How Low Can He Go?


Back from the midwife with good news! I am now 4cm dilated (holy crap!), 80% effaced, and Nessy is at +1 station.  After lying down and lifting up my shirt so she could measure me, she said “Look how much your baby has dropped!!” See the below fetal descent station illustration….he has already made a good portion of the journey already. +1! We are so excited!

Our little man is ready to enter this world.  She told us I could go into labour any minute, and to be prepared that the contractions will START close together, probably around 5 mins apart.  Apparently my body has already done some great set-up work! Woo hoo!  We booked an appointment for Monday morning just in case he decides to be stubborn, but after we scheduled the appt she said “don’t worry, you won’t see me then.”  She’s pretty confident labour will start within the next few hours or days.  We’re having a baby soon folks!



28 thoughts on “How Low Can He Go?

  1. why, he’s halfway out of your suzy already!

    you’re going to have such an amazing (and i predict, fast!) birth. hopefully, i’ll make it home to my candle in time!

    if not, i’ll be lighting symbolic candles all day…

  2. Yay! I agree with ohchicken. Let us know when we should light our candles (I’m not sure that I originally signed up, but I’m totally game). Enjoy these last moments with just the two of you…

  3. i have admired your journey for so long and this is only the second time i comment but i have to wish you a wonderful birth experience and a safe welcome in this world for your little one! i have not signed in but if its ok i will light a candle for you three!

  4. How the hell can he be so low and you be so dilated and you NOT be in labor. I agree with above–this labor is going to be FAST. 🙂

  5. that is incredible! he’s like halfway out already! well, at least with the natural childbirth stuff, you’re 40% there on dilation, without much pain so far. yay!!!!! keep us posted!

  6. Wow. You will (probably) be a mom in a day or so! That is amazing. The graphic is really cool and it does appear that his head is already poking out. Too cool.

  7. Oh my, this is so exciting. Wishing you the very best labor and delivery possible! Hope it is fast, painless, and just what you want it to be!

  8. Ooh how exciting! Hope it’s all going very well – few hours since I first read this but was at work so couldn’t comment – cool picture too, it was great to see where he’s at!

  9. I see by your most recent comment on my blog that you are NOT in labor. I don’t understand how this is even possible! But, I’m voting for today anyway. (You’ve got 12 hours to evict him!) It’s my sister’s birthday and exactly 1 week before xmas. A great day to be born!

  10. Oooohhhh any minute now! I wish I had looked at one of those station charts before I was in labour. It would have made me feel much better about what was coming… Good luck! And thanks for the tip about the falling snow. I will try it…

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