Busy Bees

We’ve been VERY busy this past weekend and now this week.  I feel like I haven’t even had time to breathe.  We haven’t watched any TV at all, missing the premiere of HEROES and Monday’s episode of PRISON BREAK. I’m totally going to miss The Office & Greys tomorrow too.  I love the fall…it’s really the only time I watch TV!  How much do I love that the networks have full-length episodes available online now! Freedom to watch whenever!!! At home we’ve done the following:

  • Started (and finished!) painting the nursery! We did it in a color called “stoney creek” … a lighter brown.
  • Yesterday we had the crown moulding put up (we painted 2 coats of white on it too); it looks awesome!
  • We have ordered our wall decals (birds on branches) in dark chocolate and they should be coming in in the next few days.
  • We have the artwork done – it’s ready to hang on the wall!
  • Sorted through all our baby boy clothes and hung up all the 0-6 mos clothing.

I will post some pictures next week, as we still need to do a few touch-ups with paint before putting things up.  We’re excited to have that big job out of the way…it gives the room between 9-13 or so weeks to ‘air out’!

Things we still have to do:

  • Drive 2 HRS to Maryland to buy our crib this Sunday and assemble it!
  • Get a dresser/changing table at IKEA in D.C. (hopefully Sunday as well).
  • Wash all the 0-6 mos clothing.
  • Get everything else we need for the nursery……

Work is crazy-hectic too….for some reason everyone is calling this week wanting t-shirts for THIS Friday! RUSH RUSH RUSH! Saturday is Gay Pride VA and we are printing a bunch of shirts that HAVE to be done….. we worked a 15-hour day yesterday and are pretty tired….but I think after this week it will get a little better.

As for the pregnancy, we are 28wk1d today! 7 months!!  I can’t believe how fast the time is going…..I am enjoying life a little more now that Richmond is starting to cool down at night….I am actually getting really excited about the cooler weather (I despise the heat)…I can’t wait for WINTER.  Actually cooler weather brings all things I love….Halloween, our anniversary, Christmas ….SNOW (okay, it’s Richmond…so who am I kidding?)….My belly is getting really big and is oddly hard to the touch…Here are the latest belly shots for you guys…I feel like my belly has “popped” even more…what do you think?


11 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. Your belly looks so cute! Cant wait to see the room!

    Its NC Pride this week in Raliegh, I was wondering if you all were coming down. Its supposed to be wayyyyy better than the charlotte one.


  2. Yes, you’ve definitely popped more. Your belly looks so great! Your nursery sounds lovely. Can’t wait to see the photos!

  3. Pop Pop Popped! Nice belly.
    We’ve been out of our minds busy this week too. It must be the planets.

    Which dresser are you getting from ikea? We’re going for the Malm and will put a changemat on top…

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