Thanks for all the lovely comments on the belly shots!  I am getting quite large…but the end is in sight!! Only 7 more weeks till we are full-term! I am also starting to feel much better…I am a bit more rested, and my sore throat is gone! I am still stuffed up, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.  This morning we had our 30-week midwife appointment, and all is going well.  I haven’t gained any more weight in the last 2 weeks (yay!), so total weight gain is still around 23 lbs or so.  Pee and blood pressure remain the same….so I’m happy.  Wee One is still head down and N is guestimating around 3.5lbs.  We have one of our birthing classes tonight and I’m looking forward to more and more info to help prepare me for THE BIG DAY (that is starting to be on my mind more and more).  Okay, switching gears, we have completed the nursery (but for a few minor things: mobile arm cover, changing table pad, etc)!  Finally folks, PICTURES:


26 thoughts on “Nursery!

  1. Such a lovely nursery! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Glad to hear that you’re doing well and I hope that you enjoy your childbirth class tonight.

  2. I love the nursery! It looks like such a nice place to be.
    And the belly is adorable. I can’t believe that you’re past 30 weeks ALREADY! Time sure flies (except mebbe for the next 10 weeks or so 🙂 )

  3. I love the wall art! Where did you get it? Everything looks so wonderfully streamlined and sophicated. I am sure you are glad to have that checked off your list.

  4. Your nursery is so tasteful and flexible and inviting! It looks like a place that the grown-ups would want to spend time in now, and it leaves so much possibility for the person this little boy may grow to be. Beautiful.

  5. that is SO utterly sophisticated. It’ll age well 🙂 And it’s beautiful, I’m just awed by those birds on the wall, Wee One will be smitten with their little silhouettes once he can focus that far 😉

    I have always wanted to do a cute little boys room with either a dinosaur theme or a Pooh theme. Pooh is gender neutral though so, it’d be good for a boy or a girl. However, I think a little girl deserves a princess room =P

  6. I think I would like to move into your nursery. If that simply isn’t tolerable, perhaps you can come design ours once we’re in need of one. It’s really beautiful and relaxing and tasteful and…just, wow. Nice work, ladies!

  7. Your nursery looks amazing – such a peaceful and soothing place to be! I love all the touches that you’ve done and it just looks like it’s come together brilliantly!

  8. Super cute and very calming! I loved how everything is unique and not “babyish.” Great job ladies!! I also adored the pup giving you a look in the crib! LOL.

    I am glad to read that your L.O is head down. Yay! It is also amazing to read that he is 3.5 lbs, compared to the gigantor baby I am having and how she was at that stage! 🙂

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