I gots nothing.  Can you believe it?  No baby and I’m still not in labour.  MW called me this morning – appointment for 12:30pm today got cancelled – she is with someone in labour.  So, we go tomorrow at 12:30pm.  I’m really starting to get tired of being pregnant….the last 2 days or so have been really uncomfortable.  I think he’s just getting BIG.  Tomorrow is 41 weeks, and I never thought I’d still be pregnant at this point….I’m trying to stay upbeat.  If nothing happens today, we’ll just see what she says at the appointment tomorrow….


18 thoughts on “40w6d

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! And wow, no baby yet? You must be so uncomfortable. I imagine even waiting one extra day now is almost unbearable! Good luck with tomorrow’s appt. Can they induce you?

  2. Oh no! I was sure there’d be cute baby photos here waiting for us when we got back from our travels, but still not! Maybe your boy REALLY wants to be a Christmas baby. Hang in there love. xxx

  3. Happy Birthday for today (or is it yesterday now? I just can’t get my head around the time difference…)
    Hang in there! This is the very hardest part (including the actual birth I truly believe!) but it will soon be happening and what feels like an eternity now will fade into insignificance. As trite and hard to hear as it is, he’ll come when he’s good and ready.
    In the meantime, take care of yourselves, and try really hard to enjoy these last days as a twosome!

  4. ewwww.. you poor girl. My sister in law went almost 3 weeks over due with her son…. ok ok, so that’s probably NOT making you feel any better. She was however, not dialated at all.. so at least you got that going for ya.

    I’m sure he’ll be here soon… any big storms coming your way? That usually does the trick.

    good luck!

  5. … I am delurking to say hi.. from FF. My daughter Lennon was born Dec 10th last year.. and was 2 weeks and 1 day late… born at home!

    Those last few days were torture…

    My midwife said to me that a baby getting to choose their entrance into this world is their first act of empowerment.

    That helped a little… not much, but a little. 🙂

    And I had my membranes swept twice… one day apart when I was about 12 days late and then 14 days late… I think that really helped..

    Also enemas… I was desperate to try anything.. that helped too I think.. sorry if that is TMI. 🙂 My midwife recommended that over Castor Oil.. she said if the Castor Oil doesn’t work.. you just end up pregnant and miserable with the serious runs…

    Best wishes.. hang in there! Wishing you a happy and healthy birth.


  6. Happy Birthday! Looks like you get to keep your birthday to yourself now and the boy will have his own in a day or two’s time. 🙂

  7. Oh I feel for you. Well, more like for Nessy. I held out on my mom for TWO whole weeks and it drove her batpoo crazy! Oh he’s going to be so deliciously big!

    Hold in their, girlfriend, you can do this!

  8. Holy fuck!

    He’s got to come out sooner or later, right??

    Statistically, every day that you are pregnant you get closer to having him!!!

    Sending you tons of labor vibes — I can’t wait to see the “he’s here” post!!

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