Technically Only 3 Days Past Due


Yet another woman is in labor, so our midwife appointment got bumped up an hour earlier, to 11:30am.  My blood presure was good.  Pee was normal.  She didn’t “check” me, as she didn’t want to do anything to put me in labor (since she was leaving for a birth right after our appt).  Thinking today was 41 weeks, I asked her about my due date again….and whether or not it changes things based on the fact that we KNOW matter-of-factly what day our son was conceived.  Also, I have 32-day cycles, not 28.  Does that make a difference??? I know due dates are usually based on a 28-day cycle and your last period. Apparently, this new info made quite a difference!  WHY we didn’t do this sooner, I don’t know.  But, my due date SHOULD have been December 20th, not December 16th.  So, on Saturday.  You know what this means? We are only 3 days overdue! Not 7!!! That was a good thing for me to know mentally!  Even though I still feel like I’m a full week past due, that’s not the case.  So, we have another appointment booked for December 30th.  I CANNOT imagine that we’ll make it till then, nor does our MW, but I’ll say it again – WHO KNOWS.  At this point, I’ve given up guessing! Our next appt would put us at 10 days past due, based on our CORRECT due date.  If we do make it to that appointment, she will decide then what time she will give me the “labor drink” to get things going.  However, she said she is convinced that labor will start on its own, without any intervention, and said there is only a 10% chance she’ll see us on Dec 30th.  She reminded me that it’s all about ‘respecting the baby’.  I get this and we genuinely do want him to be able to pick his own birthday.  She said she WAS surprised we made it to our appointment today though…she really thought we were going to go earlier.  She said it’s uncommon to go this long being so dilated.  Her ending thoughts were that we would have a baby in the next 0-6 days with a fairly short labour.  So, in summary, we just have to WAIT! Surprise!

Well, I AM only 3 days past due….ha! I’ve adjusted my tickers for my sanity.  Still hoping this little boy makes an appearance soon.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve….it would be the perfect day to have a baby, don’t you think?


16 thoughts on “Technically Only 3 Days Past Due

  1. I’m sure mentally it does help to know the “new due date”. I also know that a month away from mine I am already impatient and want to just meet our little peanut. I cannot imagine going a single day over. Our baby cousin was born last year on Christmas Eve and one of Jess’ friends had a little boy two years ago on Christmas Eve. We need another little boy born on Christmas Eve. Maybe WeeOne will step up to the plate. LOL Have a great holiday.

  2. I have long cycles too, and I was supposed to be 5 days overdue, but our son was born exactly 9 months (minus one day) from the date of the insemination. The way they calculate the due dates sometimes doesn’t apply to us who know the exact date of conception. Hang in there!

  3. I’m sure it’s a relief to know that you are “only” 3 days overdue. He would definitely be the best kind of Christmas present. I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to light this candle Wee One…

  4. LOL remember back in the day, when you first got pregnant, you had mentioned that your due date was the 20th, and you also mentioned (because of the fact that you were cycle blogging) the day that you ovulated and insemmed- I commented then that your cycke was an exact replica of our “winning cycle: with Harris! I was actually surprised then, when you said that your due date had been moved up. I always knew that you were due on the 20th!! I think he will come tomorrow. Just be ready!!!!

  5. I always wondered if this kind of thing had something to do with why McBean was so ‘late’. But every time I mentioned it, the doctors dismissed it.
    I’m sure this really helps – It’s so hard to make your brain accept the ‘delay’ that any reason is useful!
    I’m hoping for a Christmas Eve baby boy too.
    Merry Christmas in any case!

  6. Oh sweetie, it WILL happen. Probably at a time when you’re convinced it won’t – as it did for me.

    Trust me, the waiting and impatience and hard hard labour is soooooo worth it!

    Thinking of you lots and trying hard to check in with you regularly.


  7. I am glad you figured that out! 🙂 And yay for short births! And I must say, you look like a slim pregnant woman in that photo! I was one gigantic blob all over. 😉

  8. haven’t been online since this weekend and I was super excited to check your blog…thought for sure I’d find different news

    glad to hear you aren’t a full week past due yet! 🙂

    hope you are having a merry christmas!

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