34 Weeks!


The last few days have been crazy! We have had a friend here visiting from WA the last few days (and is leaving at 5am tomorrow morning), so this post will be short and sweet! Our baby shower was on Sunday and was SO much fun! It was so nice to see so many supportive people! We had a wonderful time with friends and family and got some beautiful gifts.  Pictures and details to come.

In the meantime, today is the day to get out and vote! K cast her vote, and we are hoping that everyone else is voting FOR CHANGE as well!! Our fingers our crossed.

Oh, the main reason for this post though….I am 34 weeks today (holy crap!).  3 weeks till we are considered full-term.  I’m starting to really feel massive now, am burning up (temperature wise) and I am peeing ALL.THE.TIME (therefore sleeping less!).  I have also officially started waddling.  Really.  I can’t believe how fast The Big Day is approaching….I feel like we are almost ready.  We have most everything we need (except the car seat and some birth supplies) and are getting the last few things in the next 2 weeks or so. Hoping this little man comes right at 37 weeks, but it’s doubtful. A girl can dream right? That’s all for now….a longer, more detailed post to come soon! And now, behold, 34 weeks in all its glory ladies:



9 thoughts on “34 Weeks!

  1. awww…oh my word…I can’t wait to see that belly in person

    so i want you to make sure you pencil me in thanksgiving week…let me know what day is good 🙂

  2. A great pregnancy book I have gives this good advice: Never wish to be anywhere else than you are right at that time. If you’re early in your pregnancy, don’t wish you could already feel the baby move. If you can feel the baby move, don’t wish you could already hold him in your arms. Your pregnancy will fly by, and you will never be in the exact moment you’re in right now, so enjoy every day as its own special gift. The future will arrive before you know it – enjoy the present!
    Easier said than done, I know, but sage advice nonetheless.

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