Bullets From An Expectant Mother


Bullet post…..because you know you love them as much as I do.

  • Parked for the FIRST time in a “expectant moms” parking space at the grocery store.  The spot was as equally as lovely as all those oh-so-close handicapped parking spots that I can never (but secretly want to) park in.  Before now, I never felt that we NEEDED to park in these spots, but now that I am officially waddling, I don’t feel badly.  I am taking FULL advantage of them actually…
  • We’ve been procrastinating with the car seat.  I finally spoke with a officer at the fire station (car seat inspection site) and he instructed us to come by last night between 5-7pm.  There are VERY few car seat inspection sites in the city.  We get there at 5:45pm and he is not there, but other guys are.  They proceed to tell us that it is too dark for them to help us out.  To their credit, they were very sweet and of course we wouldn’t want them to install it improperly with it being dark out….but, umm….why wouldn’t the officer on duty have told me that YESTERDAY…when I spoke to him?? I just assumed that they had a bay to pull the vehicle into.  Nope.  Giving it another shot tonight – BEFORE DARK.
  • Midwife appointment yesterday. She said my belly looked “nicely pointy”.  I don’t know exactly what that means, except I feel like my tummy has become a shelf.  You could easily put a mug of coffee on it, and it wouldn’t fall off….seriously.  I mean, it would burn me, so of course it would fall…..but…geez, you guys get the point of what I’m trying to say.
  • I decided not to get an internal exam yesterday, as the midwife thinks I’ll go another week at least (damn it!). She said I COULD go this week, but she isn’t predicting that. So, I’ll get checked next Wednesday to see if there are any changes in my cervix.  I am trying to enjoy these last few days of being alone…I’ve been overcome with emotion a couple times the last few days.  Things are never going to be the same…
  • I lost a pound, so total weight gain is at 30 lbs. Blood pressure is still good and pee was normal. Wee One/Nessy’s heartbeat was strong and loud today and he is still in a good position. We asked her to guestimate on his weight again, and she still thinks he’ll be 7.5-8.5ish.
  • We talked a lot about PUSHING and how to avoid tearing and all that good stuff.  She gave me some articles to read.  I feel like I’m going to forget everything important when the time comes….but I guess that’s what she’s there for right?? Starting to get a little anxious.  She mentioned that this is pretty common before the “peaceful” period that comes right before labour.   Hmm….peaceful? I hope so!
  • Thank you girls for being so supportive of the candle idea! Can’t tell you how much it means to have you guys sending me such positive thoughts!!
  • Wanted to get some stroller toys for the baby (to hang on the bassinet part), but K and I are sort of funny about that stuff.  We don’t like big clunky plastic toys.  She calls the really bright ones “gaudy”.  I don’t know….kids seem to love them, but at the same time….they sometimes are a bit much.  We decided to get a few different-looking toys that we can clip on.  Just got them in today – U.glydolls!!!!! I just couldn’t resist the hilarity of these………they are are so ugly that they have to be cute…..no?


  • Finally, driving the other day, this vehicle pulled in front of us with an interesting plate! Is it a sign?



15 thoughts on “Bullets From An Expectant Mother

  1. It sounds like your little man will be here soon! You ladies sound absolutely ready. Thanks for the update. Good luck!

    Oh, my partner and I will be participating with your candle energy baby welcome! (I don’t know exactly what to call it.)

  2. jude has beep and bop (blue and green) and loves them. well done. 🙂

    apparently, sitting on the rag o castor oil every other night for 20 mins after a bath helped me with the tearing issue. highly recommended, though very weird. 🙂

  3. Those dolls are super cute!

    I can’t believe you haven’t been parking in the expectant mother spots. I seriously considered it last week when I was too tired to walk to the front door and I’m only 12 weeks!

  4. I had that green one, Ox!

    I think you should do those and mix them in with some black and white images/toys. You can find cheap-ish mobiles in black and white and deconstruct ’em, y’all are pretty good at that!

    I can’t WAIT to see Nessy! He’s gonna be a cuuuutie!

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