Shop ‘Til You Drop

Thanks for all the sympathy for our VA situation…..I know so many of you are in the same boat….It is just so unbelievably sad to me that it is 2008 in the United States, and we are dealing with these issues.  Here’s hoping for change SOON and a better solution for my family and yours….

On to a happier blog post…..this weekend we got a lot accomplished.  We drove 2 hrs to MD to pick up our crib.  K and I had fun in the car together, just joking around and enjoying eachother’s company.  Anyway, our crib is currently sitting on the floor of the nursery….out of the box, but not set-up.  The salesperson said it was “so simple” to put together…..yeah, not so much.  We’ll see how long that bad boy takes us to assemble! Here is a picture of it (it also converts to a toddler/day bed and then a full bed):

After we picked up the crib, we went to I.KEA to pick out a dresser (we are just going to put a changing pad on the top of it) that matched (as close possible) the crib.  We picked the 4-drawer HOPEN.  The picture of the dresser looks REALLY black, but it’s more brown-black.  Karli put that together in no time and it looks awesome.  It already has little-people clothes in it!!!

We had orginally thought we would get a rocking chair from B.abiesRUs or some other store…but they are very pricey and the ones I like all take up too much space! We were walking through I.KEA and saw this chair and ottoman that we loved…..sat down, and sure enough… rocks! Again, it looks more black but is really brown-black with cream-coloured leather.

I feel like we’ve really gotten a lot done.  The weekend flew and we are TIRED……but the nursery is coming together well.  I haven’t posted any ACTUAL pics of the nursery, as there is stuff EVERYWHERE…. as soon as everything is in its right place, I will snap away and post ’em!  Work is pretty hectic this week….we have a 670 piece t-shirt order that has to be printed in 2 days….yikes!  We need a vacation!

We have a class tonight called “Newborn Nuances” at a local hospital. It is just basic newborn care, including feeding, diapering & swaddling and Wednesday we start our birthing classes that will run once a week for 8 weeks.  Wee One is currently awake and kicking/kneeing/elbowing me.  I can’t believe tomorrow we’ll be 29 weeks….time is flying.

Ps.  There’s big news over at Notes From 2 Moms….head over there and congratulate them on their beautiful new arrival!


28wk Midwife Appointment

Bullets again, sorry. We had a good appointment…we’ve graduated to appointments every 2 weeks now!

  • Had glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes.  Drank “the drink” and had blood sugar level tested one hour later.  Needed to be below 140 to pass….sugar level came up as 94!! Woo hoo!
  • Found out Wee One is no longer breech!!! I guess he just likes to move around a lot! She says not to worry….
  • Weighed in. I’ve gained 4 lbs in the last month for a grand total of 23 lbs gained in 28 weeks of pregnancy….
  • Pee looked good
  • Bloodwork good
  • Called the “perfect pregnant lady” by midwife N….and that “whatever I was doing, please don’t change anything.” Please don’t jinx this N! I responded that “surely this must mean that I will have a ‘perfect labour and birth’ (preferably fast)”, in which she replied “oh, of course you will!” Then went on to say she is preparing me for a 3 day labour.  12 of it hardcore labour…..awesome….
  • Given a “safe date” of November 25th.  We can have the baby on that date or any date thereafter at home….doesn’t seem so far away now….
  • Told N we were NOT circumcising, to which she replied, “Oh good.”  I heart this woman.
  • Asked her opinion of pediatricians in Richmond….we want someone close who will tolerate our decisions on vaccinating (we will do some vaccines and refuse others that we feel are unnecessary).
  • Discussed birth supplies we’ll need for the home birth.  We have to put all of this stuff in a big plastic storage container, aka “the birth box”. It’s really not that much …. is it? Shower liners, antibacterial soap, rubbing alcohol and q tips, hydrogen peroxide, blue ‘medical’ pads to keep birth area dry, 12 wash cloths, 4 to 6 towels, hospital-type pads for bleeding postpartum (heavy and light), heating pad to warm baby blankets and clothes, food for after the birth (high protein meal), energy drinks…..g.atorade, etc., crock pot to heat wash cloths, spare set of sheets, stuff for postpartum bath (cloves, salt, etc), ear syringe, flashlight with extra batteries, large black plastic bags, 6 to 8 cotton receiving blankets and set of baby clothes, large hand mirror, extra pillows, gown suitable for breastfeeding, thermometer, baby wipes, new garden hose, adapter to attach hose to faucet, ice bag, exercise/birth ball, massage oil, sour candy for labour and any other comfort items I can think of.
  • It’s a lot to do….but do-able….I was fine up until the “small bowl for vomiting, squeeze bottle for use in cleaning and soothing postpartum trauma….large bowl for placenta……….the rest is a blur……I am stronger than the pain, I am stronger then the pain….
  • Pretty much decided on the 150 gallon birthing tank….N has 7 of them to choose from….I told her I’d like K to be able to be in the tub with me…..
  • Found out that N cannot put K’s name on the birth certificate because she is not “the father”.  F*ck Virginia….pardon my language…but seriously.  I miss Canada.  America doesn’t feel so “land of the free” right now….this doesn’t feel like freedom at all.  N was going to just try to “put it through”, but can’t do it legally, she said.  If she got caught it would be serious problems for her…. K was visibly upset….which led to me crying on the bed.  We will get through this, we will get through this……
  • Did I mention I feel like there’s lots to do?? This baby will be here before we know it….

