38 Weeks


No news yet ladies, although I have been having a lot more BH contractions as of late!  Mrs.Bluemont gave me a kick in the butt to post – so here I am (thanks for the sweet words too!!) I promise I’m going to try to update as often as I can when things get rolling. I know how I feel when one of my internet friends goes into labour….I am constantly hitting refresh for news!!! So, my plan is to do a play-by-play for as much of the labor as I can . . . we will see how that goes!

Something I wanted to share with you all – I was reading in the book B.irthing F.rom W.ithin and and there was a Mother Blessing idea that I really liked. I wanted to know if you all would be interested in participating if you feel like it!  “Each friend takes a candle and lights it as soon as she hears labor has started.  The Mother’s awareness of those soft, flickering lights lit for her will be an added source of strength and comfort.”  I just thought that was so beautiful.  I am thinking more and more about the labour and homebirth, and trying to get my mind in the right place.  I think it would be awesome to know that there are people out there who are sending me strength.  The book went on to read, “As I look around the room, I will see each of you in every corner, sending me strength and empathy and powerful energy.  You are all in the room with me, silent but powerfully bringing good energy and vibrations into this labor.”  For some reason, those passages really spoke to me.  I would be touched if some of you wanted to do this with me.  We will be lighting our own candles when labour begins, as one of my main affirmations is to “melt with the contractions”.  I think it will help me to focus on the flickering flames in the room while repeating these words.  The Mother Blessing would be a great tie-in to all of that. Let me know what you all think.

38 weeks! I feel I am getting rounder by the minute and am finding sleep a little bit more difficult these last few days.  K has been so sweet though and takes the dogs out each night so that I don’t have to do the 2 flights of stairs. AND….as far as my pregnancy fashion, or lack thereof, I have officially been wearing the same fleece pullover every.single.day.  My poor K….the pullover happens to be bright orange, and I feel bad that she has to be subjected to the me looking like a large pumpkin.  Such is life right now! Nothing fits me.  I have been living in sweatpants….they are my saving grace!  And, I just stick with wearing the pullover because it’s easy.  I just can’t justify spending $40 on a nice maternity sweater that I’m only going to wear for another 2 (hopefully) weeks.  Other than nighttime, I am feeling pretty good.  We have an appointment with N tomorrow morning, and I think I am going to ask her to check me….just to see where I’m at.  I really can’t imagine going past my due date of the 16th, but I am accepting that our little boy will come when HE is ready.  I am prepared at this point for another 2 weeks of pregnancy….and then we’ll go from there!!  We are pretty much waiting on him now.  We are 99% prepared.  The car seat gets inspected tonight, and then we have to clean the birthing tank.  Other than that, we are ready. I’m even done with my Christmas shopping (have I mentioned how much I love A.mazon? It really makes it soooo easy!)!

We attended what will most likely be our last B.irthtalk class last night….there were so many ladies with babes in arm!  Notes From 2 Moms was there with little Lily, who is growing like a weed, yet still looks so dainty to me!  She is precious….I can’t wait for our little boy to meet his future girlfriend her!  It was nice to hear some more birth stories, too, (I never get tired of hearing them!) and be surrounded by like-minded people.  Our time is coming soon, and I feel I want to protect my space and only surround my family with positive energy…there is too much negativity out there and too many people wanting to throw their horror stories on you.  I feel like it’s what I need to do right now…..like it’s a defensive-mechanism or something.

And, finally, the money shot.  My Montana-sized belly at 38 weeks! I don’t know what the ticker in the top right-hand corner is talking about with 6 lbs…..our midwife, N, is guestimating Nessy is 7.5 lbs right now!



22 thoughts on “38 Weeks

  1. I just realised, your little man is going to be a Sagi. Have fun with that, we’re willful, stubborn and ballsy. Good characteristics, I think, for a wee one with two mamas. =)

    I will definitely be lighting a candle for you!

  2. I’m delurking to let you know that I’ll be lighting a candle for you. My wife and I are preparing to begin our own ttc adventure and I’ve found your blog very inspirational. Wishing all three of you happiness and health in the next few weeks!

  3. I’ll be lighting a candle for you! I love the idea and hope to maybe use it myself when my day comes. I’ll make it a fairly short candle, to add wishes for a speedy labor and delivery.

    Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. i will also light a candle for you. the quiet flicker of them through out my labor was quite the saving grace. what a sacred event you are about to enter into. i’ll be relentlessly refreshing…


  5. love the candle idea! I’ll definitely do it! 🙂

    it was soooo good to see you guys!

    I’m praying for you to get some sleep before he comes…and I can’t wait to find out his name…although I do have a guess now ;P

    So you’re kicking Karli’s mom out when the baby is born right? (I mean not permanently…but for a while)

    love you guys…hugs and prayers

  6. we’ll light a candle for you! i cant believe how close you are now! wow, i feel like your next post will be “girl, im in labor! light those candles!” 🙂

  7. we too will light a candle for you! i’m sure it’s going to be soon and really i can’t wait, and if i can’t wait, i know you can’t wait!

  8. We lit a candle when my sister was in labor, and we will certainly do the same for you. This is one of my favorite baby welcoming ideas ever.

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