I wish I was having this baby Lynn! Alas, no baby, no labour – yet.  We picked up the dogs from a friends last night.  They had been there since after Wednesday’s MW appointment.   We kept telling our friend, “It’s gotta happen any time now……….” We finally felt badly and decided we’ll just bring them home until labour actually starts.  I am still getting BH contractions that come and go.  I walked around quite a bit yesterday, thinking that would get things going…no such luck!  We may just make it to our MW appointment on Monday after all.  Yet, she said there was no way she’d see us…………I don’t know.  I’m starting to get a little bit uncomfortable in my body (feel mammoth!) and would really like this child to make a move soon.  Monday’s appointment would put us at 6 days overdue….I’m sure we’ll talk to her about some natural things we could do to help move things along.  At this point, s-e-x, walking, nipple stimulation & rocking/bouncing on the birthing ball has done squat.  At least he’s happy in his temporary home….right now his little feet are moving back and forth….not so gently kicking me……’s entertaining to watch your belly jump up and down….but come on little man, we’re here waiting!


19 thoughts on “Nope

  1. I’m leaving for VA this afternoon…so I won’t be able to check this obsessively for a while….
    so I promise that I’ll be lighting a figurative candle and sending up prayers for you guys
    love and hugz… ~Jen

  2. as far as I know — the reason s.ex is helpful to bring on labor is actually semen-related — prostaglandins. not that I’d want to discourage you two… Also, how about pineapple core? Castor oil?

  3. I was just in Motherhood Maternity this morning and there was a woman there talking to the cashier. Today is her due date and the cashier said, “Oh, it’s your first baby? You’ll be at least a week late!”

    Made me think of you:) Come on baby!

  4. Your time must be moving so slowly right now. Guess he’s happy as a clam in there! Hope he makes it before Christmas so you can all be home together.

    Sending labor thoughts your way, (my eyes are squinched tight, concentrating hard, inner chanting “Come on baby, come on baby”)

    Is it working yet? 😉

  5. Wow…. I was certain that I’d see a new family member today when I checked…. hmmm…. are you taking bets? Maybe tonight?

  6. I think he’s just making sure he’s getting everyone’s attention before he makes his grand entrance – mission pretty much accomplished I’d say! 😉 Hope it’s not too much longer for you to wait..

  7. LOL fear not, he will come in the next few days. Remember when I was waiting for Harris? I tried everthing in the book to make him come- but I can honestly say that I don’t think that any of the stuff I tried really did it. You have heard it before- he will come when he is ready!

  8. HE wants to choose his exact birthdate~!

    I went away this weekend and didnt get to check, I was hoping to come back to surprise!

    Have you drank any red raspberry tea?

    I have a friend who drove over speed bumps in desperation. NOT GOOD ADVICE lol.

    hugs and cant wait. xo

  9. just wanted to pop in and say good luck again!

    hope all is wonderful and that glorious baby is on the outside soon!

    we leaving for holidays soon so won’t be able to check in for a while…

    so much luck!

  10. I think that sometimes moms need to be “done” with pregnancy before babies decide to start the labor process. Also, even though it’s true that there are prostaglandins in semen which are an inducing hormone, there are other aspects of se.x that can “help.” I’d give more detail, but don’t want to get too graphic in your comments.

    I’m sure you’ll get some great advice from your mw tomorrow, but if you do go with castor oil, I have a recipe. My best advice to my clients is to try to alternate walking and resting as much as possible. Thinking of you three!

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