Busy Bees

We’ve been VERY busy this past weekend and now this week.  I feel like I haven’t even had time to breathe.  We haven’t watched any TV at all, missing the premiere of HEROES and Monday’s episode of PRISON BREAK. I’m totally going to miss The Office & Greys tomorrow too.  I love the fall…it’s really the only time I watch TV!  How much do I love that the networks have full-length episodes available online now! Freedom to watch whenever!!! At home we’ve done the following:

  • Started (and finished!) painting the nursery! We did it in a color called “stoney creek” … a lighter brown.
  • Yesterday we had the crown moulding put up (we painted 2 coats of white on it too); it looks awesome!
  • We have ordered our wall decals (birds on branches) in dark chocolate and they should be coming in in the next few days.
  • We have the artwork done – it’s ready to hang on the wall!
  • Sorted through all our baby boy clothes and hung up all the 0-6 mos clothing.

I will post some pictures next week, as we still need to do a few touch-ups with paint before putting things up.  We’re excited to have that big job out of the way…it gives the room between 9-13 or so weeks to ‘air out’!

Things we still have to do:

  • Drive 2 HRS to Maryland to buy our crib this Sunday and assemble it!
  • Get a dresser/changing table at IKEA in D.C. (hopefully Sunday as well).
  • Wash all the 0-6 mos clothing.
  • Get everything else we need for the nursery……

Work is crazy-hectic too….for some reason everyone is calling this week wanting t-shirts for THIS Friday! RUSH RUSH RUSH! Saturday is Gay Pride VA and we are printing a bunch of shirts that HAVE to be done….. we worked a 15-hour day yesterday and are pretty tired….but I think after this week it will get a little better.

As for the pregnancy, we are 28wk1d today! 7 months!!  I can’t believe how fast the time is going…..I am enjoying life a little more now that Richmond is starting to cool down at night….I am actually getting really excited about the cooler weather (I despise the heat)…I can’t wait for WINTER.  Actually cooler weather brings all things I love….Halloween, our anniversary, Christmas ….SNOW (okay, it’s Richmond…so who am I kidding?)….My belly is getting really big and is oddly hard to the touch…Here are the latest belly shots for you guys…I feel like my belly has “popped” even more…what do you think?

The “Follow-Up” Ultrasound

Yesterday our NP’s office called to say that they had to re-schedule our ultrasound (was supposed to be next Thursday).  Apparently our ultrasound technician was going to have surgery that week and wouldn’t be able to keep her appointments.  So, it was “come today, or in 2 weeks.”  We opted to go yesterday.  The appointment was at 2pm and we waited in the waiting room for about 30 mins before going in.  I was anxious about this visit, as they had requested I come back for the follow-up ultrasound due to my placenta being low.  The tech also hadn’t been able to see Wee One’s nose and lips last time, so was unable to rule out a cleft palate.

