneeling on our leather couch with my hands gripping the corner of the sofaback.  I don’t remember saying hello to Nancy or her assistant.  I just remember she was at my back in 2 seconds, pressing hard on my hips and massaging them in big circles.  I was moaning loudly now…there was no hiding the pain I was in.  Her assistant moved around quickly, but I don’t remember seeing what she was doing.  It’s unreal how this all gets blurry after the fact.  Karli told me that they immediately started filling the birthing tank, and my clothes were off in seconds.  A shower curtain was placed over the sofa, with a clean sheet on top.  Nancy checked me and I was 6cm dilated with a little bit of lip left.  I thought in my head, “Oh God, no, I’m only 6?? It will be hours more…” I couldn’t imagine how I could get through it for much longer.  They told me I could get into the tub shortly after I was checked.  Nancy got in front of my face and kept repeating, “Your baby is SO low…it’s not long now honey.” Karli said she kept saying “sweetie” and “baby”… she was right there with me, helping me through.

Before getting in the tub, she asked me to go to the toilet to pee.  I don’t remember peeing or having to pee, but on the toilet I let out a high scream and then noticed that I was pushing.  ‘Wait…why was I pushing if I was only 6?’ I thought this, but never said it.  Thoughts were scattered in my head at this point.  I remember grunting towards the end of the push.  She told me I was going to get in the tub now, and I didn’t know how I’d walk there and lift my legs to get in.  Somehow I did, and the hot water felt so good.  Then the contractions were coming in wave after wave.  I let out another uncontrolled scream, and they told me to turn that noise into GRUNTS and not let the noise escape me.  After that, I never screamed again.  With each contraction now I was pushing.  Nancy told me that it would go very fast now, that the baby was so close.  They instructed me to squat in the tub with one leg extended out, to get rid of the lip.  I tried that and hated it, so they told me that if I got out of the tub and went to the closet door (squatting and holding the door handles with each hand) that it would be over soon.  I think I said “I can’t move” at this point…but somehow I got over there with tears streaming down my face.  I had 3-4 contractions in that position and pushed hard with each one.  Nancy knelt down and looked in between my legs…I vaguely remember her saying “he has dark hair!” Wow.  ‘Then I must be close…I must be close now’.  Nancy looked at me and said “You can do this, you ARE doing this.  He’s almost here.  It’s almost over”.

They then moved me over to the couch, where I sat on the birthing stool.  I remember seeing the bowl below me as the contractions hit me over and over.  I gripped those bars so hard and felt myself shaking all over.  Several contractions with me bearing down, and his head was out.  Everyone describes that as the “ring of fire”.  I can see why.  For me it felt like rugburn x 100.  I leaned back against Karli with all my weight and just stayed as still as possible, squeezing those bars with my hands.  I don’t remember feeling the rest of his body come out, but suddenly this beautiful big boy was laying on my chest moving his arms and legs.  The tears flowed as I held him.  The first thing out of my mouth was, “It was so worth it”.  I couldn’t believe I did it! I couldn’t believe it was finally over.  I couldn’t believe this was our beautiful son.  28 minutes of pushing definitely felt like a lifetime, and the pain was more intense than I ever could have imagined, but it was WORTH IT.  Every second of it.  I was so focused on him, I didn’t even feel what came next.

My placenta had partially detached, causing a lot of bleeding.  Nancy said I filled up a large bowl in just seconds, so she had to go in there and take it out.  I didn’t even feel it!  I held him for a few minutes, and then he was given to Karli.  For the next hour or so Nancy stitched me up.  Lachlan was 9lbs 3oz and was born at 4:03pm, and came out with his hand by his face.  This left me with a 2nd degree tear and he also broke open an artery inside me.  The bleeding was severe, and Nancy worked quickly.  She was able to do all the sutures and even tied off the artery.  I never once worried, as I was in the most competent hands.  The stitching was hard though, and very painful.  I just wanted it to be over.  Nancy and her assistant stayed until 10:30 that evening.  They wanted to get me upstairs to bed, but because of the blood loss, I knew if I tried to get up too soon I would pass out.  I finally crawled up the stairs at 8:30pm where they put me in a healing herb bath and then into bed.

The physical recovery has been harder then I thought it would be, but I’m on the mend now.  Karli has been amazing, and I truly can say my love for her has gone to new levels! I could not have gotten through this without her.  I keep remembering her saying “Baby, I am SO proud of you.  Do you have any idea how amazing you were? That was incredible!! You are so strong!”

We are so happy and feel so blessed that our birth went well, and we have this little angel to show for it.  Now we are just adjusting to life with a newborn and trying to figure out our routine.  Today Karli went back to work for ¾ of the day, and will do half-days the rest of the week.  My emotions have surprised me, and the littlest thing can set me off crying now.  When she is away from me, my emotions can overwhelm me and the tears come.  We’re making it through all this though and I have such a supportive, loving partner.  I am blessed and we both feel so lucky to have this little angel in our lives.  I’m so in love with my new little family.  Some photos of the birth:






Beautiful Boy

We’re still baby la-la land over here….life is good.  This boy has totally taken over our hearts as we knew he would….how life looks so different when you become a mom!  I’m starting to feel a little bit more like my old self again, despite the fact that milk is pouring out everywhere…!  Lachlan had his BEST night thus far last night.  He ate at 11pm, 1am, 4am and then woke up at 8:30am.  I was so happy to get some sleep!  K and I are really doing well during the night and seem to have come up with a great system.  She is so awesome.  Anyway, the plan is to write down our birth story today.  I need K’s help with that, as she remembers some of the things I can’t! I will post once it’s finished.  In the meantime, cute pictures, because I just couldn’t resist!!!