Nesting At 36 Weeks?


nest |nest|
1 a structure or place made or chosen by a bird for laying eggs and sheltering its young.
• a place where an animal or insect breeds or shelters : an ants’ nest.
• a person’s snug or secluded retreat or shelter.
• a bowl-shaped object likened to a bird’s nest : arrange in nests of lettuce leaves.
• a place filled with or frequented by undesirable people or things : a nest of spies.
2 a set of similar objects of graduated sizes, made so that each smaller one fits into the next in size for storage : a nest of tables.

I’ve been a bad blogger.  I’ve been meaning to update for days….but the hours and days have gotten away on me, despite my best efforts.  K has already said that the “nesting has begun”….I don’t know, maybe.  I haven’t really thought of it as nesting…but rather, organizing. I feel like I’ve been so busy these last few days.  I’ve washed ALL the 0-6 baby clothes, socks, hats, towels, receiving blankets, etc.  Who knew there would be THAT many loads of laundry to do….it really is crazy how many onesie’s we have for this child.  I’ve sent out all the thank you cards for our shower gifts, put together our new z.en baby swing, written a birth plan (in case we get transported to the hospital) and filled out pre-registration forms.  We’ve moved things out of the bedroom, put the bassinet beside the bed, finished the entire “naked book” (b.radley) & my birth invitation for our MW and picked up the 150-gallon birthing tank and brought it up to the condo (that thing is a monster and resembles a horse trough!).  Whew!  It’s been exhausting, but exciting to feel like we’re knocking things off our to-do list! It is beginning to feel like we’ll have a baby in our home soon!

We have very few things left to get:  new garden hose, shower adapter, extension cord, ice bag, coffee for the midwife and high-protein prepared meals to have after the birth.  It doesn’t seem like much after all we’ve gotten!

Today is 36w2d.  Nessy is approximately 6 lbs at this point! We are safe to have him this Tuesday, if he decides to come then.  I can’t believe that.  That “safe date/full term date” always seemed so far away!  We picked up a bottle of wine yesterday for the upcoming labor OR after the birth.  It’s the first bottle we’ve had in the house in 9 mos (Karli doesn’t drink wine)….I can’t wait to celebrate the birth of our boy…..

We have now switched to appointments with N, our midwife, every week now.  At our appointment yesterday, she did the Group B strep test.  We will have the results back by next Monday’s appointment.  She did an internal exam (first one) and said that I haven’t started dilating yet, so she is thinking that I will go close to my due date at this point, not next week…which is totally okay with me….I just had to have the 37 week marker to look forward to!  It was weird getting an internal exam from her though, not because she made me feel uncomfortable or anything, but because every appointment has been so casual and just like chit-chatting with a good friend, and this time I had to drop my drawers and that barrier was broken.  She made me feel really at-ease though, and all 3 of us joked around (K comes to every appointment with me). A little background on Karli….she likes to joke around a lot and get a reaction out of people…..I think she knew I was nervous about the first exam….so she tried to lighten the mood.  Once N said that she was going to do an internal, K went on to say “Oh, well GREAT, because I gave Tiff an A+ shave job.” (I have officially not been able to do this myself the last 2 weeks)  Awesome.  At least we laughed.  Here I am laying down, legs open, and my midwife says “VERY nice shave job!”, looking at Karli.  I think that broke the ice enough to where I won’t be uncomfortable at any further appointments! Other things from the appointment:

  • Wee One has dropped!  Very happy about this, as I am now able to breathe a little easier!
  • I lost a pound, which was great…. as I am carrying a lot of water weight! She said I should be done gaining now, so I’ve gained 30 total, which she said was right on target.
  • Blood pressure was still the same, not elevated, so that was more good news. Wee One’s heartbeat was strong and normal, and he was having very strong hiccups when she was listening to his HB. My whole tummy moved….it was pretty funny. She said that the baby is still in the perfect position, and that my pelvis is “perfect” to have a baby (not unusually shaped), so that was great news. She said I will have no problem delivering him, as I didn’t have any weird bone or pelvis issues. The exam was uncomfortable….it felt like she was applying A LOT of pressure.  She said she was “walking around my pelvis” and that everything seemed great.  I was relieved….you have no idea what your pelvis is like before these exams!
  • She sent me off to buy some vitamins specifically for the end of pregnancy (to prevent hemorrhage and create healthy tissue growth).  Ingredients are: black cohosh, squaw vine herb, dong quai root butcher’s broom root & red raspberry leaves.
  • Instructed me to start taking evening primrose oil to soften/ripen the cervix & suggested increasing my intake of raspberry leaf tea.

Our last natural birthing class was last night.  I was sort of sad about that….I really liked the instructor and the folks in the class and can’t believe this fun part of the pregnancy is ending.  I will be the first one to have a baby out of the class (every other couple is due in February) and feel like I almost have a responsibility to get through this natural birth successfully.  I know that I shouldn’t really feel that pressure, but I do somewhat.  Funny, I know.

We have to install the car seat this weekend and get it inspected.  I think once I see that in our vehicle, it will be all the more REAL.  Sometimes I feel like I’m in denial though…I know I’m pregnant, and I know he’s in there….waiting for the right time to make his entrance into this world….yet, somehow it feels surreal….like I’ll always be pregnant and never a mother.  It’s coming up so soon, and I do feel ready, despite the last few things we have to do.

My belly has gotten massive and I have finally gotten those dreaded stretch marks.  I only had one small one before (around 20 weeks), and hadn’t gotten any since then.  I thought maybe I would be spared….alas, no such luck!  36 weeks, in all it’s glory! Hopefully this will be one of the last belly shots you’ll see ladies!



19 thoughts on “Nesting At 36 Weeks?

  1. I was wondering where you were! Glad to hear you are doing well and everything is in full swing for the little one! I cannot wait to see him. Good luck with everything and you are going to do just fine!!!!

  2. So exciting that you are so close. And your belly is beautiful!!!

    It also scares me a little since I know that I am only 5 weeks behind you…..holy crap has the time flown!!!! I totally know what you mean about the baby being surreal. Every once in a while I have these moments where I get how real this whole process is but mostly it just feels surreal.

  3. So glad to hear that your appointment was nothing but great news. It’s so close now. Definitely try to enjoy everything you can during these last weeks. Can’t wait to read about the arrival of your baby!

  4. I’m so so sooooo excited for you guys! Can’t wait til next week. What day did we say? Tuesday, I think? Any chance we could do it Monday or Wednesday? If not it’s fine…I’m just trying to figure out when I’m going to DC, and it might work better for me to do M or W with ya’ll? Just let me know! 🙂

    Can’t wait!

  5. I am so excited for you! Making time to blog will only get worse for awhile. Eliana is almost 1 month old and I STILL have to blog about the experience! She is already growing out of her clothes so be glad that you washed so much stuff! 🙂

    You are in my thoughts!

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