No Baby


It’s snowing.  Unfortunately -not in Richmond – but on my blog.  That’s the only news.  Sorry to disappoint girls….no baby yet.  In fact, the labor gods are laughing at me….deciding to play a practical joke….they’ve taken away what was my ever-increasing BH contractions and hit me with a cold.  A doozey too.  T-Minus 4 days till our due date and I now have a killer sore throat (the kind that makes you dread swallowing even a sip of water), and now I am having sinus pressure and gobs of yellow-green snot (sorry!) coming out of my nose (and sometimes throat – yuck!). I feel awful and am not sleeping much at night.  More than that though, I am now getting anxious about going into labor feeling like this. I can’t imagine feeling this way and trying to get through contractions, natural delivery and then care for a newborn. That seems overwhelming to me right now. Also, I don’t want to make him sick the first day he comes into the world! Crossing my fingers that I beat this thing VERY soon. Please send me your healing thoughts…..There’s nothing left to do but wait.


16 thoughts on “No Baby

  1. Ooh, sorry about the cold, that is terrible timing. Kick it soon, k? And on a side note, my mother sneezed herself into labor with me. That was allergies, but still….

  2. You CAN do it! 🙂

    And look at it this way, most colds take a week to get over. If Nessy comes by or after his due date you should be feeling better by then. No worries!

  3. Sorry to hear about the cold – sounds nasty! Funnily enough we were just talking about people having sinusy colds as they go into labour at work the other day (slow day lol), apparently 3 women in my team had the same thing a few days out – is it common or just a coincidence I wonder?

  4. tiff-i’ve heard that it is more common (in general) to get sinus infections when you are pregnant because all of your mucus membranes swell

    i hope you get over it soon! I’ll be praying

    Oh and I too love the snow…but you don’t want it to snow in RIC…cause you know people don’t know how to clear the roads or drive with the white stuff in the South…and it’s not the pretty kind of snow anyway…it’s wet and icy 😛

  5. You totally don’t want that babe to come while you’re full of snot and misery. Thinking of you – hoping the cold is gone soon and Nessy arrives shortly after…but not before Squeak!! xox

  6. I am hoping like crazy that you get over this cold quickly and that the little one waits for his mom to feel better before making his grand entrance. xoxo

  7. hoping that cold buggers off soon and you are as well and rested as can be when that precious little boy arrives. so excited for you!

    i just love new babies and new baby news! eeeek!

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