World Spins Madly On

Can I say how overwhelmed I was by the outpouring of love and support from you guys?? It literally brought me to tears reading each one of your comments, and I have read over them several times.  Whether you are a regular commenter, or you de-lurked to give me some much-needed encouragement….it was all greatly appreciated.  I could not get over how thoughtful each of you were, and got K to sit down to read the comments as well.  I was so moved by you guys in the blogging community – what an awesome bunch of women you all are. Thank you all for those heartfelt and kind words.  The few days after receiving that message from my mom were rough, but I can tell you that your comments lifted my spirits so much.  So, thank you again, everyone.   I was seriously so touched by your words, as was K.  Please accept the kiss above as thanks.  It’s the least I can do after such sweetness.

In pregnancyland, tomorrow is 33 weeks.  4 weeks until we’re considered full-term.  I can’t believe that.  I am hoping that Wee One decides to come early….but I have a feeling he has his own ideas for when he wants to enter this world.  All day today he has been kicking me and moving from side to side.  He’s getting big enough now that I can tell where his head and bum are, and whether it is an elbow or a foot or hand jabbing me.  It’s pretty wild.  My stomach moves all over the place some nights, and I think he’s having another party in there.  Oh, also, I think I’ve just entered the I’m-not-going-to-be-sleeping-much-from-here-on-out phase of pregnancy.  Sleeping has been getting more difficult, but was still do-able….however, the last few nights my Montana-sized tummy has become increasingly more difficult to maneuver in bed.  I just can’t seem to get comfortable and switch my body pillow from side to side all night.  My back is screaming for me to just lay on my tummy….which is so not-doable.  I think if I could even sleep awhile straight on my back I’d feel better…but they say you are on a nerve or something if you lay on your back….and it cuts off bloodflow/oxygen to the baby….so I freak out and switch positions every time I unconsciously end up there.  I keep telling myself, not much longer and I’ll have my old (ish) body back and and our little man in my arms, and this is so worth it.

We’ve got pretty busy evenings this week (but work is starting to slowly calm down….yay!!!):

  • Tuesday – 2 1/2 hour Breastfeeding class at the local hospital
  • Wednesday – Our usual childbirth class.  MUST do homework……(more reading in The Naked Book).
  • Thursday – Couples massage!!! How excited am I?? How excited is my back?!
  • Friday – Halloween! Our close friends, C & J, are having a big Halloween bash.  I am wearing the following t-shirt (Karli is printing it for me), complete with black pants, flip-flops (I wear them ALL “winter”), black fingernails and skeletony (I don’t think that’s a word) make-up.

Planning to make these oh-so-cute spiderweb cupcakes in orange and purple too.  I love baking!

Saturday night, K’s roomate from college (we haven’t seen her in 4 years!) is flying in from WA to spend a few days with us. We’re taking her and a bunch of friends to the lesbian club in town….. She just told us she was gay a few months ago, so we promised we’d go with her! It should be a fun time!! Sunday is our baby shower! K and I have to finish a few last-minute things (so basically everything) for Sunday.  We have to pick up the punch fountain, order and pick up our cupcakes, order t-shirts (and print them) by Friday (we’re giving these as favors), get the balloons and curling ribbon and any other non-cheesy green & brown shower decorations we can find and put them all up on Sunday.  I feel like we have been all over creation looking for some good shower decorations (they are all pink or blue).  Our theme is green & brown….any ideas???? We really wanted to do something inexpensive but cool looking for centerpeices, but are fresh out of ideas.  Post if you have something you think we should do!  Also, we’re having a guy-girl baby shower, so we weren’t sure about doing the “typical” baby shower games…. any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.  I feel like a fish out of water when it comes to this stuff.

Leaving you with this great song, “The World Spins Madly On” by The Weepies.  The title describes our lives quite well right now, not to mention, I’m rather fond of the little blue monster in the video.  Enjoy!


19 thoughts on “World Spins Madly On

  1. After reading your last post, it’s so nice to hear that you found comfort from (mostly) strangers. Sometimes we have to make our own families, and what a good one you’ve made! I love the skeleton t-shirt. Have a great Halloween and baby shower!

  2. Your skeleton t-shirt is very, very cute. 🙂
    My doctor said it was fine for me to sleep on my back…he said sleeping is the important thing. I find that it is only comfortable for short amounts of time though. I think that your body tells you if you’ve been there long enough.
    I can’t believe you are so close to full term!! Yikes, this is so exciting!

  3. loved this post. that you are really weaving the parts of your life together with as much blessing as possible. love that you think you’ll sleep better when Wee One is born. 😉 love the cupcakes. love the skeletony t-shirt and am looking forward to seeing the skeletony make-up (photo?)! love how on top of all of this you are. as for the centerpieces — calla lilies in brown pots, and/or with a brown ribbon tied around a clear vase? also orchids? a friend did small cakes at each table for her wedding — i.e. not a big wedding cake, but instead little ones at the table. you could do chocolate cakes (or just frosting) and use sage green in the decorating? then you have dessert and centerpieces all in one! 🙂 so excited that Wee One is on his way…

  4. Mwah right back at you. I LOVE that t-shirt – I’d wear it every day! Try propping yourself up with pillows and sleeping on your back in a more upright position – it’ll take the pressure off and might get you some extra zzzzs.

  5. I just read your last post. My thoughts are with you and K as you do, indeed, start your family. I am sorry you have to bear such judgement, but I know your little one is so lucky to have such strong mamas.

  6. As for games you can play….If you have a strong stomach, get 4 or 5 diapers and spread different chocolate bars on the inside and have the guests smell the inside and try to guess what candy it is. It looks gross but is super fun. You can offer some little trinket as a prize for those who get the most right.

  7. I LOVE that tshirt you are wearing. That is way cute! That makes me miss being pregnant 🙂

    I am so glad you are feeling better about things and that all the comments helped. Isn’t it amazing how people can touch your heart that you have never met?

  8. can not stop laughing over that shirt!!
    also- your last post- it stayed with me. I even called my Mom at work and read it to her and we were both crying. You & K are wonderful women and you will be amazing Moms.
    sending love- always!

  9. hi .. just found your blog today and wow, the stuff with your bio family sounds so hurtful and familiar. **hugs** from a complete stranger who hopes to get knocked up next summer. as for baby shower decor ideas ….. how about kitty grass in nice pots set about? – maybe with a brown ribbon tied around the pot? (could make the felines a little munchy) or some other, inexpensive green instead? alive, green, growing things and brown soil ….sounds so fertile to me! 🙂 have a great time!

  10. I hope you have a wonderful shower. I just love that T-shirt. I think you guys could make some good money with that design because I saw it and I immediately wanted it. I can’t believe you guys are so close to full term.

  11. I’m just getting caught up on the last week’s posts. I am so overwhelmed by your mother’s response and the history with your family. It’s so sad and frustrating, but makes me so fucking proud of you and K. I can’t believe what amazing, strong women you are. You are going to be the BEST parents.

    Love that t-shirt and you shower colors. It’s all getting so exciting!

    Know that so many of us care about you three and love you to bits.

  12. i’m still composing a comment to your previous post in my head, that’s how moved i was. but wanted to say that i LOVE the halloween costume!

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