Getting Prepared

zencircle01The weekend seemed to fly by, as it always does.  I didn’t quite lay flat in bed for 48 hours…but I tried to keep my feet up for a few hours here and there.  Friday night K and I went out with friends to a fab Cuban restaurant, where I enjoyed a lovely (and simple) meal.  I got home and started feeling a bit crappy…..then proceeded to throw it all up.  I don’t really know what that was all about, as my meal was basically a glorified grilled-cheese, but I’m finding I’m feeling SO full lately, even if I only eat a little….so maybe I had just reached my maximum and my stomach couldn’t handle it.  I don’t know! I felt much better after that though, and wasn’t sick the rest of the weekend.  On Saturday, K and I hit the stores to try and work on getting everything for our birth box.  We did quite well and got the following supplies for our home birth:

  • Flashlight with fresh batteries
  • Large black plastic trash bags
  • Receiving blankets
  • Nursing tank top and new undies
  • Baby undershirts
  • Antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer
  • One bottle of rubbing alcohol
  • One bottle of hydrogen peroxide
  • Q-tips
  • Peri-bottle (Squeeze type)
  • Baby/Adult wipes to be used during labor
  • 26 oz. box of sea salt for postpartum herb bath
  • 4 oz. of ground cloves (again, for herb bath)
  • Ginger-ale to ensure hydration in labor
  • A.dvil liquid gels for postpartum pain relief
  • Epsom salts
  • Chapstick
  • T.ucks pads and witch hazel for postpartum relief
  • Massage oil to be used during labor

Not too bad if you ask me!! We are really almost-there on being prepared.  We still need a blue bulb-type ear syringe (not nasal aspirator) and I’m finding it difficult to find one! We’ve looked at BRU, W.Mart & T.arget!  We also need a new garden hose and shower adapter (to fill up the birthing tub), extension cord, ice bag, coffee for the midwife and a bottle of wine! We are also going to make a high-protein meal to have ready for after Wee One is born, as well as protein snacks on hand for labor.  Still on my to-do list:  1) pack a “just in case” hospital bag 2) wash all Wee One’s clothes and birth towels 3) install car seat 4) set up birthing tank (in a week and a half) It’s really not that much! We’re so close to READY!!! Our F.isher P.rice Z.en Swing came in today too! I’m so excited to set that up.  Our nursery will be almost complete after that! Also, our midwife suggested a certain pediatrician for us (and I truly trust N completely!) that was around her age, and a little flexible on vaccinations.  I called them to make sure they were accepting new patients.  The secretary was so friendly and sweet, which immediately made me feel good! She told us to just call her after we had our baby and that we would go from there.  She wished us luck and said “see you soon”…. I really appreciated calling up a new place and hearing someone so cheery on the phone!!! We are not going to interview him, as he comes recommended by our midwife (who knows our needs and wants in a pedi).  We figure if we meet him and hate him, we can always switch.  She also reminded us that we don’t need someone to tell us that we’re doing a good job or reinforce the decisions we’re making (vaccines, etc), we just simply need a good doctor to care for our baby.  The decisions are up to us as parents!  It was good to be reminded of that!

Tomorrow is 35 weeks, which means we have just 2 short weeks till we are full-term and it’s safe to have our little man at home.  It seems so crazy that in a few short weeks our whole lives will change!  My belly is getting so big!  Every time I cough my belly button sticks out….Karli’s new thing is that she just ASKS me to cough now so that she can see it.  I’m thinking it’s going to pop out on its own here soon! Next week is our last birthing class….it’s flown by, but I feel I’ve learned a lot about labor and some good positions and pain-coping techniques (that hopefully I’ll remember when the time comes!) Next week we also switch to appointments every week (with our midwife).  Right now I’m working on my “birth invitation”….it’s something that our midwife, N, gets everyone to do.  It forces you to address your fears and embrace them, as well as focus on feelings and affirmations you have/would like to have for the labor and delivery.  Doing all these exercises and reading in the classes is really making this all the more real.  I am trying to be “zen” about it all and just let it happen when it is meant to happen.  I am still a little nervous about the pain of a natural labor, which I think is to be expected.  Since pain is one of my fears for birth, I am “inviting” it in my birth invitation.  Pain that is powerful, purposeful and productive. I requested life-giving pain that I am capable of handling.  It will allow me to listen to what my body is doing and to work with my body and baby to do what it needs to do.  I am going to have my invitation and affirmations near when the time comes…hoping that they help me through it all.

Another thing we did this weekend was attend a doula workshop.  Our birthing assistant, T, invited us and a few other couples. I was one of 6 pregnant mamas whose belly was used to help doulas-in-training.  I was pretty honored! There were about 30 women being trained by T to become doulas.  They each took turns placing their hands on my belly to find where Wee One was positioned and then tried to locate his heartbeat with a fetoscope.  T was awesome and said that Wee One’s heartbeat was just perfect! It was pretty cool to see so many young women passionate about birth.  We watched a video of 5 waterbirths, and I was holding back tears.  I so want that for my labor and delivery!  The births took place at a birthing center in Guatemala….and it was unreal how the women were so calm and quiet during the intensity of contractions, pushing and delivery.  If only I could be like that! K kept calling them “champs”….they honestly were!  At the end of the workshop, T gave me a hot/cold herb bag that she had made herself.  It smelled so good, with lavender and a whole mix of herbs…. I have a feeling that it will come in handy during labor!

I’m off to read more of The Naked Book (aka B.radley) and to try and force myself to drink more cold raspberry leaf tea (why couldn’t I just be someone who enjoys cold tea!??).


15 thoughts on “Getting Prepared

  1. when i had to get off the caffeine, i drank a lot of raspberry leaf iced tea and pretended it was giving me my fix. fail.

    re: peribottle, that mofo is going to be your best friend for weeks.

    you are going to rock your labor with the calm steadiness you’ve shown throughout your pregnancy. i can’t wait to meet your boy. so so soon.

  2. I ate cuban food a few weeks back and got so sick. It happened when I ate it in the first trimester too. Im wondering if it was the oil and garlic.

    I am so excited for you two, I cant wait to see your little boy. xoxoxo

  3. So exciting! In regards to the bulb aspirator, my midwife used a
    Nosefrida, it’s the greatest thing of all times and you will find
    yourself needing it often once your baby starts getting those nice
    stuffy nose issues… best of luck with your home birth!

  4. I just saw the ear syringe at Babies -r- U.s . I had no idea what it was and tried to buy it when I was looking for the nasal aspirator. Good luck from a lurker!

  5. Sounds like you are right on track with everything! And to go along with another commenter above, I have heard those nosefrieda things rock! I haven’t ordered one yet, because thankfully AJ has never been sick (knock on tons of wood).

  6. It sounds like you’re almost ready! You’re going to do such an amazing job through your birth. Your birth invitation sounds like a wonderful way to get you on track. I can’t believe it’s so soon! xoxo

  7. Excuse me barging into your blog, but I just wanted to suggest rather respectfully in a knowing kind of way that you include two small items in your hospital bag: lanolin cream for your nipples and a pair of Avent nipple shields. At $6 a pair, it’s something that you shouldn’t feel bad spending the money on and hope never to have to use, but if you’re having latch issues and don’t have a highly supportive lactation consultant (i.e. the knowing part) then you will thank your stars that you have these puppies as they will relieve the pain, create a fantastic latch, and help your newborn get to that delicious colostrum so you can both get some sleep. Best of luck with the birth and the nursing. xxx

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