I’ve wanted to post for a couple days now, but we have been so busy at work that I haven’t had a chance.  Our days go something like this: wake up when it’s dark, work all day, come home when it’s dark, sleep for miniscual number of hours, repeat.  Most days this week have been 14+ hour nightmares days, and I’m worn out.  I feel like I’m in a fog….I’m trying to keep my eyes open, but it’s very very difficult….so forgive me if my post is lacking in zest….Hence, the bullets to follow:

  • We went to our first birthing class.  Very similar to the “b.radley method”, but with a little more flexibility. I am the furthest along in the class of 5 couples with the closest to me at 21 weeks.  Did I mention we’ll be 30 weeks on Tuesday? We basically just introduced ourselves and gave reasons why we were taking the class, as well as what we wanted to get out of it.  We did a couple exercises to figure out (on paper) how we handle pain….it was interesting. The class basically focuses on methods of alternative pain management, active coaching techniques, labouring positions and building confidence in both the labouring mother and her partner/coach.  Classes will be once a week for the next 7 weeks and are taught by a very cool girl who has had 3 children, 2 unmedicated births (one with our midwife).
  • We attended a class at a local hospital that was 2 1/2 hours….it taught the basics of newborn care – bathing, swaddling, nutrition, etc.  We were the only “homebirthers” there, with everyone else having a planned hospital birth.  We each got a doll and practiced bathing, diapering, swaddling, etc….Karli grabbed a doll out of the bin and it was the biggest one there.  It was a freakish large baby that looked like it probably weighed 12 lbs.  The blanket used to swaddle looked like a face cloth on this child. The instructor was awesome though, and afterwards we stayed and talked with her for quite awhile.  She is a lactation consultant and has been a OB nurse for 20+ years…..she has given birth to 2 children who…..guess what……she had AT HOME, unmedicated, with our very own midwife! How cool is that??? She was so excited for us and even said “home is the BEST place to have a baby”…..and yet she’s working at a hospital….I thought it was so funny….we talked to her about circumcision too and she said after seeing so many baby boys have it done, she would never do it to her son (if she had one)…..we disussed vitamin K, eye treatments, vaccines, etc…. and shared a lot of similar views as her.  Definitely going to be using her if we need a lactation consultant.  She even gave us her cell phone…how sweet is that?
  • We have to interview pediatricians…..we’re going to do that soon! N, our midwife, gave us a recommendation for one she feels would work best for us, so he’s on the top of our list to meet with.
  • We’re slowly gathering things for our birth box….
  • Haven’t done ANY baby shower planning….we are waiting till the RSVPS finish rolling in.  Right now there are about 30 friends and family coming to the shower in early November.
  • We got our sleep positioner and our U.ppababy stroller in by UPS.  We are crazy about the stroller. Loves it.
  • Our nursery is still a wreck, so no pictures yet….but soon my friends….soon.  K’s dad is coming over on Sunday morning to help assemble the crib….it’s been a challenge….
  • Woke up early this morning with a very sore throat….now I’m freaked that I’m going to be re-visited by strep….for the 2nd time in my pregnancy…. please God, no.  I really need to get more sleep.
  • I’m starting to imagine what Wee One looks like more and more.  I keep picturing my son with no hair…..bald and beautiful and wrinkly.  I really cannot wait to meet this little man.  I’m thinking about him more and more as I can feel stronger movements each day.  I love looking down at my belly and seeing it move all over the place….I never cease to be amazed by this whole process…..and am sort of struggling with the WAIT…..

I think that’s pretty much all I have for now.  I know there was more I wanted to post about….but my head feels foggy now….I promise when I get some more sleep, I’ll find more exciting stuff to write about.  Hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend!!


8 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. Sorry you are feeling so poopy. I am excited to see the babies room and I cant believe you are about 30 weeks. I remember counting with you when you were around 18 weeks. Wow.

    Hope you feel better soon, hang in there…its sooooo close.


  2. With the exception of the sheer exhaustion (and the possible sore throatyness), it sounds like you and K are really doing everything so well to prepare for your little guy’s arrival…I love hearing the details!

  3. im so so sorry to hear that you are sick.. we were looking forward to seeing you guys tonight but you need to get better soon.. lily will be here when you get better. email me the name of the pediatrician (we HATED ours yesterday)….

  4. haha the nursery is starting to sound like one of those stores at the mall that’s being renovated – you know all blocked up with plywood and signs saying ‘coming soon’ or ‘all new store here’. The ones that you know you won’t see til opening day but you can’t help but try to take a peek anyway lol

    30 weeks – wow.

  5. That nurse you met sounds wonderful! How great that you were able to connect with someone, and it’s great that she is helping you find other resources.

    Now, get some rest so that you can feel better! xoxo

  6. I hope you get to feeling better!

    We spent several of the last months talking about what our lil guy would look like. It is so amazing the first time you see them, you will never forget it!

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