Low Places

Slight spotting this morning.  I was worried….

Called the midwife who asked a few questions.

“Did you have sex yesterday?”                                        No.

“Are you having cramping?”                                           No.

“What did you do that was out of the ordinary?”             Well……I moved some furniture…..

“Don’t do that again.”                                                     Yeah…I definitely won’t.

She told me to watch it throughout the day…it remained mild and I didn’t have any cramping.  Midwife N advised against sex for a week and to stay off my feet….she said it was probably some cervical blood from straining to hard with the heavy furniture. She was really sweet on the phone, calling me “hun”, etc.  I think she sensed the concern in my voice.

I’m just relieved it stopped……..

In other not-fun news, tonight we found a dead cat….or really kitten (probably around 10 mos) in one of the mulch beds of our condo unit.  3 nights ago we had terrible rain here in Richmond.  I went outside and saw this beautiful orange cat sitting under the awning of our building.  He came up to me and circled around my feet, clearly starved for attention.  He didn’t look underfed or dirty, but didn’t have a collar on.  It was pouring and we felt badly leaving him out in the rain.  I brought him inside our stairwell and sat on the concrete floor with him for quite a while.  He was purring and crawled into my lap, where he fell asleep.  K and I wanted to take him to the SPCA, but knew that they wouldn’t have been open late at night.  We couldn’t put him in our condo with our 3 beagles.  After much debating, we set out a comfy pair of pants for him to lay on underneath the awning (so he would have shelter) and decided that if he was there in the morning, we’d drive him up to the shelter.  The next morning there was no sign of him, so we assumed he had run off.  At lunch that day I asked K what we should name the orange cat if we saw him again.  She chose GARTH.  So, Garth he was……..we never saw him alive again…. I feel responsible, in a way, like we could have done more.  K had offered to sleep in the car with him that night, just so we could keep him there until driivng him to a shelter the next day.  I told her not to, and to see if he would be out in the morning. This cat was so sweet and would have made someone such a good furry friend.  K and I are sad and wish it hadn’t turned out this way.  Someone obviously hit him with their car, and didn’t even care enough to move his little body.  All around, not the kind of news you like to come home to…..and an emotional day.


14 thoughts on “Low Places

  1. awww how awful. but its not ur fault at all, u did more than many people would have done.
    I bet the spotting was a scary time…. i am so glad everything is ok. just take it easy… its all going to work out perfect!

  2. Bless you for saving that cat, for at least one more night. Fil and I had fallen in love with the most wonderful kitten outside of our complex. He was so tiny and quiet and quick as lightning. We named him Inkblot and spent 2 days scouring the entire parking lot for him. We tried SO hard to find him and take him home with us.

    About a week after we first saw him he got hit by a car in the parking lot and we found his tiny mangled body laying out for all to see. I begged for someone to move his body, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. There was no way I was letting my son see that. You’re so much braver than I am.

  3. Oh that’s so rough! I would be feeling badly too. There are so many stray cats in my neighborhood and there’s only so much you can do:(. Try not to beat yourself up too much.

    I’m glad the spotting stopped – how scary!

  4. Yeah, no more furniture moving! So glad you are OK.

    And so sorry about the cat… really you did all you could, and what you did was brilliant and more than most people would have done. Who could have known that would happen?? Sigh! Hugs.

  5. I’m so sorry about the cat, but you did so much more than anyone else did for that cat, right? Sorry that today was so rough. No more furniture moving, and no more beating yourself up. xoxo

  6. Oh, no, I’m so sorry. Thank goodness the spotting is fine — no more moving/lifting/Wonderwoman-ing! That poor kitty had a wonderful night with a lap because of you too, you’re good people. So hard.

  7. I am glad the spotting stopped. I did the same thing… moved heavy furniture, but I had horrible pains with no blood. Freaked me out because it hurt so bad that night. No more furniture moving for me!

    As for the kitty, think of it this way, you made one of his last nights lovely. 🙂

  8. I am a couple of days late on commenting but I hope things are going a little better for you down there. I am happy the spotting stopped and that is incrediably sad about that kitty – but I am sure he enjoyed his time with you.

  9. Don’t blame yourself for the cat… that was so sweet of you guys to try to take care of him. I am a sucker for animals too and understand how hard it is. You guys did good by giving him a home for one night!

    Take it easy and no more furniture moving!

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