The ultrasound technician seemed to be in a better mood, despite having a broken arm (she had swerved while driving to avoid hitting a dog and subsequently crashed her car) and chatted with us and joked around.  I was amazed at baby boy’s growth.  At our last ultrasound (almost ten weeks ago) he weighed 9 oz.  Yesterday we were told he was measuring a week ahead (28w2d) and weighs 2 lbs 7 oz! She was able to go up close on his face and see his little nose and mouth – no cleft palate! We saw the chambers of his heart again….beating away! My placenta has come up too, and is right where it should be.  Good news.

…Only catch is that Wee One is breech.  That explains why I feel my flutters on my bladder! She zoomed in on his little feet, and knowing he was in the limelight, he promptly kicked my bladder.  Lovely. Everyone says not to worry at this point, and that there’s plenty of time for him to change positions….but I can’t help but worry a little bit.  The lovely ladies from Notes From Two Moms are dealing with their Suki-Dot being breech, and I know how hard it must be when you have planned on a particular birth and then the plan changes.  K and I really want to have an un-medicated home birth and avoid a c-section if at all possible…but I guess some babies really CHOOSE how they want to enter this world.  I was given some positions to go in that help move the baby – I’m going to try those this week (most of them involve your butt in the air for 20-30 mins).  Hopefully Wee One will switch before it becomes more difficult for him to do so.  I know we “still have time”, so I’m trying not to get too worried about it.

After the ultrasound I had my bloodwork done (antibody screening, HepB) and Rhogham shot.  It wasn’t too bad; I’m glad I got that shot behind me.  The next one will be right after our babe is born!  Here is the latest picture of our little man – you can see his little nose, mouth and chin in this shot!! I gotta admit, he’s pretty darn cute……

3rd Trimester!

I was taking the dogs out at work and saw the shadow of myself in the side of the building….I couldn’t believe my big belly and had to take a shot of it….I thought it turned out to be a pretty unique belly shot!

There is some debate whether the 3rd trimester starts at week 27 or week 28.  I’m going with 27….it gives me more of a feeling of accomplishment.  So, third trimester is here!!!  10 weeks until we are considered full-term! Wow.  There is still a lot to do! We have picked out our crib (finally) and should be ordering it this week.  It is dark wood and converts from a crib to a toddler bed to a pretty bad-ass full bed. It takes up to 10 weeks to arrive….so we’re cutting it close! Pictures of the crib to come soon.  As we enter the third trimester, my back is beginning to feel the strain of the added weight, I’m struggling even more with sleeping, and find myself often out-of-breath.  I’m realizing that I’m back to the peeing-all-the-time stage of pregnancy and I’m burning hot most of the time.  I’m getting the OGRE feet more often as I am getting bigger by the day. I’m very thankful we’re heading into the final stretch now..

The first & second trimester I experienced my fair share of the bad stuff:

  • nausea hitting me at totally random times (in bed once or twice, in restaurants and public places, etc).
  • developed a ganglion cyst and carpel tunnel in BOTH wrists, forcing me to wear 2 wrist braces a good majority of the time.  I think people look at me like I’m challenged….but that’s okay…they really help allieviate some of the pain in my hands and wrists.  Well, it probably doesn’t help that I washed the wrist guards last night with a green blanket, and now they are permanently GREEN.  That may draw a bit more attention my way.  Oh well, at least they match my nail polish.
  • trouble sleeping due to the bulging belly.
  • spotting and subsequent freaking out.

Things I avoided the first & second trimester:

  • I haven’t had a single charlie-horse!
  • No constipation! Who would have thought I’d ever be that happy blogging about that.  This is a very common problem in pregnancy, and one that I’ve managed to avoid!! I’m probably jinxing myself writing this down.

