Christmas, Sans Baby


Still here, still pregnant.  Reminding myself that tomorrow will really be 7 days past due, not 11.  Why am I still not encouraged by that? We went shopping today for some groceries and checked out the post-Christmas deals at T.arget.  Months ago, we had gotten our little guy several “baby’s first christmas” outfits in 0-3.  I had washed them over a month ago and they are still hanging in the closet.  We never imagined we wouldn’t have a baby by yesterday… was weird and also disappointing. I’m so bummed that I won’t be able to use those outfits.  I’m sad he wasn’t here for us to celebrate with.  I’m starting to think he’s not coming out without some help……MW will most likely give me the labor drink at Tuesday’s appointment to get things rolling if he’s not here by then. I have reached a new level of frustration….my belly is ultra itchy from being SO stretched out….I told Karli that soon my stretch marks will be giving birth to baby stretch marks. Ha! It looks like I was attacked by a cat…seriously. I wanted to be so happy yesterday, but I had to face the fact that I was actually kind of miserable inside….I was so uncomfortable, sitting or standing, and just felt pitiful.  I was sad that all of Canada was having a white Christmas, and it was 65 degrees here in Richmond.  I was disappointed that I didn’t hear from some family members.  I was annoyed that my underwear KEPT rolling down….even the maternity ones.  Basically, I was letting every little thing get to me just because I’m frustrated and so ready to have this baby.  I’m trying to get out of the funk and focus on all I have to be thankful for – because it IS a lot! I’m so happy that K and I were able to spend the day together, and that we have each other and our health. That is a huge thing in and of itself! Our realtionship is great, and I’m more in love than ever.  I’m happy I have this little man still growing inside my belly….and that the pregnancy has been smooth and complication-free.  Pretty soon he’ll be here and all of this will seem like a distant memory, right? Yesterday, we carried on our Christmas tradition of eating at a local chinese restaurant and the food was amazing. There are lots of good things going on despite this frustrating waiting game….surely it can’t be that much longer.


14 thoughts on “Christmas, Sans Baby

  1. He’ll be here, before you know it. I’m sure its frustruating.. but you’ve got years of frustruation ahead of you… that’s what kids are all about 😉

    Patience is certainly something that is extremely important to parenting… I beleive pregnancy is one of the ways life prepares us for that. 🙂

    Good luck! Chin up, and baby snuggles for your future!

  2. my goodness woman. Nessy sure likes it in there. Hoping he decides to brave the outside world soon! I’ve got my candle standing by, still! (It smells like spruce xmas tree when you burn it, so it’ll smell like Xmas while Nessy is being born.) 🙂

  3. Oh sweetie, I know just how you feel and I’m soooo sorry. Remember the cute little Valentine’s outfit I had for Miss Violet. I remember standing in her room and looking at that outfit on Valentine’s day with tears streaming down my face, feeling like she was NEVER going to be here. Be good to yourself. I’m sending lots of love your way.

  4. sounds like you are riding this out just fine. i think the frustration means it’s time…. as weird as that sounds. i think at the moments you feel like you can’t take ANY more, you are gonna go into labor. so, have all your feelings … you’re only getting closer 🙂


  5. OMG do I remember that feeling well! You articulate it all so very well. You poor thing, it’s a horrible experience.

    In the week before McBean was born, I was so pathetically miserable and volatile that Lazyboo did not leave my side for fear of meltdowns. Which invariably happened anyway but were easier dealt with together!

    But you’re right, after he’s born it all does fade into insignificance.

    But none of the platitudes work – that it will happen when he’s ready, that the time will come, that you’ll forget about this after – it all just made me even grumpier.

    I’m thinking of you often and hoping that this torture is over soon.

  6. Squeak was 7 days overdue. He came out huge, healthy and in a relative hurry. I wish the same for you.

    Thinking of you and sending you love. xox

  7. In the long run, it’s nice that he doesn’t have to share his b-day with xmas or xmas eve. I’m sure the waiting is hell. Think of it this way: a week from now, no matter what, he will be here. Keep your sights on that!

  8. I have been obsessively checking the blog for updates…. Maybe by now he’s here? Could you possibly hold out until January 1st– maybe if he’s the first baby born in Richmond, you could win a prize of some sort! 🙂 But, I know you’re hoping he’s here sooner than that!

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