The “Follow-Up” Ultrasound

Yesterday our NP’s office called to say that they had to re-schedule our ultrasound (was supposed to be next Thursday).  Apparently our ultrasound technician was going to have surgery that week and wouldn’t be able to keep her appointments.  So, it was “come today, or in 2 weeks.”  We opted to go yesterday.  The appointment was at 2pm and we waited in the waiting room for about 30 mins before going in.  I was anxious about this visit, as they had requested I come back for the follow-up ultrasound due to my placenta being low.  The tech also hadn’t been able to see Wee One’s nose and lips last time, so was unable to rule out a cleft palate.

The ultrasound technician seemed to be in a better mood, despite having a broken arm (she had swerved while driving to avoid hitting a dog and subsequently crashed her car) and chatted with us and joked around.  I was amazed at baby boy’s growth.  At our last ultrasound (almost ten weeks ago) he weighed 9 oz.  Yesterday we were told he was measuring a week ahead (28w2d) and weighs 2 lbs 7 oz! She was able to go up close on his face and see his little nose and mouth – no cleft palate! We saw the chambers of his heart again….beating away! My placenta has come up too, and is right where it should be.  Good news.

…Only catch is that Wee One is breech.  That explains why I feel my flutters on my bladder! She zoomed in on his little feet, and knowing he was in the limelight, he promptly kicked my bladder.  Lovely. Everyone says not to worry at this point, and that there’s plenty of time for him to change positions….but I can’t help but worry a little bit.  The lovely ladies from Notes From Two Moms are dealing with their Suki-Dot being breech, and I know how hard it must be when you have planned on a particular birth and then the plan changes.  K and I really want to have an un-medicated home birth and avoid a c-section if at all possible…but I guess some babies really CHOOSE how they want to enter this world.  I was given some positions to go in that help move the baby – I’m going to try those this week (most of them involve your butt in the air for 20-30 mins).  Hopefully Wee One will switch before it becomes more difficult for him to do so.  I know we “still have time”, so I’m trying not to get too worried about it.

After the ultrasound I had my bloodwork done (antibody screening, HepB) and Rhogham shot.  It wasn’t too bad; I’m glad I got that shot behind me.  The next one will be right after our babe is born!  Here is the latest picture of our little man – you can see his little nose, mouth and chin in this shot!! I gotta admit, he’s pretty darn cute……


20 thoughts on “The “Follow-Up” Ultrasound

  1. He’s so cute!!!! My old chiropractor talked about how adjustments can help turn breech babies. Acupuncture too. Just some things to look into!

    I’m so excited for you!

  2. Hi there,
    I just came across your blog. I’ve been seeing an acupuncturist for fertility stuff, and in a conversation recently she told me that acupuncturists have a very tried and true “spot” for turning a breech baby. She said it works about 90% of the time within 3-4 days of the treatment. Apparently there’s spot on the pinky toe of the left foot, or somewhere thereabouts. Anyway, might be something to look into. Good luck!

  3. Turn over little guy! It’s still early and I’m sure your little one will flip over.

    I saw a chiropractor early on and she said that the earlier she starts doing things (to avoid breech) the easier it is to make sure the baby is not breech… I’m guessing there’s some type of manipulation or something.

    Best wishes — you’re getting so close!

  4. He’s looking very gorgeous! Hopefully the excerises help and he turns on his own, but like you said plenty of time yet before you need to worry too much.

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