Thanks for all the kind words girls….I have such lovely friends in blogland.  I’m feeling better today.  I know what happened to Garth wasn’t my fault….and am trying not to blame myself for it.  As for the spotting, I had it the next morning as well, but nothing since then.  Very thankful about that. I’m feeling pretty good too, aside from my bad wrists.  We’ve had a busy week at work, but gotten a lot accomplished.  Also, I’ve sent out 67 of our 70 or so baby shower invitations, and I feel great about that!  I’m very excited about the shower and already one of our family members has purchased something for us off of a.mazon.  So sweet! Karli’s aunt got us the m.oby baby wrap in moss! I was so excited….I can’t wait to get everyone together in early November…it will be a blast…one of our dear friends is even flying in from WA state!!!

I’m getting more and more excited about the things to come too. 3rd trimester is almost here!!! I can’t believe it. My belly is huge, and Karli saw the baby move last night – from down low to up above my belly button. It was like something out of ALIENS, but seriously the coolest thing ever. He’s moving a lot!! We signed up for our childbirth education class too….it is sort of “bradley-ish” and very natural-birth focused.  I feel like it will be a great fit for us and exactly what we’re looking for.  Videos, hands-on interaction, information, coaching help for K, pain management for me.  The first class starts the first Wednesday in October. Things are getting busier with lots of classes coming up soon! It’s getting more and more exciting. We are taking a few classes at a local hospital in the next month and a half – Newborn CPR, Newborn Safety, Breastfeeding Basics, etc. We have our last (3rd) ultrasound on Sept 25th, diabetes test, rhogham shot and bloodwork that day too. LOTS going on but it’s also a lot to look forward to (except the rhogham shot). Our next MW appointment we talk about SUPPLIES! What we need to be ready to have our little man at home. I keep having these moments…..”Holy crap….I’m going to have a baby and it’s going to be pretty soon.” We are so happy though, and SO SO excited.  At nearing 26 weeks, this is what is going on with our little man:

Your little grower’s physical proportions are evening out at this point and most of their remaining development will largely be weight gain and lots and lots of nervous system development. The good news is: if your child is born premature now they’ll be more likely to survive without too much trauma as their lungs began to produce “surfactant” last week, which means their tiny respiratory system is getting stronger with each passing day. Yes, now’s a good time for a minor sigh of relief and a quick pat on the back. All that hard work and conscientious living is really getting your child prepared for a healthy delivery. Keep up the fabulous work mama! This week they’ll be scootching slowly out of the old breech position and start rotating (already!) into a better position for exit during their birth. Their head and feet are slowly rotating so that the head is pointed down towards the birth canal. Time is short (or really long, depending on who you ask)—just (still!) 14 weeks left before you can go back to being a single-resident human.

Your baby weighs just under 2 pounds now. He is growing fast and gaining weight now. His skin is less transparent and is becoming opaque as fat builds up. our baby’s heart is beating 120 to 160 beats per minute, as you have already heard at several doctor or midwife visits. Until now, your baby’s eyes have been sealed shut, but he reopens them this week. The eyes are almost fully formed and the retinas contain all the layers they will have when your baby is born. Your baby’s eyes are blue right now, no matter the ethnic origin or eye-color of you and your partner since eyes do not acquire their final color until months after birth. Your baby is lean right now, but is getting fatter all the time as fat is being deposited. Your baby’s skin is getting thicker and paler and is becoming less red and wrinkled as more fat is deposited. Your baby has eyebrows, eyelashes and fingernails, though all are short and need to grow more.


7 thoughts on “Better

  1. So glad you are in better spirits. We’re nearing the end! I know the excitement you are feeling – three more months is so close but still feels so far away. Keep us posted!

  2. so sorry to read about the bleeding, how terrifying for you. glad it has resolved. may the next bit of regnancy be much smoother for you!

    sending you luck and love.

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