I am very thankful that the pregnancy has gone smoothly thus far….despite the annoying things I wrote about above….I am lucky that it has been so complication-free….I’m counting my blessings! Here is the first official belly shot of the 3rd trimester:

Tonight we have our Homebirth Support Group. Last month we didn’t have a meeting, so I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing some new birth stories…..they really are inspiring!  Tomorrow evening we’re going to a workshop on Fetal Positioning.  Should be interesting! We’re are getting into the busy time now with lots of classes and workshops coming up!

Next week Thursday we have our 28 week midwife appointment (including glucose test), followed by an ultrasound to check on baby boy’s development & whether or not my placenta has “come up”.  I will also be getting a bunch of bloodwork done and will be getting my Rhogham shot because I’m O Negative.  It will be a busy day.  Hoping that I pass the glucose test with flying colors! Can’t wait to see our little man again and see how much he’s grown.  It’s reassuring to hear his heartbeat and see him move around….sometimes I can’t feel him move and get sort of panicky…..some days he moves a lot, others only 3 or so times a day. I should have some new pictures to post after the ultrasound to show you all!!

Here is what is going on with Wee One this week:

Fetal development in pregnancy week 27:Your not-so-tiny-anymore brilliant baby (over 2 pounds and 14.5 inches long!) is slowly rotating in preparation to “head out.” Obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight, but when you start to feel an unfamiliar pressure on your cervix, you’ll know you’ve got a fully flipped baby locked and loaded for the countdown to their birthday! Even now, at the beginning of the third trimester, their little lungs are already capable of breathing air while the pulmonary vascular system can provide sufficient gas exchange and the central nervous system can generally regulate rhythmic breathing as well as their basal body temperature. For what it’s worth, at this point in a healthy pregnancy a premature child (with intensive care) could easily win on the show: “Survivor: The Early Years.”

26wks Looks Like …

I feel like I look unhappy in this picture, but I swear I’m not.  Snapped these quickly to update you all on the belly.  I’ve gained about 20 lbs in the last 26 weeks, but am overall feeling pretty darn good.  I’m actually now off to grab something to eat! I leave you with what is going on with baby boy this coming week:

Your baby weighs more than 2 lbs, measures 9.6 inches from crown to rump (24cm) and its total length is about 15.3 inches (34cm). If your baby were born now, she would have about an 85% chance of surviving. Nonetheless, your baby still needs another 13 weeks of in utero development to be considered full term.

Your baby’s eyes, no longer fused shut, are now open.

Your baby’s skin still has a very wrinkled appearance, but it is protected and nourished by the covering of vernix, a waxy coating that keeps the skin supple.

Your baby looks almost like a full term baby, but is still much thinner and smaller than she will be at birth.

Have a great day girls!

99 Days To Go!

We are out of the triple-digits baby! I have been pregnant for 167 days and have only 99 to go!! Tomorrow will be 26 weeks! 2 more weeks left in the 2nd trimester……time is flying.

We spent a majority of the weekend working on the soon-to-be-nursery.  We’ve picked out a paint color for the room, and are now busy going through the baby boy clothes – separating the 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, etc. We’ve bought a sick amount of baby hangers and are just trying to sort through it all.  Project for this week: BUY A DRESSER/CHANGING TABLE.  Our nursery has stuff piled everywhere as we’re trying to re-arrange.  We still have a couch in the room (that we need to find a place for soon)….Also, we haven’t picked out our crib…but are narrowing the choices down. We have the bassinet for upstairs already (next to our bed) and a new wicker bassinet for downstairs.  Karli spent some time spray-painting it on Saturday (from light brown wicker to OREGANO).

Here she is with her feet in bags (after the first coat, her feet were stained……we learned the 2nd time around!) and then the finished product – the oregano bassinet!

I feel like there is still so much to do….but at the same time, we’re slowly getting things accomplished.

Tonight is one of our birthing groups, which I’m really looking forward to.  Pregnancy brain caused me to forget last month’s meeting and I missed being inspired by new birth stories!