Chilling Like Ice Cream Filling


That line is from J.ason M.raz’s song “I’ll Do Anything” off of his first album….one of my favs.  It describes what I’m doing pretty well… Chilling! I think this baby boy is just chilling too! I enjoyed 2/3 a glass of red wine last night (my first drop of alcohol the entire pregnancy) and it didn’t even phase Nessy.  Seriously.  I don’t even think he kicked me until this morning! Oh yeah, he’s just chillaxing it up in there while I’m dealing with this Waiting Game.  I guess I can’t rush him though….he still has 8 days till his due date! I keep thinking it’s going to happen soon (of course this could be my mind just TRYING to convince me…..after all, it’s what I want to hear….).  It’s so unlike me to be this impatient! I’ve had more BH contractions this morning, and feel a bit crampy….but other than that, things are still the same.  Must go find food now…..

Reminder: Average gestation is approximately 41 weeks 2 days.

Goal: Keep chilling.

Fun: The following poll.


12 thoughts on “Chilling Like Ice Cream Filling

  1. I voted for a late arrival as well. *ducks* 🙂

    I have been meaning to ask but keep forgetting, what names will he call you guys?

    I can’t wait! 🙂

  2. alas……”after” is winning….

    ciaochow – darnit! another vote for AFTER!?! ah well….at least you made me laugh!

    liz – i am going to be “mommy” and k will be “mama”…but we realize that he may choose his own names for us, and we’ll probably just go with that! i will post my playlist (so far) tomorrow 🙂

  3. haha I’m definitely picking early – the last baby shower I went to I guessed a date way after everyone else and sure enough she was born on that date… I swear the mother was ready to kill me for jinxing it!

  4. I made my way to your blog from Lynn’s blog. I just wanted to say in solidarity that our son was 5 days overdue! I hope today is your day to give birth!

    Also, I like that Jason song and now it’s in my head. “You can be Kool and the gang if you’d rather hang…”

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