The Last Belly Shot


A little risque, I know. But, I wanted a final picture of the belly without my shirt in the way…so there it is.  41w1d or just 2 days shy of 42w, however you see it.  It will be the last belly shot.  For real this time.  Pretty unbelievable though, looking at that photo.  I’m amazed at how my body has been transformed the last 10 months.  I feel different now….like my body has reached a new level.  My belly doesn’t really feel like it’s mine anymore….I have this big boy wriggling around all the time now, ready to burst out.  My skin is tight and can’t possibly expand any further.  It’s a strange feeling….like a fullness that never goes away.  My chest is getting even bigger too, surely anticipating a hungry baby any day now…….  I have many thoughts going through my head this Sunday afternoon….but I can’t seem to be able to put them into words.  It’s an unbelievably warm, 70-degree, breezy day today in Richmond.  Whether this boy wants it or not, today is our last Sunday without him.  That still blows my mind….next weekend life will be very different.  Pregnancy has seemed like an incredibly long journey….I’ve almost forgotten my “old” body and what it was like to  not feel these little hands and feet squirming inside my tummy.  I must admit, I’m so happy I’m here….coming to the end of this journey…..just days or hours away from meeting this little boy who has already changed our lives.  It’s been a lesson in patience these last few days….our little family is just so prepared to welcome our new boy.  We’re definitely ready (understatement) and a little tired of waiting (understatement again)……who knew this part would be so long or so tough!?  2 more days till our “1o-days-past-due” MW appointment, and then most likely – THE DRINK.  2 days.  We can wait another 2 days…..piece of cake, right?


12 thoughts on “The Last Belly Shot

  1. Love the photo. I just can’t wait to see that little boy’s face. I can’t even imagine the anticipation you must be going through right now. Post soon, post often!

  2. awesome photo. Although I do worry about you being cold with all the snow from your blog flurrying around 🙂
    Amazing to think that in just 1 week your world will be so, so different.

  3. we just did a similar shot and I was thinking about posting it, maybe i will…. wishing you all the best… keep posting! we keep checking… maybe our babies will be born on the same day… we are being induced on the 1st. xx

  4. I would so get that printed and hang it above my mantle if I were you. I want a pic like that of my belly so bad but Im waiting til I am bigger. Right now I just look like a chub. You look so beautiful!

  5. What an amazing photo!! WOW.

    You go girl. You’re kicking some major ass!!

    Can’t wait to see your post that your little man is here. I hope everything goes perfectly and he’s here soon.


  6. It’s definitely bizarre to not feel the little hands and feet. I actually miss it even though I was really glad to feel ‘pleasantly empty’ for a while.

    So what is in this drink? It sounds magical and like I really should have had some!

    I’m really impressed at how well you’re coping… it’s just so hard. Oh and you’re beautiful of course – thanks for sharing that photo.

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