40 Weeks


Well, we’re here.  The big due date.  December 16th, 2008.  We’ve had this date in our minds for a long time now! It may come and go without a baby, and we’re okay with that.  I’m trying to be relaxed and patient….but it’s harder than I thought.  Tomorrow is my brothers 27th birthday, and Monday is my 25th…so I would prefer if Nessy decided not to come on those two days….but I won’t be mad if he does.  How could I be? I’m just ready to get this show on the road! I’ve had contractions on and off today, contractions that don’t go anywhere….it’s a little frustrating.

I actually really thought that something was happening last night.  I felt even crampier, had pain low in my abdomen, and had to sit down multiple times….but then everything stopped.  The boy was more active than ever. I seriously thought he was going to kick or punch his way out of there!  After he quieted down, I had a pretty good night’s sleep, so I was thankful for that.  Our MW appointment is first thing tomorrow morning….I’m so interested to see what she says.  I don’t think she will want me to go too far past our due date if our Wee One is already around 8.5 lbs….but we’ll see.  Here is today’s 40 week belly shot (next to last week’s photo to show you how much he’s dropped).  Surely this will be the last belly shot, no?



17 thoughts on “40 Weeks

  1. That is a huge drop! Your “labor” sounds like mine. I did the on/off thing for 3 days, and then finallly one day it didnt’ stop and it just started getting more painful. Chin up! I think you’re there! 🙂 anytime now 🙂

  2. oooh! Happy due date!!
    That is a kick ass drop and I am expecting the big “here he comes!” post any minute now.
    Until then I hope you both are getting as much rest as you can.

  3. Wow! He is so low. I am so excited for you! Since you are trying to go natural, would your MW give you something to induce your labor if you have not started by a certain time? Just curious because of your MW comment.

  4. liz – yes, our MW can give me a drink that usually brings on labour within a few hours. i think it’s a concocksion of herbs, castor oil, champagne and a few other mystery ingredients. i’ve heard that it REALLY does the trick though! i guess i’ll find out tomorrow how long overdue she feels comfortable with me going…..

  5. oh boy…i NEED to know what’s in that drink!

    Yay for 40 weeks. Can’t believe we both made it. It really did come quickly in the end.

  6. Sooo glad you’re feeling better now – I know what you mean about antibiotics but sometimes you just have to and its great that they’ve done the trick right when you need it most!
    Yay for 40 weeks – he sure has dropped a lot so hopefully not much longer 🙂

  7. Trust me he does need his OWN birthday…I was born on my brothers 5th birthday…..HATE IT….I just turned (dec 8) 50 my brother turned 55

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