Contraction Action

Painful contractions started last night. They were every 4-8 minutes.  I layed on my left side and the pain lessoned, until the contractions went away.  I fell asleep and stayed asleep for most of the night.  Painful contractions started up again this morning.  Went to pee this AM and heard a “plop”….bloody show.  Every time I pee now, I’m seeing some blood.  I’m getting contractions every 4-9 minutes.  They really hurt and cause me to hold on to something and just BREATHE.  Called MW and she wants an update from me at 11am.  I would be shocked if this wasn’t it…..


25 thoughts on “Contraction Action

  1. woo hoo! that’s it for sure… that’s when it happened for me too.. 🙂 I started having painful contractions that went away when I went to sleep but started back up again in the am… and then I got the bloody show.

    Good luck!!!

    December 29th is a good day to be born 🙂

  2. Hurray! I’m lighting the candle now. It’s kind of a small one- because I hope your delivery is quick and easy. Come on out little guy! Your mamas are ready.

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